64: White Lion King’s Totem
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Opening your eyes once more. Theo noticed that Shina, Yuki, Yui, Zaira, and Zaika were looking at him, worried and crying, Yui had her head on his chest while crying very loudly and Yuki and Shina also had tears in their eyes. Even the Wolf sisters had tears in their eyes.

"How long have I been gone?" Theo wondered, not knowing what had happened.

Seeing Theo open her eyes, little Yui began to sob: "D-Daddy!!! I'm so glad you're alive!!"

"Don't cry, Yui, I'm fine!" Theo tried to calm her down.

"Huh." Though she was nodding, the tears in her eyes didn't seem to stop.

"Theo, we were very worried about you!!" Yuki said wiping the tears from her eyes. And then she hugged him.

Shina didn't say a single word, just approached Theo and hugged him started crying as loud as Yui was crying and Yuki and Yui couldn't stand it and wept loudly too.

'What the hell happened? Didn't I just stay out for a while?' He was confused that they were so upset.

"What happened?" Theo asked Wolf sisters who looked a little better.

"That… well, the moment you touched the sword a while later… we saw you fall to the ground with your face very pale, still holding the sword in your hand, but soon your heart stopped beating and you have had no pulse so far!" She explained in a more summarized way.

"Ah? My body stayed here? So, how ..." A thought flashed through Theo's mind: 'So, I just got into the sword with my soul or something? Why did all this happen? It is possible?' He didn't know if that was it or not, but it was the only thing he could think of now, to explain everything that happened.


Theo began to scream in pain out of nowhere as he began to feel a lot of pain in his left shoulder.

Worried and scared, Yuki asked in a crying voice, "What's going on, Theo?"

"D-Daddy!!" Yui shouted in tears.

"T-Theo!!" Shina also called for him crying.

Theo wanted to answer, but the pain was too strong, he could barely stand it. He just forced a smile, but clearly couldn't fool them.

Pulling them from his arms as he felt his body burn, and just in case he didn't want to hurt them.

Enduring the pain, tears in my eyes. The left side of his chest began to burn in white flames, burning a good portion of his shirt!

They wanted to approach him, but he put his hand in front, telling them not to approach. Reluctant, but they eventually obeyed.

A while later, a totem appeared! With a drawing of one of a White Lion wearing a "King" crown on his head.

When the image of the totem pole appeared on his left shoulder, the pain began to stop and Theo sucked in a breath and sighed with relief.

"Fine, I'm fine!" Theo said.

Crying, Shina says, "H-How do you say you're all right? Even after what just happened?"

"Dad, what's going on?" Yui came to Theo once again crying.

"Idiot!! Don't you know how much you worried us?!" Yuki hugged Theo, who was sitting on the floor.

"Idiot?" Theo never heard her call him that, but didn't try to shrug her off. Because I could see how worried they were about him.

Although sisters Wolf's, Zaika and Zaira didn't know Theo for long, they were also very happy when they saw that he was fine now! Well, not quite well, but at least it doesn't look dead like before.

* Snore ~

They finally managed to calm down, hearing the cute sound coming from little Yui's belly.

"Hunger!" She exclaimed, rubbing her hand lightly on her belly, but the tears in her eyes couldn't be hidden.

Theo wiped his tears with his hand and said, "We have food in my dimensional bag, let's eat?" He proposed.

Shina and Yuki also calmed down and agreed.

Theo then took from his dimensional bag, a very large box, divided into five boxes on top of each other. Laying a towel on the floor, which is usually used for picnics, he placed the box in the middle of the towel and opened all the boxes.

Theo sat in a seiza position; on the towel and said, "Well, let's eat?"

They agreed, and they also sat on the towel, and little Yui sat on Theo's lap, snuggling against his chest. In fact, she was still a little scared and anxious at the moment, still scared that something bad might happen to him. Because of that, she wanted to get even closer to Theo.

In the lunchboxes that were spread out on the towel, one was one of the sandwiches of various kinds; had meat, chicken, ham, and cheese, fried egg and bacon, burgers and cheese and ham, etc...

Another, too, was one that consisted only of fried-fry wings. Although Theo didn't know what kind of chicken it was, he figured it was out of this world, as it was a little expensive to buy in his system and could feel a little Mana in his flesh. Well, since he had enough points, he would not be stingy and not buy the best for his family.

Another of these lunchboxes was split between rice and shrimp sauce. There was also one with a variety of seafood such as shrimp, fish and crab meat. He really liked was that the crabs he bought in his system were almost forty inches wide.

And the last one was made up of a large piece of pepperoni and catupiry frank lasagna made by Shina herself. Theo, in particular, was amazed when he tasted, he had eaten lasagna before in his previous life, but he thought this was by far the best! He even thought he had entered a wonderful world by tasting this lasagna!


"UWA ... UWA ... a feast!!" Little Yui celebrated; still sitting on Theo's lap.

Theo was glad to see that she was no longer downcast as before. He was feeling very bad for worrying them.

"Er... um..." Theo scratched his face awkwardly, breathing a lot of fresh air and asking, "What do you want to eat first, Yui?"

"Yui, want sandwiches!!" Little Yui pointed to the lunchbox with sandwiches.

"Which one will Yui want? I'll get it for you!" Asked Yuki, who was close to the sandwiches.

"Um ... I want a burger!!" Little Yui requested.

Yuki grabbed a burger sandwich and stepped into Yui's hand.

"Thank you, Mom!" Shortly after thanking, little Yui started eating, "Delicious!!" she exclaimed loudly.

The Lobas sisters were already drooling a little, they still remember how divine chocolate was, and they couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to eat something they did with meat, which was what they liked best! Especially the chicken wings, they couldn't help but look in their direction.

Shina noticed this, and asked, "Zaira, Zaika, can you use your divine sense?"

"Yes," they answered.

"Ohh, that's good! So you can take anything you want with your divine sense, it doesn't have to be reserved!" Shina smiled.

"That is..."

Before they finished talking, Yuki added, "There's plenty for all of us! You can take whatever you want!"

"Right!" They eventually agreed.

The moment they used their divine senses and took a chicken wing each, they began to eat voraciously! "How can this be so tasty?!!" They couldn't help but think.

Shina and Yuki who were facing them and saw it just smiled, because they were surprised when they ate something that Theo bought in their system, even now, they couldn't help but find it very delicious.

They continued to eat and it turned out that even though it was a large amount of food, they ended up eating it all!

Little Yui especially enjoyed eating the sandwiches and lasagna, her eyes shone even brighter than the Magic Cores of this place!

Seeing her so cute, he couldn't help but kiss her little face, which made her laugh happily.


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