Chapter 391: Kneel down!
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To everyone's surprise, Maicon did not boast. He still said seriously: "There was something wrong with this crystal, so it exploded, I don't want to brag, but even though I'm on the 12th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm, I know this was not supposed to happen. In addition, there was another person who did the same thing, which makes me wonder if from the beginning it was a problem with this crystal and not because this "person" was indeed an incomparable genius..."

"Is this serious?"

"Must be..."

"After all, if it were me, I would definitely want to take the credit for breaking the crystal."

"Hehe. Maicon is not a fool like you and he has a good character, so he didn't do something that stupid."

Hearing people talk and start to doubt if the problem was really with the crystal, Maicon was trying to maintain a natural expression and not laugh ear to ear. But inside, he was laughing like crazy.

"Bullshit!" A girl shouted out of the crowd, "Good character?"

"Who screamed?"

They were very surprised by the scream and looked in the direction of the girl.

The girl walked slowly and gracefully until she got in front of Maicon. With a look full of disgust, she says: "Many may have been confused for a few seconds, and even started to doubt after hearing what you said. But... you are a pretentious idiot, did you know that?"

Maicon swallowed his anger and asked in an arrogant tone: "What makes you say that?"

"Hahaha! Don't you understand yet?" She says looking like she was looking at a retard: "You are jealous and envious of Theo because he is younger; more beautiful; more talented; more powerful than you!"

"Haha! This is laughable! Me jealous and envious of someone bottom to me? Are you trying to kill me with laughter?" Maicon found no fault in what he said, because of that, he was confident and even provoked and inflated his ego even more.

"So tell me..." She asked with an expression of disgust: "Why when you did that, the dear instructors were not even moved or scared of you? Remember? The video shows how much the instructors recognized Theo's power and didn't even dare to interfere, tell me, are you able to do that?"

"You, you, you...." Maicon realized his mistake and was now feeling humiliated and seething with anger, he shouted: "Shut up, you bitch!"

"Humph! Who do you think you are to talk to me like that?" The girl said in an ordering tone: "Kneel down!"


Powerful mana manifested itself from the young woman's body and took Maicon by surprise, forcing him to kneel on the floor.

He clenched his teeth and looked at her with anger and fear. Unexpectedly, this girl who appeared to be young was several times stronger than him!


After breakfast. Theo and his group entered the [Dimensional Room] to train.

While it is true that their cultivation is high enough to be the first in this tournament, it does not mean that they would be left without training. Mainly their technique of movement and attack.

When everyone was focused on their own affairs. Theo began to think seriously about what to spend his points on the system.

Currently, he had 6 billion points of the system, and honestly, he was not sure what to spend what would be better to spend, etc...

'At least I must get techniques to be able to forge items from level 5 to 6.'

With that in mind, he didn't think twice and started to search for godly techniques. At least it would be good enough for him to reach level 5 with each of these techniques in a very short time. Besides, he's been thinking...

Before he didn't do it, but now he had points and was not afraid to spend. He could buy information from the talisman, formation, alchemy, and forging process.

The reason he was wanting to do this before the tournament was because a crazy thought came to mind.

'If by chance, if someone in the tournament challenges me in any of these areas, thinking that I am only good at fighting ...' Theo himself knew that the chances of that happening were small, but he could not rule out that it could actually happen. At least he didn't want to tell his daughter that he wasn't able to do something like that.

Zaira paused from what she was doing and looked in the direction of Theo. The moment she saw him seriously thinking, she said in her mind: 'When Theo gets serious he definitely looks more pretty.'

She felt that in his thoughtful and serious expression, he just looked extremely sexy and attractive.

'What is he thinking?' She started to imagine. But not wanting to get in the way, Zaira started meditating again.

After spending a few minutes researching, Theo found the techniques he wanted. It was a total of 4 techniques.



• [120,000,000 system points were used.]

• [You purchased: <Spiritual Path Talisman Art> Level 6.]


• [110,000,000 system points were used.]

• [You purchased: <Spirit Path Alchemy Art> Level 6.]


• [110,000,000 system points were used.]

• [You purchased: <Spiritual Path Inscription Art> Level 6.]


• [130,000,000 system points were used.]

• [You purchased: <Spiritual Path Formation Art> Level 6.]


'Only with that was 470,000,000 points ... Well, I still need to buy books for each one of this to be able to learn even faster and also of forge.' Although he digested information about each technique he bought. He only gained information from the first stage. If in case he wanted to gain more information, he needed to go deeper...

After looking, he realized that each information book had its path and process. Books that gave information up to level 6. It cost 1 million points. If he were to buy just 1 book, it wouldn't be expensive, but Theo clearly didn't think it was enough.

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