Chapter 75: Panic Interview!
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Author Notice: This chapter contains: Mutilation, Rape, Sexual Violence, Graphic Descriptions, Mind Control, and Self-Harm

Soon a particular video went viral in the world of Spirit.

{NT: Spirit is the name of the world where Theo is currently living.}

The video began with a strange man wearing a bizarre black outfit with a white face mask. This man was seemingly producing an ominous black aura.

Sitting in a chair with a high, ominous and slightly robotic voice, he says, “Hello everyone watching me, I’m Panic, and this is my first video. I have a special guest to introduce to all of you!”

Soon the camera shifted focus, and a bloody, bruised young man appeared.

“My first guest’s name is Young Master Alex, from the Ming family.” He approached Young Master Alex, and they could see Alex’s “Fear” in the video as “Panic” approached him.

Controlling Alex’s mind, Panic asked in a sinister voice, “Tell me, what kind of cultivation technique does Young Master Alex use?”

“Kekeke! It’s the demonic technique; <Yin Mana Eater> used to suck all the Mana from a woman’s body through sex, leaving them completely dry and dead!” Alex replied.

Panic pretended to be surprised and asked, “Ohh! And have you used it before?”

With a lopsided grin, he says, “Kekeke, of course, I have! I’ve even used it on female Magic Animals… well, I had to sacrifice myself a little, but since they had relatively high cultivation, I couldn’t help but do it.” As if he had remembered something inspiring, he continued: “Oh yeah, the best is the little girls when I’m fucking them… Ahhh, it was so good to hear their cries of help and despair, Kekeke.”

Panic turned to the camera and asked, “Well, what did you guys think of this guest? I think he deserves a reward for his answers, don’t you?” He turned back to Alex and asked in an even more sinister voice, “Do you want to lose your foot or your hand first?”

“Ah?” Alex seemed confused by that question.

{Remembering that he is mesmerized, and he thinks he is talking to a person close enough to tell all his secrets.}

“You took too long to answer!”



{Editor’s note: This is probably the best spot to start the ‘Spoilers’ block of Alex’s torture session, so readers have the option to skip it. This point is just before the hard-core stuff really starts}

Alex began to moan loudly in pain as “Panic” had just used a sword to cut off his penis…

“Argh! Why did you do that?” Alex asked in a tearful voice and tears streamed from his eyes.

“Hahaha, calm down, we’re just getting started!” Panic said, laughing ominously, emanating a black aura all over his body.

Panic controlled Alex’s cock that fell to the floor with his divine sense and made Alex stand up.

“Argh! W-You… what are you going to do?!” Alex looked at the “Panic” with dread.

In a wry voice, Panic says, “Hahaha, don’t you like raping women, animals and children with this disgusting thing? Let’s “see” what you think about being raped by your own disgusting penis.”

By that time “Panic” had already taken Alex out of his hypnotized state.

In a frantic state, Alex says, “N-No, no, you can’t do that! My dad will kill you! Father won’t let you escape your punishment! You don’t know who you’re messing with! I-I am the Young Master of the Ming family, you can’t do this to me! R-Release me and I-I promise not to hold a grudge!”

The “Panic” didn’t look worried, and despite how ominous his voice sounded, he spoke with a care-free tone, as if talking to a very close person to him, “Ohh! Looks like you’re excited about it, and can’t wait to be broken in, right? Hahaha, fine, I’ll fulfill your wishes!”

Panic made Alex’s cock fly toward Alex’s anus and began to shove it in.


“Stoppppp, stoppppp, please-stopp, stopppp!” Alex began to beg with tears and a lot of snot dripping from his nose, looking like a very disgusting scene. Alex wanted to move his hand to remove the cock that was entering his anus, but he couldn’t move…


Panic didn’t pay attention to Alex’s ghastly screams and continued to make Alex’s cock enter Alex and leave without stopping. But then he thought it was too disgusting and tedious to keep it going and had another idea.

