Chapter 71: My Hero!
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It turned out that he could now control a type of whip formed from the True Mana of Darkness, and its power was anything but weak!


A simple flick of his hand made the Whip of True Darkness Mana produce a loud popping sound. The most exciting part was that when he tried to put his spokes on the whip itself, it worked! Crackling sounds and lightning zaps were produced whenever he flicked it.

After training for a long time with his affinities, Theo ended up a bit tired. He used his <Clean> ability on his body, and then returned to the room where they were. Once there, Theo was surprised that they were still cultivating. "Aren't they hungry?" Theo also found it odd that he too wasn't hungry yet. But realizing that this place was filled with dense Mana, he thought that it might be the cause. Although not entirely, because they were in an environment where there is a lot more Mana, they would hardly become hungry.

Theo felt like he wouldn't be hungry for a while. He had also decided to continue using <Devour> on more Magic Cores, but this time, he decided to use Magic Cores that were in the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom.

[Filled 4,018 Cells]

[Filled 5,127 Cells]

[Affinity Darkness V-1; Reached Low Advance]

[Blue Lightning Affinity; Reached Low Advance]

[Congratulations You Reached: 7th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom]

[Filled 5,516 Cells]

[Filled 6,001 Cells]

[Filled 6,731 Cells]

[Filled 5,516 Cells]

[Filled 6,001 Cells]

[Filled 6,731 Cells]

[Affinity Darkness V-1; Reached Medium Advance]

[Blue Lightning Affinity; Reached Medium Advance]

[Filled 7,157 Cells]

[Congratulations You Reached: 8th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom]

Theo felt his strength increase by a considerable margin! Sure, if he didn't have so many Magic Cores to use, he wouldn't use them like this, but as they seemingly fell from the sky into his lap, why shouldn't he use them? At least there was apparently no problem using them up to increase his strength. Seeing that there was still a bit more than half of what he had used of the Magic Cores of Lightning and Darkness, he decided to use <Devour> on all of what remained. Once he has enough strength, he can simply conquer more Magic Cores as long as he has enough power to do so.

[Filled 9,210 Cells]

[Filled 8,411 Cells]

[Filled 10,114 Cells]

[Filled 10,017 Cells]

[Congratulations You Reached: 9th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom]

[Attack Technique: Golden Fox Claws Acquired]


Surprised, Theo stopped using <Devour> on the Magic Cores. He wanted to try out the new attack technique that he obtained thanks to his lineage, but still, he chose not to do so right away. There were only a few more Magic Cores of Lightning and Darkness left. He wanted to start cultivating the nucleus of this place right away so that they could get out of here soon.

[Filled 9,998 Cells]

[Filled 11,551 Cells]

[Filled 10,965 Cells]

[Affinity Darkness V-1; Reached High Advance]

[Blue Lightning Affinity; Reached High Advance]

[Filled 12,668 Cells]

[Congratulations You Reached: 10th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom]

[Filled 5,151 Cells]


Whenever he used <Devour>. The True Mana of Lightning and Darkness increased in Theo's inner body, violently growing his meridians. This free True Mana caused constant pain, but Theo gritted his teeth and endured what he felt since he realized that it was benefitting him greatly.

"Sigh ~ It's over! I feel like I'm overflowing with power now!" Theo clenched his two fist-shaped hands, and a loud and muffled sound of tremendous power erupted.

In the end, he was able to convert 80% of his Mana to True Lightning and Darkness Mana! Just a little longer and he would be able to convert 100% of it.

"What a horrible smell!" Theo exclaimed. A lot of impurities had come out of his body already. He simply couldn't take the smell any longer. Theo used <Clean> to snuff out the stench.


"Ah?" Looking where he had heard a noise. Theo realized that Zaira had just increased her cultivation level, reaching the peak of the 10th Layer of the Student Kingdom.

"Congratulations, Zaira!" Theo said, smiling.

"Thank you!" Zaira immediately replied, "That was all thanks to the technique I gained from you and the fact that the Mana in this place is much denser than normal."

Theo smiled. "Yes, the Mana here really is a lot denser than outside."

Theo got up and walked towards her. Getting close, Theo used <Clean>, since he had noticed that she had expelled a lot of impurities from her body.

