65: Secret Room.
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The White Lion King's sword lay on the floor in the middle of the great hall where they were. Theo wanted to grasp it. But the girls didn't want something like before to happen, so they told him to leave it be! Of course, Theo had to narrate everything that happened after he touched the sword before… or almost everything, so he ended up giving a simplified explanation to them.

After hearing it, they finally nodded and didn't stop him from taking the sword. They were still a little anxious to let him touch it, for the fear they felt at the thought that he was dead was still present in their hearts.

“Hm?” When Theo took the sword in his hand, he felt a different feeling than he did previously. It was almost like something that was part of his body returning to him… it was a very strange and difficult feeling for him to explain.

* Sigh ~

Seeing that nothing bad happened to Theo this time. They all sighed at the same time, until little Yui sighed, well, Yui kind of imitated them, but sighed, right? And their concern was real!

"Theo, what are we going to do now?" Yuki approached him and asked.

Theo carefully thought about her question… How could he think that this was all that the White Lion King kept in this place?! Although he knew he had received the very best of rewards he could have wished for, he would still not turn his back on receiving even more potential treasures. He also knew that the King White Lion was a very skilled smith, so the chances of finding equipment and weapons he made were very high.

“Let's go through this place a little more, keep watch for whatever you think might be suspicious, but be careful!” Theo warned them, “Even though no traps have appeared so far, we can't confirm that there are none at all!”

“Right!” They nodded and started searching for anything suspicious.

Only little Yui and Theo didn't move. He looked at her and saw that she was a little restless, so he smiled at her, patted her head gently and asked, "What is it, Yui?"

She closed her eyes comfortably, because of the good feeling she felt for Theo rubbing her head. She then opened her eyes again and looked up into Theo's eyes and said, "Dad… you're not leaving Yui, right?" Her voice was warm, but at the same time, it gave Theo a strong sense of pain! It was like his body being stabbed by a sharp sword!

He was overwhelmed by strong emotions… a glint of fear crossed his eyes, but soon his eyes returned to normal. Theo gasped for a while, but then breathed deeply and sighed. Looking into the big eyes of little Yui, who was staring at him without blinking, something totally new passed through his eyes! He didn't realize it, even little Yui who was staring at him without blinking seemed to have noticed something, but it was so fast! She couldn't see it properly.

After that, Theo managed to calm down and return to his normal state. He smiled, and said, “Don't worry! I'll never leave you!” His voice was firm and there wasn’t a single hint of falsehood in his voice.

Little Yui's eyes, which were locked in Theo's eyes sparkled! It was as if a huge mountain was lifted from his shoulders. Now it was as if her world was full of color again. “A promise!” To her, Theo's words… were even more valuable than any treasure. She was so happy that the smile on her face was even brighter than the sun itself!

Hugging Theo tightly she said loudly, "Daddy… I love you, so, so much!!!!!"

Theo was surprised at first, but then he gave her a hug and smiled at her. "I love Yui a lot too, you know that?!"

"Very, very much?" She continued to look at him.

"Yes, very, very much!" Theo bent down and kissed her cheek. Which caused a beautiful smile to blossom on her face.

With all her worries being taken from her, smiling little Yui rushed toward Yuki to tell her about Theo's promise. She was running so happily that she almost tripped over her own feet.

Theo laughed lightly at that. Then he busied himself trying to find out if there was more of the White Lion King's treasure left to claim.

Some minutes later.

“I think I found something!” Zaira's voice reached everyone's ear.

Soon they all headed to where she was. It was on the east side in the left corner, near the wall. In front of her was something that looked like a hole, but just large enough to fit a sword… she thought it was no big deal. But since Theo said to say if she found anything unusual, she decided to warn them.

The first to get close to her was Shina. "What did you think, Zaira?" She asked curiously.

Before she could answer, Yuki, Yui, Theo, and Zaika arrived too.

She didn't answer but just looked toward the hole in the wall. Once they all followed his gaze they realized too.

"Don't you have to put a sword in there?" Shina asked.

"Yeah, I think that's it too!" Yuki agreed.

Theo carefully considered what to do. He took the King White Lion's sword out of his dimensional bag and tried to fit it into the hole in the wall. It ended up fitting perfectly! But there was no result… nothing out of the ordinary happened…

"Huh?" They all had a huge question mark in their heads. But soon Theo remembered when he had to open the door to get in here, he needed his Mana. Did he start believing it could be something like that, and maybe a secret room would appear right now?

* Flash ~

The moment he did it, his sword lit up with white flames and the supposed wall began to light up as well. The surprise itself almost knocked them all over. With their eyes narrowed, they saw lines in the shape of a door appear on the wall. Along with the sword, they began to advance forward into the newly formed door without stopping.

Seeing this, Theo quickly withdrew the sword. But even as the sword was withdrawn, the "door" did not stop advancing, and then began to rise upward. It finally merged with the top of the wall leaving the way open for them.

Sighing with relief, Theo was glad he decided not to leave the sword in the door. Even if he didn’t know if he could retrieve the sword if he hadn't withdrawn, he decided not to risk it.

As they looked inside, the girls all had wide-open eyes, with their mouths gaping in amazement. Of course, Theo was not much different… because in front of them was a secret room full of treasures! Among other things, it had weapons, shields, and armor. The walls inside the room were also full of magic cores! They were even bigger and flashier than those on the walls of the room they were previously.


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