Chapter 389: I want to have your child! (R-18)
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He saw her entering the room and standing in front of him. The sexy black garter belt, white-floral dress - marking the chest region due to the lack of a bra. Shina's figure was very voluptuous, not plump where she should be thin, but plump and full of flesh where she should be, as her chest and hips. When she knelt down to pick up her bra from the floor, her curves were easily seen. In the back, with a thin waist contrasting with her wide hips, emphasizing her curves with charm and softness at the same time.

Putting her bra on the shelf, Shina approached nervously. She could feel her face heat up and her heartbeat quicken and seeing Theo's burning eyes of passion made her heart melt, even her sensitive part, she felt it dripping again.

She bit her bottom lip, looking incredibly seductive and moved closer and closer.

At that moment, Theo was already waiting for her sitting on the edge of the bed.

Shina didn't say a word, just placed the plate with the cake next to Theo and without warning, clumsily and with shaking hands, she started to undress Theo's gray polo shirt.

Theo smiled and collaborated, holding his two hands up.


Shina swallowed her own saliva when she saw Theo's half-naked body. She almost felt an urge to lick his body to see if it was delicious. Maybe because she was so excited at the time? Not even she knows ~

"Do you need my help?" Seeing that she put her small, delicate fairy hands on his belt, Theo asked.

"No. Let me do this!" Although embarrassed, she was stubborn in that matter. She wanted to do this for herself. Of course, Theo said nothing more and just waited.

Managing to loosen the belt, Shina released a small sigh near Theo's firm and defined chest and almost on her knees in front of him, she unbuttons her pants and starts to descend below the knee.

"Huge!" Seeing the large volume in the underwear, Shina couldn't help being frightened.

Swallowing her nervousness and embarrassment, she had a little trouble taking off her underwear as she was already erect, and when her delicate, soft hand came into contact with Theo's penis, she was embarrassed but didn't hesitate, she was already mentally ready and her wouldn't back down.

Was her heart racing with nervousness and embarrassment? The answer is "Yes", but if asked is she wanted to do that, the answer is still "Yes!"

After finally being able to remove Theo's underwear, Shina found herself thinking about how something so big was able to get inside her and give so much pleasure.

"I ... I'm going to try something and I don't know if it's going to be good... But can I still try?" Shina took courage and asked.

"Do you need to ask?" Theo smiled provocatively: "Do what you have to do and if it's good, I promise to give you some candy~"

"Fool ..." Shina laughed. Incredibly, she felt less nervous after hearing this.

Holding the shaft of Theo's penis with her right hand that she couldn't close and going with her left hand towards the cake, she took a good part of the filling and then spread it all over Theo's penis.

Theo couldn't help but moan in pleasure softly when he felt Shina's hands move around his penis.

Then it was even better when she with her red face and pink tongue came to the point of kneeling in front of him and started to lick all over his penis.

It was amazing!

Yes, incredible! Theo cannot deny that it was an excellent idea.

Shina continued to lick while looking up and seeing Theo's reaction, and seeing that he had his eyes closed bouncing some moans of pleasure, she became more confident and happy. It also made her lick even more and more.

Sometimes, she tried to put it in her small mouth, but not being able, she restrained herself by just licking each part of the penis giving waves of pleasure to Theo.

"I'm about to come!" Theo exclaimed in his hushed voice.

"Mm..." Shina instead of walking away put her small and cute mouth with pink lips on the head of the penis and pressed. Even though she couldn't quite put it in her mouth, she still hoped she could receive...

A milky-colored discharge came out. Shina's mouth felt full, but she didn't spit, instead, she lifted her head up and swallowed.

A swallowing sound echoed and Theo looked at her in surprise. Of course, he was not disgusted. He even felt more excited about it for some reason.

Shina, in turn, felt her body heat up, she could easily say that Theo's sperm was rich in pure Yang. Her entire body was being filled and even helping her cultivation.

Although Theo wanted to continue, he asked, "Do you need to meditate?"

"I don't need it. L-let's continue! " She spoke decisively. Although it would be more effective if she meditated, Shina knew that she didn't need to resort to this to increase her cultivation. Furthermore, in the midst of sex, she could perform her cultivating technique. Although not the same result, it still wasn't bad.

Standing, Shina placed her two hands on Theo's broad, strong shoulder and pressed her large, full, round, white breasts to Theo's chest. Without warning, she kissed Theo's lips.

It was a long and passionate kiss!

Separating her lips from Theo's with a click of tongues, Shina pulled back slightly and once again she removed her dress. Then she also removed her panties that dripped on the carpet on the floor.

"Wonderful!" Theo praised her body. He looked at each corner and said again, "Perfect!"

This scene was truly touching!

It was very attractive!

Theo sniffed and could feel the heat with every breath he took.

Even after a few minutes of that scene, it felt like a few seconds had passed. In the next moment, Shina blushed slightly and was seductively looking at Theo.

"You are exaggerating..." Shina blushed, happy. She returned to kiss Theo's neck and without ceremony, she climbed on his lap with her knees on the bed. Sometimes, she could feel Theo's erection reaching her sensitive and delicate part.

Taking her hand back, she went to find Theo's cock and held it, positioning it towards her opening. When stood in front of the entrance, she started to sit very slowly.


Shina let out moans of pleasure as she felt Theo's big, thick thing enter her little entrance, widening it without reservation.

Theo was also experiencing a series of waves of pleasure, not only did he love the kisses and hickeys that Shina made all over his neck, or even her kisses, he now felt like he was in heaven entering her. It was warm and pleasant. Taking even being unable to hold on and ended up releasing some erotic sounds from his mouth.

Hearing Theo moaning as well, Shina became even more confident and began to move slowly from top to bottom while resting her two hands on Theo's shoulder.

Theo followed Shina's movements and "helped" to get in and out of her. Indecent sounds of skin rubbing and hitting each other echoed in the room.

Shina didn't even have time to be ashamed while feeling more and more excited. She kissed Theo again while she didn't slow her movements.

Each beat, each kiss, each bite, each hickey, all were made with love and passion for Shina. She was feeling possessed, unable to control herself, getting lost in the waves of desire and passion.

Theo also felt lost in pleasure. He liked every action that Shina did.

In synchronized form with rhythmic sounds, the couple continued their movements, until they reached the point where they couldn't take it anymore and the peak of pleasure reached both.

"I'm cumming!" Both Theo and Shina said at almost the same time.

His heartbeat was racing, their foreheads were running with sweat, Shina's skin tone was a little red in specific places. When the two came, Shina supported herself and collapsed on Theo's chest.

With better high control, Theo held her in his arms, while still keeping his cock inside her.

Even after ejaculating, Theo was still stiff with no sign of softening. When he thought about taking it out, Shina said, "Let's go on, and besides, I'm not going to cultivate, I want to have your child!"

Theo was surprised, but soon recovered and asked seriously: "Are you sure, Shina? You are still very young, we can wait a few more years."

"I'm serious." After a quick kiss, Shina said with her heart beating wildly fast: "I love you and I want your child. We don't have to wait a few years. Besides, although I'm as young as you say, age doesn't mean much to a cultivator."

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