Chapter 399: Going to Karmot City.
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To the surprise of everyone in the tournament, the next match was not announced. In addition, Emperor Naga appeared before everyone in the middle of the arena and said with regret: "I am sorry to inform everyone that the next games will have to be postponed for two days and will return to work on the morning of the third day. As everyone can see, the arena was badly destroyed, and some cultivators supporting the formation were seriously injured by the previous attack. I ask for your cooperation and I apologize for the inconvenience."

"Whispers! Whispers! Whispers!"

Many started talking. While some were dissatisfied but did not dare to speak out loud. They were afraid to offend Theo's group. After this show of power, it was difficult not to fear them.

Even though they were in the Superior Wizard Realm, two girls from this group managed to affect a formation created by 10 cultivators of the Spiritual Realm. They are even seriously injured some of them. This was unprecedented.

"There's no more reason to stay, let's go back." Theo said decisively.

"OK." Everyone agreed.


At the mansion, it was already night. Theo looked to his side and saw Yuki's sleeping face and smiled. It can be said that the two "celebrated" the fact that Yuki became pregnant, to the point that Yuki fell asleep shortly after being so tired that she became. If it weren't for the fact that Yuki is already pregnant, Theo didn't doubt that this time she would have stayed...

Theo, not wanting to sleep, got up without waking Yuki.

Leaving the room on the balcony, Theo flew towards Karmot City.

'Many things need to be done, but I'll start with the easiest one.' Theo thought as he flew in the air with a pair of black wings.

Cleopatra could no longer stay in the Naga Empire, or rather, Theo would not allow her to continue to live with her memories after learning that she had conspired against him. If it weren't for his daughter, Theo would not only erase her memories but as he already promised, he will keep his promise.

It didn't take long and Theo arrived at the mansion where Cleopatra is. Entering unnoticed, through his illusions, he walked over to where he felt Cleopatra's presence.

"Ahhh... Ahhhh!"

Theo stopped his footsteps when he reached the front of her door and heard her groans and the grunts of a man looking breathless.

It was just a pause, Theo didn't care and opened the door without being noticed. It was then that he saw Cleopatra's naked body with her black hair damp with sweat that ran down her back while riding on top of a man unknown to him.

Theo was not interested in watching the "show" they were doing. He used his mental power and made Cleopatra scream in fright when she was so suddenly levitated. When she disconnected from the man, the size of a thumb, the man's hard cock pointed upwards. Theo scoffed and didn't take a second look.


When Theo made Cleopatra see him, she looked genuinely surprised. A strong shiver ran through her body that made her shiver and it wasn't because of the cold.

"Do you know why I'm here?" Theo asked coldly.

"Bastard! Who do you think you are!" The man lying on the bed gets up hiding his intimate part with one hand while using the other to point the finger at Theo angrily.

"Stay out of this or else, I'll kill you." Theo said nonchalantly.

"You..." The man trembled with rage and said, "I am Darley, a disciple of the Sect of Ten A Thousand Souls, I am not someone you can dare to provoke. If you understand your position, come and suck my cock and then, I think about forgiving you."

Theo almost threw up when he heard that, he didn't expect this man to be so crazy to tell him that. Looking again, this man was somewhat effeminate, with smooth skin and a fragile body approximately 165 cm high.

"Since you want to die so badly, die!" Theo extended his right hand towards the man and made his blood boil like water in the kettle, that made him scream, and her blood burst inside his body and expand like an inflatable balloon.


With the burst sound, the man's body exploded in blood, staining the entire room. Theo used <Clean> on his body, and returned to look at Cleopatra with his cold eyes as if nothing had happened.

"Seriously, how did you end up in bed with a man like that?" Theo scoffed as he looked at Cleopatra who was trembling from head to toe.

"Aren't you afraid that the Clan of Ten A Thousand Souls will come to you for revenge?" Cleopatra asked while still trembling with fear.

"Why should I? Know... they'll never know it was me. Anyway, this is not the most important thing now." Theo said coldly: "What made you follow a being from another planet? In fact, Meref has already sent two of his servants to me... oh yes, Meref is the name of the man, or rather, the demon you swore loyalty to."

"Do you know about the two?" Now she was genuinely surprised. Cleopatra knew that Theo killed the first demon that was sent, but the second remains a mystery. She noticed a point and was surprised: "Did you kill them both, and did you read their memories?"

"Yes, it was not very difficult. Their minds were weaker than a human on this planet. I didn't even have to make that much effort." Theo was telling the truth, the mind of these demons was more accessible than the human and magical animal minds of this planet. In relation to the other species that live on this planet. Theo didn't have that many contacts, so he wasn't sure.

"You..." Cleopatra closed her eyes tightly and asked in a choking tone, it was as if an egg was stuck in her throat making it difficult for her to say: "Are you... going to kill me?"

Theo looked at her without blinking. It was remarkable that Cleopatra was beautiful naked, it was no accident that many men wanted to sleep with her, but for Theo, it was as if he was looking at something "filthy" and not because she slept with many men, but yes, because she did it without any self-love, she put interests above everything, even herself.

This was something Theo couldn't understand. How can anyone be like that, even their children were worthless in the face of power. As long as she could increase her cultivation and get more power, she didn't care who she used or who she cheated on.

"No, I'm not going to kill you." Theo replied.

"Will not?" Cleopatra's eyes widened in disbelief: "So... what do you intend to do to me?"

"I will erase all your memories and then, I will send you to a place where no one else knows you." Theo replied: "What will happen to you afterward, honestly, I don't care."

"He doesn't seal my memories, but yes, erase?" Involuntary tears fell from her eyes as she murmured those words. It is not known whether it is because he is sad or happy to be able to survive.

"Well, I need to be back soon, so I'll start." Not wanting to continue any longer, Theo extended his hand to Cleopatra's head, which closed her eyes without making a single noise.

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