Chapter 395: Who is arguing?
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* Whispers! Whispers! Whispers! Whispers! *

A multitude of people of different species, be they magical animals in human form or even aquatic beings in human form. All with the same goal.

Participate in the tournament!

Because of this crazy amount of beings participating in the tournament, Emperor Naga, along with the other 2 Emperors, had to create a bigger stadium than expected. In addition, the magical formation that they thought would be good enough has been completely ruled out. This year promised to be the most legendary tournament that has happened in all these years on the Island of the Fallen Star.

It was no small feat, but 1 million people signed up for this tournament and many of them were strong enough to be patriarchs of small and large sects. This was something they had never seen before.

“Emperor Naga, do you think this formation is good enough?” The Emperor of the Beasts asked doubtfully.

“I believe so, after all, even now there are 10 cultivators on the 4th Layer of Spiritual Realm to support this. It shouldn't be possible for it to be destroyed so easily, right?” Emperor Naga said. He felt confident in this formation.

“Yes, you're right. I was just a little shaken by the number of geniuses that will participate in the tournament that I totally ignored. “ Said the Emperor of the Beasts, relieved.


Theo and his group woke up early on the day of the tournament and after eating breakfast, they used the ark to go to the city of Finapolis where the tournament was about to take place.

Theo and his group were already aware of what the tournament's first knockout stages would look like.

It would be divided into 100 different groups and each group can have more than 100,000 participants. In addition, only 1,000 will be able to go to the next stage. The initial qualifiers have already started very hard, and even if someone who is not very strong, but is lucky, may end up going through the qualifiers.

Jka, Alice was in group 3. Nanda in group 5. Yui and Aine in group 10. Yuki, Shina, and Zenia in group 20. Kelly in group 21. Lilith and Zaira in group 30. Theo, Zaika, and Emma in group 30. Ariana in group 35.

“It's a shame that I'm not in Theo's group.” Ariana said with regret. Other girls thought the same.

Even Jka wanted to be able to be at least in Ariana's group, which would increase the chances of him passing the first stage. After all, Alice also didn't have very high cultivation. However, this did not let them shake.

Both Jka and the girls were participating in the tournament to expand their horizons and have fun fighting with different people.

“Stop regret, Ariana.” Shina told her dismissively.

“What? Are you going to tell me you didn't want to be in Theo's group?” Ariana looked at her with her head up as she asked.

“I don't deny it, but I'm not complaining about that reason.” Said Shina.

“I am also not complaining. I just feel sad that I can't be in my husband's group. Only that.” Ariana said as she pouted.

“Ok, ok, I get it, stop acting like a poor thing.” Shina sighed.

“Do you two always have to fight?” Theo asked.

“Who's fighting? We're just talking, right, Shina?” Ariana said.

“Yes, this is nothing more than a normal conversation.” Shina agreed.

“I understand. Is it almost the same when you curse me when we are alone in the room?” Theo provoked.

“Bastard!” Shina blushed and started hitting him.

“Hahaha. You don't need to turn red. This is normal, right Ariana?” Theo gave Ariana a provocative look.

“Yes husband, if you like, we can even forget about this stupid tournament and go home and play around cursing each other, how about that?” Ariana sighed while biting her lips seductively.

“Oh? This is not a bad offer!” Theo's eyes lit up and several types of positions began to pass through Theo's mind.

While they talked about it so openly, Zaira, Zaika and the other girls still virgins were covering their faces with shame, and even having some indecent images in their mind that they didn't want to be erased. Even Shina, who was no longer a virgin, could not help feeling ashamed of these two.

“Do you want to stop saying these things so openly? Can't you see we're in public?” Mizuki wanted to know what was going on in their minds in order to have the courage and not be ashamed to speak it out in public.

“Oh? And who said that besides us, someone else is listening to us?” Theo glanced at her and Mizuki looked around and soon realized that it was true, no one was paying attention to them.

“Theo, are you using your illusions to isolate our group?” Mizuki guessed.

“Yes, so you don't have to worry about other people listening to what we're talking about.” Theo smiled.

Although everyone heard this, they stopped talking, because Emperor Naga took the stage and would probably start the tournament.

“Hello everyone. Everyone is very welcome to the annual tournament on the Fallen Star Island.” Emperor Naga began to speak: “I am particularly surprised by the number of participants this year and also by the amount of new talent that has appeared.”

He continued: “I wish you all the best of luck and do your best to make it to the top! Let the tournament begin!”


The crowd shouted when they saw that he had finished speaking. In fact, they were surprised by the little speech, but they didn't care because everyone was anxious to get started.

Soon the first groups began to enter the battle arena. Theo and his group had to go to the stands to watch until their group's turn came.

Incredibly, it took just 1 hour for the first group to finish defining the 1,000 participants for the next stage.

Many left regretting the bad luck of having fallen against those strongest in the group, but they can only regret it since there was no second chance.

The second group ended a little later, taking almost two hours to finish and only a thousand participants left.

“Group three, enter the arena.” The tournament host called.

“I'm going.” Jka got up a little anxiously.

“Mm.” Alice was calmer. But if you noticed well, she was squeezing her delicate little hands tightly until they turned red.

“Good luck you two.” Theo told them.

“Go, my love, you can do it!” Klin screamed and smiled at Jka who looked at her.

Jka also smiled and looked at his wife's belly, he clenched his fists and was determined to pass in the first stage. He saw that if he were careless, he could be eliminated by someone too strong. But now he decided to be even more careful.

Theo looked at this scene and was undecided about whether to give his friend a little help or not...

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