Chapter 69: Obtained 81,150,451 System Points.
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‘It would be nice if I could buy a technique to increase my divine sense… huh, but they cost a lot, the cheapest one is 1,000,000 Points, and it's a primary technique…’ Theo began to ponder on the issue.

Theo began to think it would be good to consider these magical nuclei pointwise, and he was sure that a technique to increase his divine sense would appear. He remembered that previously when he had enough System Points, there was an intermediate level technique for 4,500,000 System Points. However, he didn't want to spend all his Points at once on it. It was also a mid-level technique.

Theo was pulled from his thoughts when little Yui began to call to him. “Daddy, Daddy, I want to test this technique!” She exclaimed.

Theo remembered how strong and resilient this place was. He smiled warmly and said, “Okay, you can train with it out here, since it's so spacious.”

“Um!” Little Yui laughed, revealing two small dimples in her sweet, soft cheeks. It was an adorable and heartwarming expression.

Theo smiled and then focused his attention on the Magic Cores inside the chest. He wanted to increase his System Points, so he searched for Magic Cores that did not match any of his group's elements.

“T-That…” Theo's hands began to shake as he took a Magic Core from the bottom of the chest. It was a Magic Core with much stronger and denser Mana than the other Cores! In addition to being larger in size, it gave Theo a sinister sensation the moment he touched it.

[Magic Core: Earth Element; 2nd Layer of the Spiritual Kingdom]

“Was Leonidas from the Spiritual Kingdom?” Theo felt dizzy as he became lost in thought. He already thought that those in the Kingdom of the Apprentice Wizard were very strong! He didn't expect Leonidas to be from the Spiritual Realm, but Theo's body began to tremble with excitement when he saw that at the bottom of the chest there were more magical nuclei of the spiritual level…

Calming his turbulent and agitated heart, Theo shivered as he looked at these cores. Most of all, they were almost entirely pure! Even Yuki, Shina and Yui could cultivate with him while he increased his strength. Of course, he did not know the effects it would have on someone who is still so low compared to those of the Spiritual Realm. So, he wouldn't dare let them absorb the energy of these Magical Cores.

After much thought, he was not quite sure if he should use <Devour> on one of these Magical Cores of the Spiritual Kingdom.

“Okay, I'll do it!” After thinking long and hard, he thought it best to use at least one of these Magic Cores to turn it into System Points. He took the same Core he had taken earlier from the earth element and used <Devour>!

[Obtained: 81,150,451 System Points]

“W-What?! Am I seeing it wrong? These are worth such an absurd number of Points?!” Theo was amazed! He began to breathe even stronger than before when he had discovered the Magic Cores of the Spiritual Kingdom.

It took a while for Theo to calm down, but soon he remembered in what realm this Core was from that he had used <Devour> on and transformed it into System Points. However, that was still a terrifying number of System Points for him, and it was from only a single Magic Core!

Seeing the absurdity of Points earned all at once, he even considered using <Devour> on the rest of the magic cores of the Spiritual Realm. But soon he was able to restrain himself, as he may still need them later. Even if he might need more power later on, in such a situation, he would not even think twice before using these Cores to strengthen himself.

Now realizing that he had more than enough to buy a technique to increase his divine sense, Theo opened his System and began looking at the techniques available for him to buy very carefully.

Sometime later…

[Spiritual Sense Technique; Superior Spirit Rank: 40,000,000 System Points]

[<Divine Heavenly Spirit Handbook> This technique is auxiliary in nature and will primarily help to increase divine sense and soul power. Once you have practiced and understood it, it can also be used to boost attack and defense.]

After looking at the techniques available for him to purchase. He found this one the most interesting of all. Despite the sheer cost to his System Points, Theo thought it would be worth it, as it would greatly help him increase his divine sense and the power of his soul. Additionally, he could later share it with Shina, Yui, and Yuki.

Theo decisively moved his finger to buy it.

[Are you sure you want to spend 40,000,000 System Points to Buy: [Spiritual Sense Technique: <Divine Heavenly Spirit Handbook>]]

[YES] - [NO]

Theo: “Yes!”

A great deal of information and images about the technique began to flood into Theo's mind.

Sometime later…

* Sigh~

“Beautiful, I want to try using it now,” Theo muttered sat on the floor cross-legged in the lotus position and began to practice the technique.

Theo suddenly opened his eyes when he found himself in a space full of white light, it was quite shocking to him! He also saw a child inside this space, tiny, like a newborn baby, looking very cute.

Suddenly that baby opened its eyes. Theo was very scared at first because this baby looked so much like himself.

It was a beautiful baby with golden eyes and short, golden hair. The baby also had a pair of gold ears with black accents and five gold tails with black accents.

“Was that my soul?” Theo thought it was because besides the baby looks a lot like him. He could feel a connection with this baby.

Theo soon realized that he could also see information about this “baby” with his system.

[Newborn Soul; One year old]

Theo was surprised to see the information about his soul, he was also curious about the strength of it. He knew that now, with his new technique, he could strengthen it… so when Theo further enhanced his soul, it could become; two years old in strength? He suspected that was so.

Without wasting any time, Theo sat on the floor inside this bizarre space and began using his Spiritual Sense Technique: <Divine Heavenly Spirit Manual>.

From the information he received from the technique, he knew he would have to use it in this bizarre space where his soul resides. This was also a great advantage of this technique because besides being able to use it outside, he could also cultivate his soul and divine sense within this strange space.

“No wonder it cost me so many points to buy this technique.” Theo thought as he started cultivating.



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