Chapter 400: Things that are better to forget forever.
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Flashback of Cleopatra's memories.

Once upon a time, there was a girl born out of a relationship between a man and a spider. Her name was Cleopatra, she was born different from many of her species, she was neither human nor spider. It was half-and-half, half the spider's body down and upper half-human.

Shortly after her birth, she saw her met her mother for just a week before being killed by her human father who lived with her and her brothers. There were a total of 5 siblings, 3 males, and two females counting on her, but only Cleopatra was born in this “abnormal” way.

Her father "took care" of them even bought supplements with the money he earned from selling his mother's remains. Because she was so abnormal, she was always treated worse among the five brothers. But that all changed when her father cut off one of her spider legs and another was born not long after.

This made her father treat her like a treasure, to the point of not letting her out and locked her inside a cell. Every week her father would cut off her legs and sell and then buy new supplements for her and her brothers to increase their cultivation.

15 years later, Cleopatra finally arrived at the Superior Student Realm, and thus, completely gained her human form, she was no longer an “aberration”, however, when that happened, another tragedy came. A hidden power awoke along with her transformation into a human. She gained a skill that attracts the male.

Her hell has just begun!

Her father went crazy because of her skill and took her virginity, not only that, he did it every day and over and over and even let her three brothers do it with her. Before she knew it, every day was hell for her. Chained in a cell, she was raped by all possible means by her father and brothers.

But that was not enough, her father saw that she had "potential." He then proceeded to bring men with a little status and let them rape Cleopatra for money and resources.

This made her father more and more greedy, with each passing day, he brought more and more people, Cleopatra's eyes were already lifeless, but her father used an unknown drug that prevented her from killing herself.

24 hours a day, she was raped by all kinds of different living beings, be they humans, animals, monsters, etc.

Whenever she got pregnant with someone, her father killed the baby in her belly with kicks and punches. This went on for 10 long years.

Hell without end, desperation without limit.

This only stopped when her sister that she had not seen for a long time came back. She found out that her sister married a rich man and was living well all this time, unlike her.

She hates her sister upon discovering this. But totally out of her expectations, her sister came to save her. And it was not easy, since for 10 years her father became very powerful. From a human in the Superior Student Realm, he became a cultivator in the Superior Wizard Realm.

To save Cleopatra, her sister risked her life, she unlocked the room her sister was in and ran away with her.

When they thought they were finally free, her father appeared!

He was furious!

Cleopatra's sister Cleo smiled kindly at her and said, “Run, sister. I will hold him here. You no longer have to live in that hell of a life, you also deserve to be happy!”

"Cleo..." Cleopatra felt a twinge in her chest. She who had already lost all the sparkles in her eyes, had a lapse of emotion when looking at Cleo.

Biting her lower lips until she bled, she ran! Using all her strength, she ran as fast as she could! Before she knew it, she went back to the form she hated the most, being half-human, half spider, but this time, she didn't hate her appearance that much, it can even say that she liked her better that way, which gives her human form.

After fleeing, she boarded a ship and stopped at the Star Fallen Island. Since that day, she has sought and endeavored to cultivate and deceived many men, stole many, killed many, and used and betrayed many, all to stay strong enough and return to her dear sister.

When she finally arrived at the Superior Wizard Realm 5 years later, Cleopatra finally returned to Boiama City, and when she went where her father and brothers lived. The hopes she had for finding and saving her sister the way she was saved did not happen.

Her sister died a week ago... Just a week, she was only a week late, and the only person she loved in her life died the worst possible way!

Cleopatra blamed herself, cried and lamented, in the end, she killed her father and brothers, but the void in her heart was never filled again.

Until she met the demon in the form of a shadow and said that she would fulfill any wish for her as long as she became his servant for 10 years. Even though she knew it was being used, and there was no way it could be true, she decided to bet on it, as long as she can bring her sister back to life, everything would be worth it for her.

End of Flashback.

When almost all of her memories were being erased, Cleopatra said as tears streamed from her eyes: "Thank you."

"En." Theo just nodded. He couldn't hate her that much anymore and didn't even look at her as if she were "filthy". He closed his eyes and sighed heavily.

Clothes floated in the air and were placed on Cleopatra. Then a flash of spiritual energy enveloped her and Cleopatra passed out. From that moment on, she would be a new person, with a new life.

Theo took the Cleopatra and Darley storage ring and searched the two and saw in the Cleopatra storage ring a small flying boat, 10 meters long, and 2 sails. But it was enough for what Theo intended to do.

After that, Theo stole everything of value at Cleopatra's mansion, leaving nothing of value behind, and then went to the street with Cleopatra on the boat and made the boat fly towards an island with few cultivators strong. He also erased all of her original scent and trail and manipulated the mana in her body a little, to appear to be someone else.

That was the most he would do for her. What would happen to her next, he didn't know.

After that, Theo flew to the Silver Dragon Clan.

The next morning, when Theo told what happened.

Alice cried a lot! She cried so hard that she sobbed loudly. She did not expect her mother to have such a past.

After crying for most of the day, she thanked Theo for what he did and didn't mention it again. She didn't even ask what island his mother was sent to. She simply wished from the bottom of her heart that her mother would be happy this time.

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