Chapter 393: Technique: reached the 4th Stage.
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Theo simply waved his hand, and under the control of his mental power, they floated inside the cauldron staying in the center of it. After that, Theo immediately unleashed his technique "Art of Alchemy of the Spiritual Path." With that helping, he would be able to gain precise control over all ingredients.


Following a sweaty vibe, Theo spat a white fireball from his mouth. The fireball immediately exploded and turned into a sea of ​​flames that caught all the ingredients.

Under the intense heat of the white flames, all impurities inside the ingredients were burned. Although the purification process seemed simple, it was an important step that could not be overlooked.

Theo needed to control the temperature of the white flames with the Art of Alchemy of the Spiritual Path technique. If the temperature were too high, all ingredients would turn to ash in an instant.

Like a chimney, dark smoke of impurity came from the center of the cauldron lid. It was also at that moment that Theo knew that he managed to successfully create the pills. He opened the lid and inside the cauldron were 3 white milky pills. Although the color it emitted was weak, it was still of excellent quality. Although it is low-level pills.

Theo was not particularly proud, in fact, it was no big deal. After all, it was just a level 1 pill. Putting the pill aside, he started preparing new herbs. This time, the next recipe consisted of only herbs and blood from the magical animal of Student Realm. It wasn't really a big deal. Theo achieved this easily.


Following the sound of the cauldron lid and the impurity smoke coming from the center of the lid, a sweet smell came out. This was a pill different from the other, its only function was to keep the mind calm. Of course, that was of benefit to anyone who was going to meditate. It even improved the performance a little. So Theo did this, as it was useful different from the first one he did.

Thinking about it, the next ones he did was almost following the same path, it was somehow useful. Be it to calm the mind, even to improve breathing. Or even to be able to breathe underwater.

There were thousands of recipes in Theo's mind, it was hard to actually choose which option was right for him to use. But he didn't think much, just chose the first ones that he thought were useful.


  • [Congratulations to Technique: <Art of Alchemy of the Spiritual Path> reached the 4th Stage]


After a little over an hour, he had already forged more than 1000 pills of different functions.

'It is not bad. Now I'm going to try to rise to the mastery with the Talisman Art technique of the Spiritual Path.' Theo said in his mind and naturally, he kept the pills he made in his storage ring and then opened his system.

Theo bought some leaves to draw talismans. Animal blood was mainly needed to make the talismans. He might as well use his own, but he didn't want to waste his own blood to make a low-level talisman.

It was also at that time that he bought a few liters of blood in the system of different types of magical animals. Being from Apprentice Realm to Wizard Realm.

The girls at a distance, continued to take care of their affairs so as not to get in the way, although it was inevitable that they would steal some glances in Theo's direction since he seemed very charming when he got serious.

Theo was sitting on the floor with his legs crossed. In front of him, there were a few sheets of white talismans and also a graceful brush and a small container that glowed red. It was obviously blood from some magical animal.

Theo took the brush and dripped in the blood and began to write slowly on the blank talisman. When he started, he performed the Talisman Art technique of the Spiritual Path. The brush in his hand danced on the leaf, drawing ancient patterns with the intention of the flames.

What Theo was trying to do was simple. Just a talisman with the intention of the fire to burst into flame 5 seconds after it is activated. Of course, the firepower of this talisman would be at most in Student Realm. It was nothing grand.

Two minutes later...

'I did it...' Theo was holding the explosive talisman in his hand while feeling some of the fire's intent.

'But it took me a long time to make just one talisman. I need to continue and improve my writing speed.' Theo thought to himself. For him to succeed in creating the talisman was the least important, the best would be to be able to create it in less time while maintaining quality.

Without denying efforts, Theo returned to creating new talismans and faster and faster.

An hour and a half later, Theo had already created more than 100 talismans.


  • [Congratulations to Technique: <Talisman Art of the Spiritual Path> reached the 4th Stage]


'It was quick, but I didn't put much into practice... it doesn't really matter, I just really wanted to increase my proficiency in making talismans in any way.' Closing the holographic screen that opened. Theo saw that it was almost 11 am and decided to leave and return later.


After having lunch, Theo, Jka, and the girls returned to [Dimensional Room].

This time, Theo started creating entries. Making inscriptions was not much different from creating talismans, only that the concept changed a little at times and it was not necessary to write on a talisman or even need a brush.

If Theo's level reached the 4th enrollment stage, he could write in the air using his spiritual mana and create powerful spells through it. Of course, that was not all, he could use inscriptions to improve weapons and armor, as well as strengthen a formation.

At first, he did just a few basic inscriptions on a blank sheet of paper using blood from magical animals.

Theo continued to apply and now it has been 3 hours since he started, Theo admits that it was a little more difficult than the other mastery.


  • [Congratulations to Technique: <Art of Inscription of the Spiritual Path> reached the 4th Stage]


'With that, I can already start creating formations even at level 5. However, I won't have much time today to go much deeper.' Theo said in his heart.

Using some low-level talismans he made earlier, Theo decided to use this as the core of the formation. This would also save some materials and would not necessarily have to waste some talismans he had made before.

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