Chapter 388: Massage.
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It was late, at almost 10 pm.

"Shina, how about I give you a massage before?" Theo said with a seductive smile.

Shina's ears itched, and she was excited and shy about it, but as it was just the two of them, she was not so reserved, she automatically nodded her head while saying in her adorably sweet and low voice: "Yes, I would love to..."

"Mm. You don't have to be so shy." Theo smiled: "Lie on the bed first, preferably use your mana to make the bed less soft, this makes the massage more pleasant and gives a better result."

"Oh, right." Shina nodded in understanding.

"Of course, before that, you need to take your clothes off, if you are very embarrassed at the beginning, you can be in panties and bra at the beginning." Theo told her gently.

"Mm." Shina nodded again and started to undress slowly.

At that moment, she was wearing a beautiful white one-piece dress with blue flowers. With her beautiful, silky blue hair that stretched halfway down her back, she looked like a small, seductive fairy, with an air of grace and elegance with pure and innocent air.

In the dim light of the lamp beside Shina's bed, Theo saw her slowly undressing starting with the straps of her dress. When the dress fell to the floor, the light reflected Shina's flawless skin, wearing only white lace bra and panties, looking like a pure and innocent angel. Her current body was still growing, she was now almost 170 cm tall with long, beautiful legs and thick thighs. Her skin was pale white, looking incredibly soft.

Her belly was defined and sensual and her breasts were large around F-Cup, almost G-Cup, but it was also very upright, even when loose from her bra, it showed no sign of falling. Her ass was big, maybe not as big as Yuki's, but it wasn't far from that, besides, a pleasant scent came from her body. Theo could smell the pleasant aroma of fennel.

Shina bit her bottom lips and asked a little embarrassed: "There. Now I just need to lie down?"

"Yes." Theo swallowed his saliva dry as he said. He didn't look away from Shina's beautiful body for even a second. It also made Shina proud of herself. She felt more comfortable when she noticed his reaction.

Every woman wanted to be wanted by the man she chose. Shina, although shy, was no different.

Moving closer and closer to the bed in light steps, Shina still wore black tights that extended to her white lace panties and lay down on the bed since Theo did not demand that she remove it.

Standing by the bed, Theo took a special massage oil and rubbed it in his hands until it warmed up. Seeing that he was ready, he stepped forward with his two hands on Shina's perfumed soft and delicate skin. It was a divine sensation, even a heavenly one. Theo could feel pleasure just by touching Shina's body, just as Shina felt when she was touched.

Shina tried hard not to moan, she didn't want to skip embarrassing sounds right from the start, however, things don't always go as we want. In the end, it didn't even take two minutes and Shina was already moaning loudly in pure pleasure.

Theo felt his pants tighten, it was uncomfortable, even painful, but he controlled himself. Even though he knew if he wanted to go straight to action Shina wouldn't refuse, but he held on!

With great efforts and patience and proficiency in his massage, Theo continued.

"Theo... should I remove this?" Shina said signaling for the bra. She was no longer shy, although she is ashamed.

"Yes, it would be better if you did." Theo agreed.

"Mm." Shina arched back a little, and Theo made room. In the next moment, she took only one hand behind her back and released her bra. The moment she did that, her bra automatically fell on the bed, leaving her two beautiful pairs of breasts freely.

Incredibly, even when it happened, her breasts, although large, didn't go down even an inch, remained happily lifted and proud. While her two pink cherries were already erect, which made Theo's excitement become more and more difficult and painful.

Facing this torture, Theo still remained calm. Even he was startled by how calm he was able to stay in this situation. 'Maybe it's because I got used to seeing Yuki, Ariana, and Shina's beautiful body?'

That was likely to be it, but Theo wasn't sure. Anyway, when Shina went back to lie on her stomach, Theo continued to do the massage.

At one moment Shina moaned, at other times, she even felt like cursing with pleasure. Even now, Shina had already come 2 times just by massaging her body.

Minutes later, Shina ended up cumming again.

"Rest a little." Theo told her.


Shina was now breathing hard, she herself did not understand how a massage could be so pleasurable. Even now that Theo stopped touching her body, she could still feel her sensitive body and even feel as if Theo's hands had never left her body.

Seeing that Shina started to breathe normally, Theo asked with a mischievous smile: "Do you want me to continue on the front now?"

"... Wait, I need to go to the bathroom, wait just a few seconds and I'll be right back." Shina said in one breath.

"Well... I'll be waiting for you here." Theo offered: "Or do you need my help to take you to the bathroom?"

"I can go alone, just wait a little." Shina refused and stood up. Nimbly, she pulled on the white dress that was on the floor without even wearing a bra and left the room.

Theo smiled and waited patiently.

Minutes later, Shina returned.

In addition to coming back, she also brought something with her that made the smile on Theo's face form.

Holding in her left hand, there was a plate with a slice of cake.

Theo was no fool and could imagine what was to come.

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