Hypnotizing Alex again, it was almost incredible to those who were watching, the pain Alex was feeling seemed to be gone. But of course, many understood that it was because the “Panic” mesmerized him and commanded him not to care about the pain he was feeling. But the pain was still there.

“You are very hungry now! Your left arm is now your favourite food, you can eat it if you want.” Panic said relaxed.

“Of course! I’ll eat it since I feel really hungry!” Alex said and began to bite his arm with the few remaining teeth in his mouth and chew it non-stop. Being mesmerized by “Panic,” Alex felt no pain in biting his own arm… until now, that is.


Vomiting blood and pieces of his own arm, Alex went insane from all this, and spoke in his weak, pained voice,

{Editor’s note: This should be a good stopping point for the ‘torture’ block of “Spoilers.” No more horrible stuff seems to remain after this, just metaphysical ‘soul’ stuff.}

“Argh! B-Bastard! W-What did I do to you?! Why are you doing this to me?!”

In a sinister voice devoid of emotion, Panic replied, “Simple! You messed with someone you shouldn’t have messed with… Hahaha, I’m getting bored anyway!”

*Whoosh! *

The “Panic” Scythe of Dark Mana attacked in Alex’s direction. The moment the “Dark Mana Scythe” came into contact with Alex’s body, it surprisingly didn’t cut through…

What really happened scared many of those watching the video. For at the tip of that scythe, you could see with the naked eye, Alex’s “Soul.”

“Ahhhhhhh! What are you going to do to me?” Alex’s soul began to scream in despair as it came out of his own body.

This was a technique he released after he reached the initial level of the technique: <Divine Heavenly Spirit Handbook>. Just now, he had released the soul attack technique: <Soul Separation>. As the name implies, it allows him to separate one’s soul from one’s body. This was the first time Theo had used this technique since he didn’t have the time to experiment with it before. And decided to test it now.

Without answering Alex. Theo, who had hidden his tails, made a tail appear, but not before surrounding it with True Dark Mana, making it as dark as pitch, and used <Devour> on Alex’s soul. He didn’t know if it would work, but he wanted to test if it would function properly on a soul separate from the body.

Soon his tail, which was surrounded by True Mana of Darkness, went toward Alex’s soul and stretched open! With a huge mouth, it seemed to contain the infinity of the universe. This scene scared all those who watched the video, they had never seen anything so bizarre before!

Soon Theo felt his soul strengthen a little. Although not much, Theo had already proven that his theory was correct.

After that, he made his tail disappear once more, and said in front of the camera, “Well, well, my first interview video is now over!” He said, stopping the recording.

After finishing the “video,” Theo spent another 10 minutes in this room with the costume of Panic just to be sure. Then he took it off and went on the “Internet” of this world to post it. He titled it: “Panic Interview! Today’s guest of honour is: Alex Ming, Young Master of the Ming family.”

Yes, there is internet in this world! Theo learned of this from Shina, but he’d never bought a computer or anything like it before since it cost at least 500,000 System Points. Despite being curious about the internet of this world, Theo didn’t want to spend his previous points on something like that.

But now that he’s rich, why not? He ended up buying a notebook-like device for 2,000,000 points, but because it’s so expensive, it also has lots of extra features! Especially because Theo could connect from within his Dimensional Room. He was excited to see his current location over the internet, but it didn’t work. So he decided to post the video now because he knew that since it can’t track his present location, there’s no way to find where it was posted from.

At first, many people only accessed the video out of curiosity because of the name, but they were soon surprised when they saw the contents. Before long, the video went viral on the internet. It quickly became the main topic of discussion in almost every corner of the world.

(A while later… many people in this world were surprised and fascinated at the same time with this video, gossiping that a “Panic” cult was created by a mighty woman and many people liked her idea and started to be part of it. “Panic” cult, which was feared by all beings of this world! Especially for those most infamous who did many evil deeds.)

{Author’s Note: Well, I tried to do something different, I hope you enjoy it!}


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{Edited by : Andrew Meyers}