Chapter 398: Are you pregnant?
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Needless to say, Yuki, Shina, and Zenia drew a lot of attention as soon as they appeared. Especially Yuki who was the cause of the death of the genius of the Kain Clan, Odair Kain.

“See how they are measuring their words. They don't even dare to say anything disrespectful about you, Yuki.” Shina said with a giggle.

“It can't be helped, Theo killed the guy who dared to treat me like an object.” It can be noted that she was happy to talk about it. It was inevitable since most women want to be defended by the person they love.

Shina pouted with undisguised jealousy. Yuki saw this, and said while smiling, “You don't have to be jealous, Theo would do the same if went with you.”

“I know that... but in the end, it happened to you...” She said.

“Hehe.” Yuki showed her pink tongue to Shina and did not refute.

“Let the game begin!” The tournament host shouted with excitement.

“Tsk! Everyone took a distance from us.” Said Shina with a tongue click.

“It was to be expected.” Zenia sighed.

“Since it is like that, it gets even better for us.” Yuki said while smiling dangerously: “We will attack from afar and enjoy the show by seeing how many will survive to the next stage.”

“Yuki... you sure have dangerous thoughts, just like Theo...” Shina said, “But I like it!”

“Hehe. That's what I'm talking about! Now, let's compete and see who defeats the most competitors with just one attack.” Yuki said, competitively.

“You certainly look a little different today, but let's do it.” Shina agreed.

“Water Moon!” Said Shina with her two hands extended to the air.

A sphere made of water started to grow at an alarming rate.

“Seven Cold Waves!” Said Yuki with her hands extended forward towards the crowd of participants.

Powerful waves made of ice began to run towards the competitors.

“Ahhh! I will die!”

“I want my mommy!”

“What monstrous attacks!”

Seeing these two attacks coming, the participants didn't even have a chance to defend themselves and started screaming in fear. They even forgot that they were protected by the formation. Faced with such powerful attacks, it made them stop thinking, rationally.

Only a few with an affinity for land hid in the ground, seeing that only in this way the chances of surviving this calamity were greater.

Zenia beside Shina and Yuki thanked him for being beside these two goddesses.



Explosion sounds resounded and the arena shook. Most participants lost.

The rank screen appeared!

[Participant Yuki - First Place: Defeated 46,587 participants]

[Participant Shina - Second Place: Defeated 45,998 participants]

“Tsk!” Shina clicked her tongue when she saw the result.

“Hehe. I won.” Yuki smiled graciously.


“These two girls are incredible!!”

The public was even more amazed when they saw some cultivators of the Spiritual realm who maintained the formation, vomiting blood.

Rather than fatally injuring the participants, the damage was all going to them, and these two attacks made them suffer severely. Even fear was seen in their eyes when looking in the direction of Yuki and Shina.

“The group 20 game ended in just 5 minutes!” The host of the tournament cried out, almost choking on his own saliva: “Only 357 participants made it to the second stage!”

Some participants left the ground when they heard the announcement. They were too beaten up too. Even though they managed to survive, it was very close that they were not flattened on the ground by Shina's attack.

“Mom and Shina are amazing!” Little Yui shouted from the audience. Clapping loudly.

Theo was silent, he looked very seriously towards Yuki with his divine eyes as if he wanted to see her soul. Seconds later he started to shake... His heart was beating very hard in his chest!

In less than a second, Theo appeared in front of Yuki. He held her shoulders and asked in a shaky voice, “Yuki... you, are you pregnant?”

“I'm?” Yuki was surprised by Theo's sudden question. She felt anxious and concentrated to see if it was true.

Theo also channeled his spiritual mana calmly, so as not to hurt her and see if what he thought he saw was right.

“Hahaha! Yuki we're going to have a baby! You are pregnant!” Theo hugged her lovingly while he couldn't control his loud laughter, overflowing with happiness.

“I ... I'm pregnant!!” Yuki screamed very happily, while tears of joy streamed from her eyes. She could hardly believe this was happening.

The public was impressed by this scene, but they did not dare to interrupt with fear the overwhelming aura that emitted from Theo at that moment.

They could only force themselves to lock their breath for fear of getting his attention.

Even those geniuses who are generally arrogant did not dare to say a word.

'It's him!' A beautiful girl thought when she saw Theo in the arena.

It was also at that moment that the cute Little Yui flew towards the couple and hugged them both. She was also very happy to have a little sister or little brother, or even both, who knows.


“Congratulations, Yuki, Theo.” Shina said with a sincere smile.

“Thank you, Shina.” Yuki smiled at her through her tears.

“Let's go back.” Once you manage to calm down. Theo took a deep breath and said.

“Yes.” Yuki agreed, still in Theo's arms.

The couple together with their daughter left the arena.

Only then did the crowd breathe a sigh of relief.

Zenia and Shina followed them.

“Yuki, I think it's better to leave the tournament. It is not good for you to demand so much from your body.” Theo said with concern.

“It can't even be said how to demand too much from me.” Yuki said, but seeing his worried look, she felt warm in her heart and agreed: “But, to avoid any accident, I will no longer participate in the tournament.”

“Thank you.” Theo smiled and kissed her lips and then hugged her.

“I'm not going to run away, you know~” Yuki joked.

“I know...” Theo said that but continued to hug her.

“Congratulations, Theo, and Yuki.” Mizuki said as he smiled gently.

Little by little, the others congratulated Theo and Yuki.

Theo felt himself floating in the clouds. He was even afraid to be dreaming. When he pinched himself and said, “It's not a dream!” Everyone started laughing.

“Yes, my love, it is not a dream.”

Yuki was also very happy. She looked at Theo while in love strong enough to destroy a planet.

If it weren't because Kelly, Lilith, Zaira, Zaika, Emma still had to participate in the first stage of the tournament, Theo would take Yuki home and pamper her with the content of his heart.

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