Chapter 73: Young Master of the Ming Family
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Zaira and Zaika looked at each other. Zaika sighed heavily and began to say, “This is because… a Golden Fox appeared in the forest a few months ago and began to wipe out all the animals and monsters he saw ahead. Nothing of those killed by him was left behind!”

Zaira continued: “There is a rumour circulating throughout the villages of the forest: ‘Beware of the “Golden Fox,” those who see him… run as fast as possible! For if he catches you… not even your bones will remain!’”

Zaika added, “Also, one of the reasons our pack was wiped out was because of a “Golden Fox” that wiped out the majority of it.” She sighed and continued: “Although we were not present at the time, it seems that someone managed to escape and said it was a Golden Fox that had fought them, and it was an entirely one-sided battle! They stood no chance, and could only accept death since the Golden Fox was so powerful!”

Shina’s and Yuki’s eyes widened. Because they were sure that it was Theo she was talking about.

“Er, um…” Theo awkwardly scratched his face, “Well… it’s probably me.”

“Ohh…” Despite her suspicion, they still couldn’t help but be surprised to see Theo confirm that it was him.

“Wow! I didn’t expect it to be Master!” Zaika exclaimed in amazement.

“I also heard about a White Fox who was seen with Master, was that you, Yuki?” Zaira asked.

“Yes, I’m a White Fox!” Yuki answered.

“So it really is you…” They were very surprised when they found this out, as rumours about Theo the “Golden Fox” spread to almost every village on this part of the island. Almost no one hadn’t heard of the infamous Golden Fox.

“Are you mad me about it?” Theo asked.

“N-No, no.” They denied, shaking their heads from side to side, and Zaika said, “Although I was sad about what happened, I only cared about my sister, so I’m not really sad anymore.”

Zaira nodded and said, “Yes, I think the same way. I have no resentment for the Master.”

Theo smiled and said, “That’s good.”

Despite being surprised to have a legend about himself, Theo knew he had actually killed a lot of magical animals and monsters. Yet, despite that, he still doesn’t regret doing it. Even though he killed many, he did it to strengthen himself. It may be for a selfish reason from the point of view of others, but he decided not to care about that.

It is the law of the jungle: the strong always devours the weak! If it wasn’t for him, it could very well have been other beings. They could very well die because of humans, or even Demi-Humans would hunt down Magic Animals and Monsters for their Magic Cores.

Little Yui blinked as she smiled slightly: “Dad… you’re so awesome!” She went toward him and hugged him.

Theo awkwardly scratched his face at this kind of compliment. Theo knew this little girl liked fighting but didn’t expect her to idolize him over it. Theo could see the passion radiating from Yui’s face.

She asked Theo to talk about his battles. Seeing her like this, he ended up recounting some of the struggles he had. The more little Yui listened, the brighter the light in her eyes grew. Even Shina, Yuki, Zaika and Zaira wanted to know more.

While holding Little Yui’s hand and telling her some stories of his fights, Theo and his group began walking towards Ang Village.

He told them how he started out by killing Rabbits for strength, and then fought many Goblins, Orc, Magic Animals, etc.

They were surprised to learn that he goes out every day to kill magical animals and monsters. Of course, Shina and Yuki already knew that, so they weren’t that surprised about it. But they still couldn’t help thinking, ‘Where does all this energy come from? How could he never tire of fighting every day?’

Hearing Theo narrating his deeds, Zaika raised a doubt in his mind: “Master…”

“Zaira, Zaika, you don’t have to call me Master.” Theo interrupted Zaika: “Just call me like before, Theo!”

“Okay.” They nodded, and then Zaika asked, “Theo, aren’t you afraid of them coming after you for revenge? I know you are very strong, but it may be that someone could try to use traps, poisons, among other things, against you!” She had a worried expression as she raised that doubt.

Theo was surprised by her question, but soon he smiled and replied, “I was a little afraid before, but not now! Because my divine sense has already reached a level where I can feel the presence of all living beings who are close to us within a 20km radius, even if they aren’t really powerful, they won’t be able to catch me off guard.”

“Ohh, that’s amazing!” They exclaimed.

Theo just smiled, but then his gaze turned serious and said loudly, “I know you have been following us for some time, you may appear!”

“Kekeke! I didn’t expect that you could feel our presence.” Said a handsome-looking young Demi-Human wearing a beautiful golden Tang costume. He was looking at Theo with smug eyes, but when his eyes reached Yuki, they became lewd.

{NT: Much like this:}

Just behind him, several Demi-Humans appeared, wearing all-black outfits.

Shina looked at this young Demi-Human, and she soon remembered where she had seen him before. “Aren’t you the Ming family’s Young Master?”

“Oh, I’m surprised you’ve met me already.” The Young Man started laughing: “Kekeke, this makes things a lot easier! Now, give me this beautiful white-haired young girl and this little white-haired girl too, and then I’ll let you live, this Demi-Human too!”

He grinned smugly, though he was surprised that Theo could sense their presence, even though they were using the breathing technique to hide their presence. He didn’t think much of it, because he could see Theo’s floating Mana, so he didn’t realize. This was no big deal to him. Despite being a bit strong in front of him, who is on the 5th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom. Theo did not even seem worth his time if it wasn’t for the presence of Yuki, Shina, and Yui, whom he wanted.

“Eh? Did I hear that wrong? Can you repeat that?” Theo’s eyes began to look sinister, and without him noticing, his divine eyes activated on their own!


{Edited by: Andrew Meyers}

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