Chapter 394: Villain! You only know how to provoke me!
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'Now we need to improve my formation technique...’ Theo thought. He looked ahead and noticed Shina's look in his direction.

“Shina, do you want to go out to make dinner?” Theo guessed.

“Exact! Can you let me out?” Shina asked. There was also everything prepared inside the [Dimensional Room], be it a stove or refrigerator and cupboards with food, but she still preferred to do it in the mansion if possible.

“Sure, come over here.” Theo smiled, waving her over.

With quick steps, Shina approached him.

Theo got up from the floor and looked at Shina's small and cute face, seeing that everyone was in cultivation, he couldn't resist and stole a kiss from her lips.

Shina was stunned! But then she returned the kiss while wrapping her slender arms around Theo's neck, while her two breasts pressed against the muscular body of the man she loves. A deep, burning kiss was thrown. The two refused to split up for 20 long minutes.

Theo rested his forehead on hers and laughed showing his perfectly aligned white teeth and said, “You look so cute when you're ashamed. Unlike your wild way in bed...”


Shina blushed even more and bit Theo's shoulder and said, “Villain! You only know how to provoke me! Send me back to the mansion now...!”

“Hahaha. Okay, I'm going to do that.” Theo didn't even blink when he was bitten, in fact, it didn't even tickle him. You can even say that he liked it, not because of the pain, but because he knew it was a way for Shina to show her affection for him and want to hide her embarrassment, which made her even more beautiful.

Theo kissed her lips one last time and sent her back to the mansion.

Not too far away, Theo noticed that Klin had also stopped cultivating. He asked, “Klin, do you want to leave too?”

“Yes, I want to go and help Shina.” She said.

“Okay.” Theo naturally did not need Klin to approach for him to remove her from the [Dimensional Room]. With a simple thought, he made her leave.

The reason he wanted Shina to get close before he left, well... you all must have guessed.

Noticing that there was no one else who wanted to leave, Theo now decided to do some simple formation.

‘My knowledge under the formations could only be described as Grand Master!’ Although he knew he didn’t reach that level yet with his technique yet in a short time, he had already mastered the first levels of formations.

In addition, in many of the formations, he needed to have level 3 mastery in inscriptions, even it was necessary to forge items if he wanted to create certain formations. This also took a little more time to complete each formation.

After approximately 1 hour, Theo only managed to reach the 3rd stage with the technique: Art of Formation of the Spiritual Path.

'Shina must have finished completing dinner already,' Theo said mentally.


Meref looked somber. It was even worse than the day he learned of Zast's death. A little while ago, a crystal that was connected to Zasp's soul shattered. This indicated that Zasp died. However, there was no record of the last moments of his death. Which was strange.

'Who killed him? Was it Theo? No, it can't be, right?’ Meref refuses to believe that a small cultivator on the 2nd layer of the Spiritual Realm could kill Zasp. ‘But if it wasn’t him, who was it?’

He couldn't understand, he also couldn't investigate this matter. After all, he has not yet established himself on Planet Spirit. Only a few small French fries so far were manipulated by him. So it was difficult for him to be able to investigate this without sending his subordinates there. However, he was undecided...

He doesn't want to admit it, but he is uncertain that if his subordinates go there, they will be killed by god knows who.

Meref started to regret a little off-putting this island as an initial goal. Perhaps, he made the wrong choice but refuses to admit it. And there was also “that”. He didn't want to miss the chance to get his hands on “that”.

If he missed that chance, he knew he would regret it bitterly, but he also had his hands tied, did not know he was behind Zasp's death, and did not want to act hastily now.

'I need more information...' Meref did not tell his subordinates that Zasp died. He didn't want to be weak and to make them lose confidence in him. Now, he only cared about finding out who killed Zasp, otherwise, it would be a long shot to send another demon over there.

Now, even though he considered himself a great fearless demon, he began to fear the unknown forces that existed on the Fallen Star Island...


In a luxurious hotel, in the Empire Naga, a young woman was lying on the bed while looking at her cell phone.

'Manuela, I already said, he is Panic.' A cold female voice devoid of any emotion, resonated in the mind of young Manuela.

'How can you be so sure of that? I saw his video several times, whether he was singing or even on the day of the evaluation. Although he is devilishly beautiful and powerful, I cannot believe that he is Panic.’ Manuela replied in her mind.

'Silly girl... Have you forgotten who I am? How could I not know?’ The cold voice snorted in disdain as she responded feeling scorned.

'How could I forget if you insist on reminding me every minute?' Manuela said in reply. But she didn't seem unhappy, in fact, she was proud to hear that. Perhaps, it is because of this that this voice in mind makes a point of saying this every minute all to please her.

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