"Ohh!" Zaira was surprised, but soon realized what had happened and exclaimed: "I feel much better now! Thanks!"

"Haha. It was nothing." Theo smiled.

While they were talking, they soon noticed a strong fluctuation of Mana going towards Zaika, and with it, a muffled thudding sound was soon produced from Zaika's body.

Theo opened his eyes and noticed that Zaika had a happy expression on her face. For in such a short time, she had managed to raise her cultivation.

"Did you also get a breakthrough in cultivation, Zaika? Congratulations!" Theo said, seeing her open her eyes.

"Congratulations Zaika!" Zaira said happily.

"Um." Zaika nodded happily, but then asked, "Also? Zaira, did you get a breakthrough too?"

"Hehe. Yes, I did!" She smiled.

"Ohh! Good, I'm happy for you too!" Zaika said excitedly.

Zaika had also expelled a lot of impurities from her body. Theo walked towards her and said, "I'm going to use a technique to cleanse your body, is that okay?" Seeing her nod, Theo used <Clean> on her.

"Thank you!" Zaika bent towards him with gratitude. Not only for cleansing his body, but also for all the help he freely gave them already.

"Don't worry about it." Theo patted her head lightly and smiled.

Zaika had a happy expression on her face while Theo stroked his hand on her head. Theo thought her reaction was so adorable.

Although they didn't get hungry easily, especially in this place, Theo decided to prepare something for them to eat. "I'll make something for us to eat," Theo told them.

"Sure," they answered.

Theo walked to a corner of the room. He bought a simple portable stove and some ingredients for him to cook with.

When the food was almost ready, Shina, Yuki, and Yui had also stopped cultivating.

Little Yui approached Theo and asked him curiously, "Daddy, what did you make?"

"Parmigiana meat, rice, and chips," Theo said, smiling.

"Ohh! That sounds delicious!" Little Yui said lightly stroking her belly.

"Isn't it? That's why I'm doing it." Theo said with a face full of affection.

"Daddy is the best!" Little Yui hugged him.


"Need any help, Theo?" Shina who approached them asked.

Theo nodded and said, "Hmm. I'm almost done, but you could set the table."

"Alright," Shina answered and pulled a table and chairs out of her dimensional bag.

Soon a delicious and fragrant smell spread throughout the room! It was almost entirely irresistible!

In fact, this was meat that Theo bought in his System for 10,000 Points. He wanted to know how tasty a lump of meat would be if it cost that much. But just by smelling it, he was already full of expectations.

Even the girls who were not hungry yet had their stomachs begin to grumble once they smelled the food.

"My goodness, what exactly are you making, Theo?" Yuki exclaimed, and couldn't hide some drool that dripped from her rosy lips.

Theo lightly sighed as well and then said with a smile, "Oh! No big deal, just a simple dish of parmesan."

Yuki wiped the drool from her mouth, saying firmly, "That's anything but simple!"

"Daddy, is it ready yet?" Little Yui asked with stars in her beautiful eyes.

Theo leaned over and patted her hand, saying with a grin, "Yes, let's dig in?"

"Yay! Let's eat!" Little Yui smiled beautifully.

Soon they sat at the table and began to eat.

The moment Shina, Yui, Yuki, Zaira, and Zaika started eating… they were in a state of wonder!

They were in the middle of a forest, and a colossal Ox Beast of nearly 100 meters appeared! It was fierce and powerful. They got scared, but then… they saw a dark silhouette appear in front of them. This silhouette soon took the form of a handsome young man surrounded by darkness and lightning.

He had a beautiful white sword in his left hand and looked at them as he said, "Don't worry, I'm here!" He grinned at them. Soon after, with his sword in his hand, he began to emit a great lightning storm, and suddenly everything turned pitch black!

His sword in his hand began to be surrounded by powerful Lightning Mana and began to grow to over six feet tall! Sword in hand, he leapt high into the sky, stretching long dark wings from behind his back as he flew at high speed towards the Ox Beast. With the powers of Darkness and Lightning manifesting, he then cut down the Ox Beast with the sword, shredding it into thousands of pieces!

"My Hero!" They exclaimed at the top of their lungs.


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 {Edited by: Andrew Meyers}