Chapter 74: Death of Young Master Alex.
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The Young Master of the Ming Family was startled to see Theo’s mana fluctuation suddenly increase. And the moment he looked into Theo’s eyes… an ominous fear and foreboding began to invade his body.

The Young Master of the Ming family retreated a few steps, but soon he steadied himself as he remembered that he had many strong Demi-Humans with him. What is one man against them all, right? Regaining his confidence, he said, “Don’t make me repeat it again! Pass them…”


“Be very careful about what you are going to say next!” Theo appeared in front of him, and with his right hand, he held Young Master Ming’s head and looked into his eyes.


Young Master of the Ming Family was very scared at that time and ended up feeling a sharp pain in his head being squeezed by Theo. He didn’t expect Theo to be so fast and powerful! He still remembers that when he looked at Theo, he noticed that Theo was at most in the 2nd Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom. ‘So where does all this strength come from? Who the hell did he just try to intimidate?’

The black-clad Demi-Humans nearby were startled to see this but dared not respond to it, as they were afraid Theo would end up killing their Young Family Master if they did anything.

“I-I’m Alex, Young Master of the Ming Family! I-If you kill me, my family will hunt you down and tear you to pieces!” He shouted desperately.

“Hmph! Are those your last words?” Theo asked, coldly. He doesn’t care if this guy is really from an influential family, as long as he doesn’t let anyone live… who could know that he killed him?

Little Yui who approached Theo put her little hand on her little nose and said, “Eww! He stinks!” With her other hand, she swatted the air in front of her nose.

Theo raised his eyebrows. Because he didn’t smell any bad from Alex.

A thought came to Theo’s mind, and he used his divine sense to control Alex’s mind, making him think he was talking to the most trusted person.

When seeing that he had succeeded, Theo asked, “Why are you after them?”

In a voice devoid of humanity, he said, “Kekeke, I would rape them using a demonic cultivation technique and steal all the Mana from their bodies!”


Theo ended up squeezing Alex’s head even harder. He could barely control his desire to kill this bastard right now! But he still needed answers, it wouldn’t be right to kill him just yet.

“Young master!” The Demi-Humans glared at Theo, but at the same time, they were terrified. Theo has just discovered something that should not be known by others because if other sects found out about it, they would be hunted down and slaughtered!

Still controlling Alex’s mind. Theo asked, “Have you done this before?”

“Kekeke, of course, my favourites are beautiful women! But as long as she has relatively high cultivation, I don’t mind sacrificing myself a little…” He sighed. “Even those little girls, ah, I can’t get enough of listening to their screams begging me to stop, Hahaha!”

“Ahhh, Theo! Let me kill him!” Yuki exclaimed furiously approaching. She couldn’t bear to hear that bastard anymore.

Theo was also holding back from killing him, so he asked, “If you die, does your family have any way of finding out who killed him?”

“Yes, there is! In my soul has a seal, and by the time I die, the last 10 minutes before my death will appear in my family.” Alex answered.

“Ohh, so it’s like that, well.” Theo looked at the black-clad Demi-Homans and asked him again. “Do they have that kind of seal too?”

“Oh? Of course not! How rubbish like they would have such a thing!” He spat with contempt.

“Hahaha, that’s good!” Theo smirked and said, “Shina, Yuki, Yui, Zaira, Zaika, you take care of these Demi-Humans, I’ll be right back!”

“Yes!” They agreed. Although they didn’t know what Theo was going to do, they trusted him, and they could simply ask him what he did afterwards.

Seeing them nod, Theo and Young Master Alex disappeared from where they were. Without a trace!

The Demi-Humans went crazy when they saw this, they were already very upset about being called rubbish by their Young Master, but even so, if they didn’t come back with Alex, his father, the Ming family Patriarch, would torture their families and then kill them!


Inside the Dimensional Room.

“10 minutes, right?” Theo muttered and opened his system store. Looking in costume, he began to smirk at Young Master Alex and bought a “Scream” costume. It was a completely black costume, with a black hood and white mask with a wide-open mouth and two large round black eyes on it.

{I think it’s kind of hard for someone not to know what this fantasy is, but in case they don’t:}

After dressing up, Theo stopped controlling Young Master Alex’s mind. Coming out of hypnosis, Alex “saw” Theo in the costume of Panic, shivered with fear and even wet his pants!

“N-No, don’t get close! Stay away!” He bellowed and got up wanting to run, but soon he realized that he was surrounded by white walls and had nowhere to escape!

Alex’s handsome face twitched. He was terrified, not knowing where he was or how he got there. The only thing he remembered was that he was talking to a golden-haired young man and then suddenly appeared in front of this strange person. Yet, he didn’t remember anything else about him or what happened. “Who are you, and what are you going to do to me?”

Theo didn’t bother to answer but approached Alex.

Alex, without any other choice, tried to fight Theo, throwing a hard punch using an attack technique, manifesting as a head of a fierce buffalo of flame.


Theo snorted and used a normal attack with pure brute force!



Young Master Alex shouted aloud in pain as all the bones in his arm were broken! He flew toward the wall of the Dimensional Room. “Beng!”

Theo approached Alex and began throwing a series of punches and kicks towards him. Breaking every bone in his body, but not using too much force, so as not to kill him too fast.


Screaming in pain, he looked at Theo with difficulty, he was feeling a lot of pain, hate, anger, unwillingness… but he still said with great difficulty: “Please stop…”

Theo just snorted, for he was betting that this worm wouldn’t stop raping women when they asked. Even the little girl that shit raped! Theo was no saint, but even so, he would not let it go unnoticed, especially since this bastard wanted to rape little Yui, Yuki, and Shina… just thinking about it made him furious!

After breaking almost all of Alex’s bones, Theo continued to torture him for over an hour. Then he killed him!

Theo couldn’t help but wonder about the reactions of those who “saw” the last moments of Young Master Alex’s death.


{Edited by: Andrew Meyers}

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