Chapter 392: Lots of information.
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Maybe it could be good at average using just one book, but if he used dozens or even hundreds of books, Theo could learn all of this mastery excellently. After all, he was not afraid to spend system points and wanted the best if he could have the best.


• [500,000,000 systems points were used.]

• [You purchased: 100 <Formation information books> Level 6.]

• [You purchased: 100 <Alchemy information books> Level 6.]

• [You purchased: 100 <Inscription information books> Level 6.]

• [You purchased: 100 <Talisman information books> Level 6.]

• [You purchased: 100 <Forge information books> Level 6.]


Unlike before, the amount of information that invaded his brain was large enough to stun him. Theo without much choice sat on the floor with his legs crossed and continued to digest the information.

Even now, he found it unbelievable how much information he was receiving. But it was not for less. Each book had information and theories of forge, formation, alchemy, inscription, and talisman that goes up to level 6.

Once again Theo wanted to revere the power of his system. It was not so simple to get so much information, although he has to pay a good price with points from the system. He believes it was worth a lot.

If he did anything that was level 6 and wanted to sell, it was true to say that he would not need much time to be able to recover his lost system points.

Almost two hours later. Theo finally finished digesting all the information.


Theo let out a sigh of satisfaction and thought: 'Now I just need to put it into practice and it won't take long to reach at least the 4th stage of each technique.'

Each technique had 6 stages and if he managed to arrive with each one of that technique in the 4th stage it was already a great advance. If he concentrated on just 1 he could even reach the 5th stage or even the 6th stage. But that was not what Theo wanted at the moment.

He still needed to do several tests and learn to control each technique.

Going to a corner of the [Dimensional Room]. Theo thought about starting with Alchemy.

Without much to consider, Theo took all the storage rings, dimensional bags, etc. and dumped the items inside its on the floor.

A mountain of items has accumulated in front of Theo. These are rare items and even common items. From weapons, herbs, elixirs, etc. The most common items were gold coins, there was a large percentage of gold coins in the middle of the mountain; there were several types of bladed weapons, whether sword, spear, dagger, saber, etc.

Theo quickly and wisely separated all items. Mainly separating low-level items that could be used to make alchemy. It was this intention since the beginning, to take these items and use them to create pills.

If it were someone else, wouldn't be able to do that, since even though there are many items, would still need to know how to use them, and also have the knowledge of what type of pill would be formed and how to handle the fire. However, for Theo, who has information from 100 books other than alchemy, it was easy for him to find several items to make pills.

'What is Theo thinking of doing now?' Some of them were not yet meditating, it was more understanding their techniques, and now seeing the mountain of items being separated by Theo, they cannot help but be curious about it.

Unaware of what they were thinking. Theo took the first set to create a pill. It was a total of 4 items: Mandrake root; 10-year-old green grass; 10 grams of Annette seed and; Lotus flower.

There were some boilers that could be used for alchemy, but Theo didn't need it, he had what he used to forge.

When the cauldron left Theo's body and appeared in front of him. Theo knew it was too big, so he controlled it and made it less than the size and width of a foot.

No longer able to be curious, Shina approached and asked: "Theo, do you intend to start doing alchemy?" She deduced.

Theo looked at her and smiled: "You are right, I have that intention."

"Oh really? Well, that was it. I wish you luck. " Shina smiled and went back to not disturb him.

"Thank you." Theo said with a slight smile.

Seeing that she had nothing more to say, Theo returned to concentrating on making the pill. The pill he was going to make now was called the "Life Restoration Pill."

It was a basic pill that was only effective for those who were at most in the Superior Student Realm. For someone who was already in the greater realm, there was almost no effect, since the amount of vitality that this pill contained was very little. But using this pill was not Theo's purpose for doing this, he just wanted to get used to forging the pill and then increase his mastery of alchemy.

Within the information in the books he received, there was information on how to create pills using white flames. Knowing this, Theo thought about using the white flames from the beginning, he was not afraid to fail in any way.

The cauldron floated in the air until it stopped in front of Theo. As his current knowledge was vast, Theo only needed to add the 4 ingredients to forge the pill. With his left arm extended towards the cauldron, Theo made white flames manifest inside and out.

His control over the white flames was now impeccable, the information in the books not only helped him gain knowledge about alchemy ingredients but also helped improve his control under the flames.

'It seems easier than I imagined,' Theo told himself as he increased the heat of the flames in the cauldron a little. He was also using his mental power to see the whole process taking place inside the cauldron and also to mix the ingredients.

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