63: White Lion Kin’s Tomb Part 4
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Seeing that Theo was ready to fight, Leonidas looked at him and said, "Okay, as I said before, I will use my power to the 3rd Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom." After saying that, he made his Mana level from Theo. "Well, let's get started!"

"Right!" Theo agreed and activated his mystical golden fox eyes.

Seeing the changes in Theo's eye, he was surprised but didn't think much about it and at a very high speed, he started running.

"Quick !!" Even with his mystical eyes, Theo could barely keep up with Leonidas's movements with his eyes.

Theo: "<Lightning Shadows Steps>"

Activating his movement technique, Theo began to leave two post images of himself behind as he ran.

With his sword gleaming in white flames, Leonidas struck with his sword with a single top-down attack toward Theo's left shoulder. However, the speed with which he attacked was anything but simple!

Theo could hardly keep up with his eyes, but still, he managed to dodge and use a vertical strike with his lightning-surrounded sword toward Leonidas's stomach, but Leonidas quickly brought his sword "Bang!" from Theo's attack.

Jumping back, they moved away from each other.

"Hoho! You are a very good, young man! "Leonidas praised.

"Hm." Theo only nodded, knowing that without his mystical eyes and the Leonidas having reduced his cultivation, it was impossible to even a swap to last.

This time without warning, Leonidas fired even faster at Theo.

But thanks to his mystical eye, Theo was still able to keep up with his movements and was able to defend himself against all attacks by Leonidas.

When Leonidas attacked from the left side with his sword surrounded by white flames, Theo defended himself using his ray-surrounded sword, making sounds of lightning and flame collide along with the sound of metal. No matter where Theo attacked, Leonidas could defend himself, the same was the case with Leonidas, no matter where he attacks, even if with clumsy sword handling, Theo could defend himself in time.

Lightning tremor, bursts of white flame everywhere, metallic sounds colliding, thunderous booming sounds!

But because all this time, using his mystical eyes too much, Theo's Mana was ending even faster than he had expected.

"Young ... No, Theo! You are really talented! Even more talented than me in my youth! "He drew a breath of cold air and sighed heavily, his words gentle as the wind:" This is going to be our last swap… actually, I wanted to go on, but I see you are running out of Mana and my present state is already coming to an end. "He whined.

"Haa ... Yes!" Theo's fighting spirit was boiling, he can't help but like fighting this fight, he also regrets that he couldn't go on any longer because he knew if he could, he could learn a lot from Leonidas. But now he didn't want to think about it! All he wanted was to enjoy this last moment he had of this fight.

Theo: "<Golden Fox Movement>"

Theo used his trump card, further increasing his speed, surprising Leonidas, but soon Leonidas smiled and started running very fast toward Theo.

Theo stepped in front of Leonidas and charged a top-down attack toward Leonidas's right shoulder. Unlike what he thought, Leonidas did not shy away from the exchange but instead raised his sword surrounded by white flames. He defended himself comfortably and pushed Theo's sword up with a considerable amount of force, leaving his guard open.

Taking advantage of this breach, Leonidas attacked with his sword in a straight line, towards the left side of Theo's chest. Yet, it only caught the afterimage of Theo.

"Haha! Very good!" Thinking that this boy's techniques were very good, Leonidas was happy but knew that this had to end.

"Thanks!" Theo said, appearing on Leonidas' left side and attacking straight toward his right thigh. Its speed was very fast, it almost hit Leonidas, but it only tore some of Leonidas's pants, leaving him surprised. Theo retreated a few steps, and invested another attack! He attacked using a lot of lightning mana through a vertical slash on the right side of Leonidas.


Their swords clashed once again, making a loud clanging sound of metal. However, before Theo could do anything, Leonidas's sword had already retreated and struck again at the speed of light!


Leonidas's sword had struck his left shoulder! But the pain he hoped he would feel never came.

"Haha! Do not worry! It won't hurt you!" Leonidas laughed and said, "This is my parting gift, Theo, I hope you make better use of it than me…" He said a bit wistfully.

Soon after, the sword that was supposed to be on Theo's left shoulder vanished, or rather was sucked into his left shoulder. Theo felt a small burn on his left shoulder where the sword had struck him, but soon the pain was gone.

He didn't have time to see what had happened now, he just focused his attention on Leonidas who was becoming increasingly transparent.

Even though he found this cliche himself, Theo asked, "Leonidas, do you have any regrets? Something I can do for you?" "

"Oho? Hm…" He looked a little thoughtful and then replied, "Theo! I hope someday you'll reach the top of the world and look at all living beings with contempt! That should be enough. Hahaha!"

At the end of this line, he was gone, only his laugh that resonated in Theo's mind and his last words: "Reaching the top of the world!"

Although Theo had never dreamed of something so big. At the thought of it, the blood in his veins began to boil. Tremendous willpower began to ignite in his heart! Something that had never happened to him before.

"Reaching the top of the world, huh?" Theo muttered and began to disappear from this place.