Chapter 76: Precious Stones Sisters.
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After he left the Dimensional Room, Theo lay outside in the woods. He noted that Shina, Yuki, Yui, Zaira, and Zaika were talking, while at their side were several bodies of the Ming family’s goons.

“Daddy!” Little Yui was the first to notice that Theo had returned and quickly ran into his embrace.

Theo patted her head lovingly and asked, “How was it? Did any of them manage to run?”

Little Yui put both hands on her waist in a winning pose and said proudly, “No! I didn’t let any of these bad guys get away!”

Finding his daughter’s expression so cute, Theo couldn’t help but want to kiss her face. Shortly after that, Little Yui’s happy laugh rang out through the forest like a beautiful fairy song.

After talking to the girls for a while, he briefly explained that they didn’t need to worry about Young Master Alex Ming, as he gave him a challenging yet eternal death at the same time!

Then he approached the fallen bodies on the floor and used <Devour> and exchanged for System Points.

[Obtained: 2,541,297 System Points]

‘Hmm. With that, the Points I spent earlier are recovered, and I even earned a little extra.’ Theo thought.


Meanwhile at the Ming Family mansion.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

A robust 2-meter-tall Demi-Human began to break everything he saw. That’s because he just received the last 10 minutes of Alex’s death… This man is Zing Lin Ming, the current Ming Family Patriarch and also the father of Alex Ming.

The employees of his family curled up in the corner of the room, fearing that the Patriarch’s anger might become directed at them.


Annoyed that someone would open his door so suddenly, Zing Lin Ming said, “What the fuck was that? If it isn’t vital… get ready to die!” He said, pissed off.

The servant froze but soon remembered why he got here, and stammering, “P-Patriarch… a video…”

“Speak quickly! I’m already too angry to hear your stuttering!” Zing Lin Ming said irritably.

After taking a deep breath, trying to calm himself down, the man continued: “Patriarch, a video of your son Alex… was posted on the Internet…” The Ming family servant did not know how to continue to count, as he has so far failed to avoid feeling unnerved and terrified when he “watched” the video.

“What? Show me this video immediately!” The Patriarch was anxious now because he also “saw” the last minutes of his son’s life, but as it was not very high quality and it really pissed him off! He didn’t have any time to notice that his son’s death was being recorded. He only saw the last 10 minutes, which included his own son losing his soul, which was then devoured by this being that called itself “Panic.”

With shaking hands, the servant brought a square object for Patriarch Zing Lin Ming to watch the video.

“My God! What is this! And what an absurd number of views!” The Patriarch froze when he saw that there were already over 2 million views for this video in just a few minutes.

He didn’t think it would be so bad. He didn’t know that “Panic” had mesmerized his son and made him tell all his secrets in front of the camera… the more he watched the video, the more scared he became. Now he was not only angry but afraid that other beings would come for him because of it.

“My son… exactly who did you cross?” Two tears stream down Zing Lin Ming’s face.

“Patriarch… what are we going to do?” The servant who brought the video asked.



He punched the servant’s chest and said, “Humph! You guys I don’t know, but I’m going to hide, I can’t stay here!”

The Patriarch knew many would doubt if his son only said that because he was hypnotized, but there were always those who would believe and could come for him. They would investigate all he has done to this day…

All these last 10 years he has been using the demonic technique, all to gain enough power to become the Emperor. But it was all ruined by this “Panic” guy. He was so angry at this “Panic” that he wanted to rip his heart into a thousand pieces and feed them to the beasts.


Back to Theo and his group.

“Theo, is there much more time to get to Ang Village?” Shina asked as they walked towards the Village.

“Hmm. No, we’re almost there!” Theo replied.

“Oh, I see.” Shina nodded.

“Theo, what is this thing you’re messing around with?” Yuki asked, watching Theo fiddle with a rectangular object.

“This?” Theo showed her and said, “I call it a cellphone, I can communicate with other people through it, and I can also search for information. It has many other functions too.”

“Ohh, interesting!” Yuki exclaimed.

Hearing this, Shina was even more shocked than Yuki, because she knew a bit about it. She looked at Theo and asked, “Theo, can I see it?”

Although she had seen other people using it before in the Sect where she was previously, Shina was very poor at that time and had no money to spend on such a device. However, she has always been curious about the existence of the Internet.

An interesting fact is that despite having an Internet signal in the city and functioning cellphones there, Shina knew that if she stepped too far away from the big tower where the “Precious Stones Sisters” were located, the Internet would stop working. Yet, due to her surprise at Theo having a cell phone, she simply forgot that fact.

“Yeah, that’s fine!” Theo answered and handed her the phone.

“Thank you,” Shina said as she took out her cell phone.

She quickly became curious and fascinated, fiddling with her cellphone. Although she had never used a mobile phone and explored the Internet before, Shina had heard many of the girls talk about it. And because of that, she had some idea how it worked.

But to her misfortune, Theo’s cell phone is by far, far superior to the phones Shina had seen before. If it weren’t, then how it could work, even so far away from a “Precious Stones Sisters” tower?

Blushing, Shina asked, “Theo, can you teach me how to use it?”

Theo smiled and said, “Yeah, sure.”

“Daddy, I’d like to see it too!” Little Yui said.

“Well…” Theo opened his system store and bought another 3 phones for 1,500,000 points. Although it cost an absurd amount, he now had an even more ridiculous number of Points. It was also a suitable medium for research on the world where they live. He couldn’t help but want to search the Internet for more things about his current world.

The reason these cell phones are still able to connect to the Internet, despite not being close to a “Precious Stones Sisters,” is because they are actually made of these “Precious Stones Sisters.”

Also, these expensive phones he bought from his system would help a lot if they separated. They could now always communicate with each other whenever they wanted.

Curious, Theo had researched some time ago about these “Precious Stones Sisters” and why they had that name. What he eventually found out was that they are interconnected and as long as they are not far away from each other, they continuously exchange information. That is why the stones were named that way. Later on, some scientists invented the Internet by using this property of the Precious Stones Sisters.

After buying the phones, Theo told them, “These are yours!” He then handed over the 3 phones to Shina, Yuki, and Little Yui.

“Thank you!” They thanked them happily.

Theo looked at the sisters, Zaira and Zaika and said, “When you have your human forms, I’ll also give one to each of you.”

“Thank you, Theo, we’ll work hard!” Zaira and Zaika replied.

And before they even noticed, they had arrived in front of Ang Village.

“Daddy, is this the Ang Village you talked about?” Little Yui asked, pointing her left index finger at the Village.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Theo replied.


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