Chapter 68:
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Not wanting to waste that chance either, Theo mainly chose the “Lightning” and “Darkness” cores to enhance his affinities further.

As they had possibly already been purified by the “White Lion King - Leonidas,” Theo determined that he could reach a very high-level. But not wanting to chew more than he could swallow, Theo began using <Devour> on the magical cores of the Higher Student Kingdom.

[Affinity Lightning; Reached High Advance]

[Filled 966 Cells]

[Congratulations You Reached: 4th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom]

[Filled 1,974 Cells]

[Affinity Darkness; Reached High Advance]

[Filled 3,119 Cells]

[Congratulations You Reached: 5th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom]

[Filled 2,027 Cells]

When he began to use the ability <Devour> on Magic Cores, rapidly increasing his strength and affinities, he was refining the Mana of Darkness and Lightning in his body. 10% True Lightning and Darkness Mana has been converted inside his body! True Mana of Lightning and Darkness circled inside his Magic Core.

The moment he manages to convert all his Mana into True Lightning and Dark Mana, his strength will increase by a considerable margin! True Mana is several times more powerful, dense and solid!

His cultivation and lineage cells have increased a lot! Theo was very excited about such a result.

The True Mana of Darkness and the outer Lightning has entered his body! True Mana flowed into the large and small meridians of his body, making his meridians much more robust.

Theo was in stasis. He didn’t expect this to happen. He could well understand that unlike his normal Mana, his new True Lightning Mana and True Darkness Mana is even stronger!

Taking a few deep breaths, Theo tried to calm down. After calming down, he sat on the floor in the lotus position and began practicing his cultivation technique: <Radius of Primordial Darkness> to solidify his cultivation!

A while later…

[Cultivation Technique: <Radius of Primordial Darkness>; Reached High Advance]

[Filled 227 Cells]

Inside the room, a roar was followed by an explosion. There was also a weak and strange True Lightning and Dark Mana. True Mana was filled with the sense of an ancient oscillating atmosphere, emerging with inexplicable pressure. This True Mana of Lightning and Darkness was from Theo releasing it while exercising the technique: <Radius of Primordial Darkness>.

Behind his back, a sudden explosion of a Dark Aura could be seen! The Dark Aura turned into a pair of gigantic wings soaring up towards his back. An Aura of Darkness exploded, looking like a pair of wings of a fallen angel.

“Fly!” Theo smiled as his Wings of Darkness flew upwards. In just a few seconds, his silhouette was very high up!

When Theo opened his eyes, two sparks of Lightning could be seen flashing within his eyes, his eyes steady and resolute. It really was a fantastic sight!

Amazed by the loud noise they suddenly heard, Shina, Yuki, Yui, Zaira, and Zaika, opened their eyes and saw Theo flying high in the hall! They marveled at this seine, and since Theo wasn’t trying to hide his cultivation right now, they were also amazed at his cultivation level!

They didn’t think he could raise his cultivation level that quickly!

Sure, Theo had already hoped to increase his cultivation level, affinities, and lineage cells very quickly. Even if he used the <Devour> ability, he didn’t expect that he would also begin to convert his Mana to True Mana of Lightning and Darkness. That was a pleasant surprise!

He talked to them for a while, explaining what had happened. They refocused their attention on the level 5 armor, wanting to grow them as soon as possible.

Once again, Theo considered devouring the magic cores of Lightning and Darkness. His intention now was not only to increase his level but to convert even more Mana to True Mana of Lightning and Darkness. He noticed that when he was flying with his Wings of Darkness, he had reasonable control over them. The amount of Mana that was spent was minimal.

“So if I totally convert my Magic Core Mana, wouldn’t I be much stronger than I am today?!” He couldn’t help but think and be expectant. He also noted that as he developed his affinities, his cultivation technique increased much more quickly. It was now several times faster for him to cultivate, thanks to his understanding of Lightning and Darkness growing by even greater margins than before.

But before he could start using <Devour> on the Magic Cores, little Yui came to his side and said. “Daddy, can you give me a fox attack technique?” Her eyes sparkled with expectation.

“Yes, Daddy will give you a fox technique!” Theo smiled.

“Hum.” She nodded happily, waiting for Theo to give her the technique.

Theo opened his system and soon saw a fox technique that looked very good and strong: 510,000 System Points; <Nine-Tailed Fox Divine Practice> Upper-Intermediate. Using this technique, Mana wraps around the arm and becomes the head of a fox. It has nine movements. Each of these nine moves has different characteristics, and all of them have different powers that can adapt to varying types of battle situations. But it needs a lot of Mana. You must be at least in the Higher Student Kingdom to use it.

“Okay, I’ll buy it for myself and transfer it to Yui with my divine sense,” Theo thought and went for the option to buy the technique.

He had already thought it was time to buy an attack technique. So he can kill two birds with one stone!

[Are you sure you want to spend 510,000 System Points to Buy: [Attack Technique: <Nine-Tailed Fox Divine Practice>]

[YES] - [NO]

Theo: “Yes!”

Information about the technique began to invade Theo’s mind.

30 minutes later.

“Wow!” Theo breathed a lot of cold air. He had expected the technique to be strong because of its high value, but he didn’t expect it to be that much! Finishing digesting all the information about the technique. Theo began to transfer it to little Yui.

An hour later, he finished transferring the technique.


Theo was sounding a little tired, as he used much of his divine sense to transfer the technique to Yui. He didn’t think it would be that exhausting!


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