Chapter 396: First stage tournament (Part 1).
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Jka felt lost in my crowd. There were at least 100,000 cultivators after all. He and Alice stayed close while protecting themselves while fighting.

Jka used a variety of fire attacks, while Alice trapped many with cobwebs. This proved to be quite useful in a group, Jka always helped by giving the final blow to those who were trapped by cobwebs.

On the big holographic screen that was above the arena, in front of everyone's view, the people who killed the most started to appear in the rank. This motivated those who had more power to want to make it into the top 100.

Jka and Alice, on the other hand, were not concerned with the rank, they just wanted to move on to the next stage of the tournament. But even so, Jka entered the rank 223. This surprised him a little, but after thinking about Alice's support ability, he was understanding.

Furthermore, although Jka's cultivate is not that high, he underestimated the purity of his cultivation and soon realized that even those in the 4th and 5th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm were not his opponent.

Alice was very good at defense, making many spider webs appear whenever someone tried to attack her. In fact, in addition to defending, her cobwebs had a sticky substance, which made those who attacked to get stuck in the cobwebs.

"Both are doing very well." Shina commented.

"Yes, although it is the first time that the two are fighting together, they are using their strengths very well." Theo said as he watched.

"Look, Jka reached rank 195 and Alice is at 256." Said Zenia while pointing to the rankings.

"Mhmm. They are doing well." Klin smiled when he saw her husband struggling bravely.

Jka and Alice were unexpectedly surrounded by five Fish-men each of whom were over 300 cm tall and had a strong body. Their skin color varies from blue to green, but there was also one that was red and appeared to be the strongest among them.

"Spider Web Trap!"

Alice crouched down and placed her two hands on the floor and several spider webs were projected and the feet of these Fish-men were trapped for a few seconds without being able to move.

Jka used his sword Tang and using fire he attacked all five at a fast speed.

When the damage exceeded their physical limit, they were all removed by the formation and appear outside the barrier.

This continued for a little over an hour, until the tournament host announced the end of the first stage of group 3.

" I passed!" Many began to celebrate when they learned that they made it through the first stage.

It was to be expected since there were attacks from all sides and if they were just a little careless they would be eliminated.

Jka and Alice passed in the first round. Now, they went back to where Theo and the girls were.

"Dude, that was difficult, not the opponents themselves, but the pressure it brings me to be on the alert with so many people attacking from all sides." Jka said while sitting next to Klin and exchanging a kiss.

"This is also a good thing, as it sharpens your senses to be on the alert at all times." Theo said.

"Yes, even now my senses are heightened, and I am unable to disconnect now." Jka said with regret.

"Hehe. Don't pay too much attention to that, soon it passes, it should be no different from staying in the sea for a long time and after you leave, you still have the impression that you are in the sea." Theo laughed.

"Yes, it is something like that." Jka agreed.

"Alice, good job supporting Jka. Your cobweb skills are very good!" Theo said raising his thumb at her.

"I did my best!" Alice smiled happily at being praised.

While they were entertained talking, the next group of participants had already been called and started to compete.

Theo and the rest of the group didn't even bother to look very often, most of the time, they spent talking among themselves. It was only when it was the turn of the fifth group that it was Nanda's turn that they began to pay attention to.

"Good luck, Nanda." They told her.

"Sister, do your best!" Encouraged Aine.

"Thanks, I'll try." Nanda went to the arena shortly thereafter.

Nanda felt a little nervous to be surrounded by so many opponents. In all directions, they were enemies that she would have to defend and win.

"Begin!" The tournament host shouted.

Immediately, Nanda created a lightning shield around her body, she also used movement technique to avoid those above the 5th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm. When she moved, Nanda looked like lightning walking on the ground, not only because she was very fast, but also because she always left a trail of lightning and some people electrocuted.

She was doing even better than everyone expected. Let the truth be told, being quick in the crowd gave her a huge advantage and with her keen senses, Nanda always escaped before she was attacked. Although her mana reserve cannot be said to be high, it was enough to last an hour or two. Which would be enough to survive among the thousand participants.

"Sister, watch out!" Aine screamed from the stands when she saw that her sister was surrounded.

Nanda had already noticed and was alert, she tried to find an escape route, but she couldn't find it. It was at that moment that four of those animal type people that surrounded her, were immobilized by tree branches and taken to the air.

It was at that moment that Nanda noticed a group of beautiful women with green hair smiling. Nanda recognized them and knew that these girls were Elftreen.

"Thank you." Nanda thanked them.

"You don't have to thank us, we just don't like them." The tallest of the Elftreens said as she smiled.

"If you want, you can stay with our group until the end of this match." Said an Elftreen with double braid.

Nanda thought and remembered the kind and kind Elftreen she met, she decided to risk it: "Yes, I would like to."

"Great!" Elftreen smiled even more.

After that, Nanda started to fight alongside the Elftreen and managed to survive until the end of the tournament without any problem.

"These Elftreen girls were really nice to Nanda." Aine commented.

"Yes." They agree.

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