Chapter 67: New Shina and Yuki cultivation Techniques.
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But he was in no hurry to do that now. He continued to look at the other Orbs and realized that there were a total of 12 of them. And they were all level 5! It had 4 of fire, 2 of water, 2 of ice, 1 of lightning, 1 of darkness, 1 of metal and 1 of earth.

Breathing heavily, Theo thought they were even better than the weapons. If they wore these armors, they didn’t need to fear being killed by those in the Wizard Kingdom. But of course, that was a naive thought from him, because to be able to keep the armor active, it would take a good deal of Mana from its specific attribute.

And once you run out of mana, it will deactivate. Level 5 armor is not so good for those below the Mage level. However, it does not mean that it is terrible if you have an attack powerful enough to kill or paralyze your opponent before your Mana runs out. Armor of this level would be the best because it makes it almost impossible to be hurt by someone in the Wizard Kingdom.

One of the advantages of having a level 5 armor is that as long as you have Mana, you can always have it on. Of course, only as long as you have Mana, or have not damaged your Orb. Well, the moment you wear it, the Orb is protected on its own, so as long as the armor is activated, it can always be restored with your Mana.

In the case of a level 4 armor, it has its own Magic Core as its source of energy. But if damaged it can only be repaired by a skilled smith. This will also depend on whether the Magic Core is still in good condition. Otherwise, it can no longer be repaired.

A level 5 weapon also needs to be cultivated. However, you do not need your own Mana to be able to use it. As long as you have grown it as your own, you may continue using it. But of course, it does not have the same restoration function as level 5 armor.

A level 6 weapon is different. Although Theo has not cultivated it yet, he could use it because it has a conscience of its own and it has already recognized him as its master. But without cultivating, he will not be able to bring out its full power.

“Huh?” Looking to his side, Theo noticed little Yui tugging at the sleeve of his shirt.

“Come on, daddy, look what I found!” Little Yui started to pull him.

“Sure.” He agreed. And left Shina there, as she seemed paralyzed looking at all these Level 5 Armor Orbs.

Arriving at the destination where he was taken by little Yui, Theo “Saw” a large white ball the size of a soccer ball. Shocked, Theo tried to see the information about this Sphere: “[White Lion King Level 6 Workshop Core]”

“There is?!” Theo was even more surprised than when he saw the Level 5 Armor Orbs, and he began to breathe heavily.

“What happened, Theo?” Yuki, who was looking at some weapons, came to him. Soon after Shina also came.

The Lobas sisters, as they were still very focused on cultivating, did not notice anything strange. They were concentrated entirely on interacting with their cultivation techniques as quickly as possible and taking advantage of the dense Mana of this place.

Taking a deep breath and calming down, Theo replied, “This is the Core of this room!”

They didn’t quite understand what that meant, but from Theo’s voice, they realized it was an excellent thing! The excited little Yui said, “Praise me, praise me!”

Theo smiled, “Good job, Yui!” Stroking her head, he added, “You’re so smart and cute!”

“Hehee ~ ♪” Smiling beautifully, she enjoyed being praised and having Theo pet her head.

The cultivation technique that both Shina and Yuki were currently using is good enough to reach the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom. But with the number of points he has now, it wouldn’t be wrong to get them used to an intermediate technique as well.

Theo then told Yuki that he would present her with a new cultivation technique for her and Shina as well. They were immediately happy about it.

Theo first looked at his Ice cultivation techniques for Yuki.

[<Draconian Snow Princess>: Absorbs the strongest and purest Ice Mana; Able to create True Ice Mana]

[Are you sure you want to spend 155,000 System Points to give Yuki the [Cultivation Technique: <Snow Draconian Princess>]]


Theo: “Yes”

[You Presented [Cultivation Technique: <Snow Draconian Princess> Level: Intermediate - Superior] for: “Yuki”]

“Thank you, Theo!” Yuki said. She then kissed Theo’s cheek and ran away in shame.

Theo was stunned, not expecting her to kiss his cheek.

Taking a deep breath, he saw that Yuki had already walked away and seemed to be very embarrassed. He decided not to think about it too much right now.

Then Theo once again opened his system and searched for Water cultivation techniques. Looking through the big list of techniques that came up, he eventually saw one that was more compatible with Shina.

[<Princess of Atlantis>: Absorbs the Strongest and Purest Mana from Water; Able to create True Water Mana]

[Are you sure you want to spend 150,000 System Points to gift Shina [Cultivation Technique: <Princess of Atlantis>]]

[Yes] - [No]

Theo: “[Yes]”

[You Presented [Cultivation Technique: <Princess of Atlantis> Level: Intermediate - Superior] for: "Shina"]

Information about the technique began to invade Shina’s mind.

Then Shina finished receiving all the information about the cultivation technique. She was so happy that she hugged Theo tightly. “Thank you, Theo, I’m thrilled!” She almost kissed his cheek as well, but was very embarrassed and ended up just hugging him.

After looking at the many things in the room, Theo found a chest with piles of Magic Cores! Seeing this, he thought it would be best for him to level up using his ability: <Devour>. Then it would be easier for him to be able to cultivate the Core of this room.

And while he did that, he also distributed level 5 armor to each of his companions. Even to the werewolf sisters Zaira and Zaika. At first, they refused. Seeing that Theo insisted on forcing them to accept, they ended up receiving the armor with gratitude.

Theo also helped by providing elemental pills for them, since it was thanks to Zaira that they found this place. They also had a lot of impurities in their bodies, so the pills will help them a lot.


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