Chapter 390: Second day of the tournament evaluation.
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The next morning, Theo woke up in a good mood.

As he was the first to wake up, he wanted to let Shina sleep some more, Theo went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. But to his surprise, someone woke up earlier and was already making breakfast.

"Yuki, good morning." Theo came over and told her, then kissed her on the cheek.

Yuki turned with a charming smile, wearing an apron, looking like a newlywed wife, she said: "Good morning, soon everything will be ready, you can just wait in the living room watching television."

"How can I do this?" Theo said, "Let me help you at least a little."

"Mm." Yuki did not refuse. She turned around again and concentrated on what she was doing.

After washing his hands, Theo said with a smile: "Yuki, you look very beautiful in that apron."

"Oh really?" Yuki looked at him and smiled, "How beautiful am I?"

"Enough for me to want to take you to our room and do things..." Theo said slyly.

"Hahaha. Stop being silly~ you must be tired of all that you did to Shina yesterday, do you still have the courage to say you can do this to me? Humph! " Yuki pretended not to believe Theo was capable and even snorted disdainfully.

"Oh? Are you doubting me?" Theo smiled wickedly and hugged Yuki from behind and kissed her neck and said, "Should I prove it to you?"

"Speaking is easy." Yuki still continued to pretend not to believe: "Hard is making!"

"Haha. You said it yourself, then I don't want to see you begging for my forgiveness!" Theo gave a mean laugh, ready to catch her in his arms.

The corners of Yuki's lips moved up slightly. Her eyes were like the stars in the sky that shone right into Theo's heart.

"So beautiful..." Theo was breathless with admiration and Yuki was pouting playfully.

"Dad, Mom?" A sleepy, childlike voice echoed.

Theo and Yuki froze in place and looked at the direction of the voice and saw Little Yui holding a stuffed fox in her arms while looking at them.


The second day of the evaluation for the tournament.

Maicon Saraiva was in a bad mood.

Maicon was considered the greatest genius who would participate in the tournament. He is tall with 199 cm in height, slightly darkened skin. He is of the black wolf species with his strong body full of muscles. Bright black eyes, moreover, he is 29 years old and was in the 12th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm.

For someone 29 years old and being on that level of cultivation, it was something rare and unique. It can be had that he was a born genius. In addition, he has mastered the 5 stages of the unique technique of the Thousand Waves Sect. The technique is called "Mil Turbulent Waves".

This technique was what made the Thousand Waves Sect so well known and privileged. In addition, although she has only 7 stages, Maicon managed to master the first 5 at such a young age. It would not be wrong to say that he was the pride of the Thousand Waves Sect.

However, after Maicon learned what happened the day before, about how powerful Theo's group was. He was upset and angry.

He was supposed to be the star of the day!

'Why did someone like that have to show up, why?' Maicon continued to repeat that in his mind, disconcerted.

Before, wherever he went, he was always the center of attention, but because of that damn Theo, people didn't see him and just kept talking about "Theo, Theo, Theo, Theo..."

He couldn't take listening to that name anymore!

His anger was climbing up the walls, and if he didn't know that Theo was already in the Spiritual Realm, he would look for him to rip him into a thousand pieces!

"Theo is so pretty!"

"I want to have his child!"

"To dream! I'm going to have a child of his!"

"You're the one dreaming, you bitch!"

Many girls in the test queue were arguing and almost fighting. This only added to Maicon's anger.

If it were, before, it was for him that the girls would be fighting, but now, an unknown man appeared out of nowhere and stole everything that was rightfully his!

What the fuck?

What a fucking plot this is!

He used to find it irritating when the girls kept fawning over him like that, but now Maicon was angry that they weren't paying attention to him.

Enraged, Maicon went to the instructor when his turn came. Even then, almost no one paid any attention to him, which made him even angrier.

"Maicon Saraiva - 29 years old." Soon the instructor's announcement came.

Some still looked but didn't pay much attention.

By that time, Maicon has already cursed the three generations of Theo's family. But then, a distorted, incredibly despicable and devilish smile formed on his face.

Well hidden, he saw that the cultivation rating crystal was slightly cracked.

'A chance!' Maicon said strongly in his mind. Despite everything, he watched Theo's video on the day of the test repeatedly trying to find fault.

Of course, he wasn't foolish to think that only with his pure mana would he be able to do something, but... what if he used his affinity with explosive wind? If nothing happened, fine, but if it did...

Thinking until then, Maicon took a few deep breaths, then he put his two hands on the crystal and injected his mana. In the beginning, he just injected naturally, not drawing attention to him, but by the time he arrived in black and was close to exceeding 2,000 points, he injected his affinity with wind-explosive.

"Crack! Crack! Crack!"

"Look, it's cracking!"

"It will break!"

"Isn't that the Genius; Maicon Saraiva of Thousand Waves Sect?"

"Wow! Looking at it now, isn't he pretty?"

"Yes, although Theo is more pretty, he is also pretty, I think?"

"Well, he can't compare to Theo, but he's pretty, right?"

"Perhaps? I think so... Well, he's pretty and talented, at least..."

"Yes, he is talented, but he is 29 years old too..."

"Well, Theo is only 17, and he also managed to make the crystal crack. It didn't break because the instructor asked him to stop..."

"That's right."

"Stop!!" Soon the voice of the instructor who came out of his stupor came, he couldn't believe it was happening again, but this time, he could clearly see that it was on purpose, he has been an instructor for a few years now, and he could feel it clearly the fluctuation of Maicon's affinity and not just his mana.

Maicon pretended to be deaf, he was angry and furious! Furthermore, he saw that even at that moment, these girls' whores were saying that he was inferior to Theo's son of a bitch. He has never felt so humiliated in his life! He did not want to let things go on like this, his pride would not allow this to continue.


A loud sound came and it was at that moment that the evaluation crystal became thousands of fragments.

The instructors were stunned.

The Thousand Waves Sect was stunned.

The girls who were talking before were stunned.

Everyone in the assessment yard was stunned!

Only Maicon was standing in place with a winning smile on his face.

It was that kind of reaction he was looking for, that kind of attention he wanted!

Right now, isn't everyone looking at him in astonishment? Didn't he manage to leave everyone with their jaw dropped on the floor?!

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