Chapter 70: 6th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom.
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[Newborn Soul One-Year-Old; Changed to Two Years Old]

Once Theo opened his eyes, golden sparks shot out. His eyes were majestic as he looked at the baby surrounded by blinding light. Soon, he noticed that the baby’s appearance had changed a little. It had now grown to the size of a 2-year-old!

Theo surprisingly found that his Divine Sense was very abundant and even more potent than before. It was as if he had increased several times in his cultivation to have such an increase in power. He was increasingly happy to have bought this technique.

Excited by his increased soul power, Theo closed his eyes and went back to using the technique.

Some hours later…

[<Divine Heavenly Spirit Handbook>: Reached Small Advance]

[Newborn Soul Two Years Old; Changed to Three Years Old]

Theo opened his eyes as they sparkled with intelligence. He rose as countless rays of splendour shone in Theo’s hands, body and face. Part of these rays naturally produced in his left hand a fierce and threatening yellow fox head, howling fiercely. His other hand was surrounded by darkness and formed a very threatening and sinister dark fox head, roaring ominously!

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

Theo punched the air. Each punch produced air blasts, making the air vibrate and shake violently. They were like waves dancing fiercely on the surface of a lake, spreading out and distorting the calm waters.

The lightning initially dissociated outside Theo’s body suddenly flashed in his eyes, intertwining with each other, turning his irises into a peculiar golden colour. His Golden Fox Divine Eyes were activated, making them even more unusual, changing colours from gold to red and from red to gold.

[<Nine-Tailed Fox Divine Practice> Reached Step One]

[<Turtle Breath> Student Reached High Advance.]

Strangely, Theo was not surprised by the increase in his techniques because he had already expected it. Just with the time he had practiced the “Divine Heavenly Spirit Manual” in this place, he was able to increase the power of his Soul and Divine Sense. A great deal of information had already flowed straight into his mind. In fact, the speed of their absorption was at least 30 times faster.

Theo just waved his arms, instantly jolting the air, creating waves and vibrations in himself. The power wandered through his body, and the power of his entire body was no longer dispersing as it had in the past, but there was no comparison. He wasn’t tiring at all as his Divine Eyes were activated! It was simply too surprising for him.

“Hehe! This time improved quite a lot!” Theo couldn’t help but smile joyfully.

Thinking he had spent a lot of time here. Theo decided it was time for him to come back because he didn’t want to worry them again.

On leaving, Theo noticed that they were still cultivating. Even little Yui had returned and was Cultivating a level 5 armour. Not wanting to stay in this place any longer, Theo knew that to Cultivate the Core of Leonidas’ workshop, he would need to increase his power further if he wanted to do it faster.

Looking at the Magic Core that was near him, Theo approached and removed most of the Lightning and Darkness nuclei and used <Devour> and exchanged them for essence.

[Filled 1,951 Cells]

[Filled 801 Cells]

[Filled 2,114 Cells]

[Congratulations You Reached: 6th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom]

“Hrmm… I’ve reached 20,000 lineage cells, but nothing different happened this time.” Theo thought and didn’t care much about it. He simply went back to devouring more.

[Filled 3,200 Cells]

[Filled 2,026 Cells]

[Darkness Affinity became: Darkness V-1]

[Lightning Affinity became: Blue Lightning]

Not expecting something like this to happen. Theo was stunned when he saw the System notification that his affinities had changed. And by then, he had already managed to convert 30% of his mana to Blue Lightning and Darkness V-1 True Mana.

Wondering what his current Status had become according to the System, Theo opened his [Status] window.


Name: Theo Volts

Race: Golden Fox.

Species: Magic Beast.

Cultivation: 6th Layer of the Kingdom Higher Student.


Bloodline: Golden Fox: 28,565 Cells.


System Points: 41,401,571



<Clean>: Level 8.



Blue Lightning

Darkness V-1



[Cultivation Technique: <Ray of Darkness>: High Advance.]

[Breathing Technique: <Turtle Breathing> Student: High Advance.]

[Movement Technique: <Lightning Shadows Steps>: Third Step.]

[Forge Technique: <Dragon Furnace>: Third Step.]

[Attack Technique: <Nine-Tailed Fox Divine Practice>: First Step]

[Spiritual Sense Technique: <Divine Heavenly Spirit Handbook>: Small Advance]


“Really, my affinities have changed in my status as well,” Theo muttered.

Wanting to see what his current affinities had been like, Theo first stepped out of his place and into the great hall. Once there, he began to make Blue Lightning manifest in both his hands. Theo realized that this Blue Lightning was several times stronger than his previous affinity! It had a substantial power increase. And whenever he moved his hands only a little, he made a loud sound of thunder!

Due to his lack of control, they only manifested in more than just his hands. The Blue Lightning also branched out to the floor and the hallway, bursting forth. Fortunately, this room was very sturdy, and even though the Blue Lightning jumped to it, the discharges couldn’t make a single mark on the floor. Well, it is as expected from a level 6 Artifact!





Trying to gain greater control of his current affinity, Theo started throwing some punches in the air. Both hands were emitting blue sparks, making thundering sounds as it vibrated the air and caused muffled explosions.

After throwing some punches, Theo began to get used to his new Blue Lightning. He decided to test his affinity for Darkness-V1 now.

Soon his hands were surrounded by sheer darkness, but Theo found nothing different about it, though it was definitely more powerful. Playing with what had changed, Theo began to experiment with his Darkness-V1 affinity. Not long after, he found out the true nature of the changes.



Edited by: Andrew Meyers