Chapter 66: Level 5 Armor
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“That’s so cool!” Little Yui exclaimed loudly. The others finally broke out of their surprised states. They began to admire everything that was inside the room.

“There really was a treasure room!” Yuki looked around in surprise.

“Yes! It’s all thanks to Zaira that we could find this place!” Theo praised her.

“N-No, I just saw the hole.” She shook her head, “But the one who managed to open the door was…” But, before Zaira could even finish speaking, Theo had interrupted her.

“Regardless of anything else, you found this place, Zaira.” Theo smiled at her.

“Yes, Theo is right, it was thanks to you that we could find it!” Shina added.

“Right.” She gave up arguing. And accepted their compliments with a small smile.

Theo patted Zaira’s head, which surprised her. He ended up doing this so many times for little Yui that he became accustomed to doing so.

Though surprised, Zaira didn’t shy away or dodge. In fact, she liked the feeling of being pet by him. It was a new feeling for her.

Looking at her, Theo said, “Since you found the entrance to this place, you can choose anything that interests you.”

“N-No, no, I don’t need anything! If I can afford a little of what you did for my sister and me, I’m more than happy to leave everything to you!” Zaira said in a resolute tone.

“I-I… I don’t mind receiving anything either since you saved my life!” Zaika said.

Despite being happy to have more things for them to use, Theo didn’t think it would be good to do that. So he thought of something and said, “Fine, but I’ll give you a gift that will help you, and I won’t take no for an answer!” He smiled.

“Okay.” She nodded.

Theo put his hand once more on her head. He opened his system and searched for a darkness cultivation technique. After looking around, Theo chose one out of the many results. By the time he was at the gifting stage, the names of Yuki, Shina, Yui, and now also the names of Zaira and Zaika, appeared.

[<Art of the Dark Sage>: Absorbs the purest Dark Mana, Achieving the First Step of this Cultivation Technique, Can Use Dark Mana to Hide in the Shadows.]

‘Ohhh …’ Theo was surprised to see the technique information as he could use his Dark Mana and hide in the shadows. Although he has not yet reached the First Step of his cultivation technique… which made him wonder, ‘How strong is my cultivation technique then?’

Shaking his head, he decided not to think about it too much right now. Well, he had already tried to find his cultivation technique, and it didn’t work… at least not with his current points, maybe when he has even more points, who knows?

Selecting Zaira’s name, a new screen appeared.

[Are you sure you want to spend 120,000 System Points to gift to Zaira: [Cultivation Technique: <Art of the Dark Sage>]]


[You Presented [Cultivation Technique: <Art of the Dark Sage> Level: Intermediate - Superior] for: “Zaira”]

Information about the technique began to flood into Zaira’s mind.

After Zaira has finished receiving all the information regarding the cultivation technique she was thrilled! She could see in the technique information that it was far, far better than the one she used to practice! “Thank you very much!” She said excitedly.

Zaika just looked at her sister strangely since she didn’t know what had happened. Only Yuki and Shina had any idea what it was, as they had experienced it before.

Little Yui innocently asked, “Dad, what did you do?” She nodded her head doubtfully.

“Well, I gave her a cultivation technique. With this technique, I believe she will have no problem reaching the Upper Wizard Kingdom.” Theo explained and soon thought it would be good to also give new cultivation techniques to Yuki and Shina as well. Already in the case of Yui and Zaika, they have the techniques from their lineage and noted that they were quite good too.

“Ohh…” Little Yui nodded, and her attention was drawn once more to the contents of the room.

Zaira sat on the floor and began interacting with her new technique. Her sister Zaika, who stood beside Zaira, also sat down on the floor, as she had not yet interacted with her cultivation technique. She felt that the Mana in this room was denser and had a much higher purity. Most likely, these Wall and Ceiling Magic Cores had something to do with it.

Theo wanted to give them a set of five elemental pills as a reward, but after seeing them cultivate, he thought of doing it later. Observing them focused on cultivating, he took the opportunity to buy the pills, and then hand them over to them both.

Theo was also curious about the things that were in this room and started to look around. He noticed a lot of level 3 weapons and armor, and a fair amount of level 4 too. Theo had about 25 levels 5 weapons, which alone had the power of someone’s attack from the Wizard Kingdom, which was breathtaking! He had never seen so many treasures in one place…

But it turned out that he couldn’t find any level 5 armor… of course, much less level 6 armor. He hoped he could find some level 5 armor since the White Lion King had even made a level 6 weapon.

“Hello, Theo?”

“Hello?” Looking in the direction of Shina who had called him. She says, “Do you know what this is?” She asked, holding a Red Orb.

Curious, Theo approached her. Taking the Red Orb in his hand, he could see the information: “[Orb: Level 5 Fire Armor]”

“Wow! Is that armor?” Surprised, Theo ended up thinking out loud.

Shina was surprised to hear this, and Theo looked at the other Orbs on a glass shelf. She never thought they would find such treasures! One such armor she was sure was enough to cause a war in the city she came from!

Of course, she still didn’t know that Theo’s sword was a Level 6 sword… if she did, how shocked and surprised she would be now?

Theo had no information on how to interact with a Level 5 armor Orb. Unsure of what to do, he just tried using his own Mana trying to activate it.

“That…” He came to an understanding the moment his Mana came into contact with the Armor Orb… “It seems that it is necessary to cultivate this Orb using Fire Mana to use it…” Theo even though it was a bit like the creation of a Magic Core. However, in the case of the Armor Orb, you need to continuously supply it with your Mana to make it your own…

He thought that to be the case to be able to use this armor. But the moment he made his Mana contact the Fire Armor Orb he realized that it would take at least a couple of days to cultivate it. To be able to cultivate this Fire Armor Orb, perhaps first it needed to be the attribute of his affinity because his amount and control over them were higher than his flames. Although he had Fire affinity, it was still inferior to his Lightning and Darkness affinities.


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{Edited by: Andrew Meyers}