Chapter 77: Entering Ang Village
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{Author Notice: This chapter is a little sweet~}

Arriving at the entrance of Ang Village, Theo noticed that he was more agitated than the last time he was here. There were lots of Magic Beasts rushing around. He even saw some Demi-Humans.

“Is something going on here?” Yuki asked.

“I don’t know either…” said Theo.

Upon entering the Village, Theo went to a Wolf Magic Beast that was in the 2nd Layer of the Student Kingdom and asked, “Why are you so agitated here? Is something going on?”

“Oh, you don’t know? Tomorrow is the big day when the Monkey Clan will open the Auction, and it will be selling Tier 2 pills and also the attraction of the day is 5 Tier 3 Water Pill with a 100% chance to cleanse 10% of the body’s impurity.” The Magic Wolf Animal answered.

“Ohh, I see, thanks for answering.” Theo smiled.

“What should we do now, Theo?” Zaira asked.

“Well, let’s go to the Dog Clan, that’s where a friend of mine lives,” Theo replied.

“I see.” Zaira nodded.

“Daddy, is that chopsticks meat?” Little Yui asked, pointing to a tent that had a Magic Beast Bear in front of the tent preparing the kabobs.

To Theo, this scene was a little bizarre, but he didn’t care much about it and replied, “Yes, I believe so.” Seeing her nod in understanding, Theo asked, “Do you want me to buy some for you?”

“Yes, please!” Little Yui replied.

“Okay, do you want some too?” Theo asked the others.

Seeing them nod, Theo approached the stall and asked, “Are you selling these meat kebabs? How much are they?”

“Oh, welcome, great hero, yes I am selling them, it costs 1 apprentice kingdom 4th Layer Magic Core.” The Brown Bear answered and forced a smile in Theo’s direction, but that just made him look very weird.

Theo was surprised to be called a hero by this big Brown Bear, and seeing him smile, he could barely help laughing at how strange the big Brown Bear’s smile was. Taking a deep breath, Theo said, “I want 6 of them, yet, I only have Student Kingdom Magic Cores with me at the moment.” Theo took an Earth Magic Core on the 2nd Student Kingdom Layer and asked, “With this, can I buy the 6 meatsticks?”

“Of course, great hero!” Replied the big Brown Bear, and he took six kabobs with his big hands and handed them to Theo.

Picking them up, Theo said, “No need to give me change if you’re concerned, thank you.” Theo started to walk away, leaving the big Brown Bear surprised.

Returning to his group, Theo handed a skewer to each of them.

After they started eating, Yuki asked Little Yui: “What do you think? Is it good?”

“Hmm. Shina’s food is many times better than this meat!” Little Yui said, spreading her arms wide.

“Seriously?! Thanks for the compliment, you adorable little girl!” Shina said hugging Little Yui and kissing her cute, pink face.

“Is it just Shina’s that’s the best? So you really mean that my food is bad?” Yuki said pouting.

“N-No, Mom’s food isn’t bad at all, Mom’s food is also the best!” Little Yui said hurriedly.

“Alright… I’ll believe you then.” Yuki smiled broadly.

“Now it is Dad who is sad! My food isn’t any good either?” Theo pretends to be sad.

“Jeesh…” Little Yui grabbed the edges of her one-piece pink dress and said, “Daddy is teasing me! Of course, Daddy’s food is the best too!”

Everyone who saw Little Yui act like this almost had a heart attack because of how cute she was.


Theo smiled and took her in his arms, bringing her onto his lap with her head on his shoulders. Teasing an angelic smile from Little Yui’s face, he continued to hold her tightly as he said, “Daddy won’t tease you anymore, Daddy’s sorry, okay?”

Little Yui said, laughing gleefully, “Hehee, okay, I forgive you!”

“Thank you, Yui.” He patted her head lightly with his free hand and smiled, “I’m glad Yui forgives me!”

“Hehee.” Little Yui smiled.

“Mou, why does she have to be so cute?” Shina turned to Yuki and said, “Yuki, can you please give me Yui?”

“No!” Yuki smiled.

“Tsk! So petty…” Shina showed her little pink tongue.

Soon they started laughing together as they continued walking toward the Dog Clan.

Unlike before, there were now many tents scattered throughout the Village selling lots of food. There was even some clothing made of animal skin.

After a while, they arrived in front of a large wooden gate. Sitting in front was a Dog.

“Is this it?” Shina asked.

“Yup,” Yuki replied. Although it’s been a while since she came here, she still remembers it clearly.

“Who are you? And what do you want?” The dog in front of the gate asked.

“I’m Theo, Jka’s friend, is he here?” Theo replied.

“Friend of Young Master Jka? Wait a moment, I’ll have someone notify the Young Master that you’re here!” Said the Dog.

Theo didn’t mind waiting and replied, “Fine, I guess.”


A few minutes later, a red dog appeared.

The red dog looked at Theo and his group strangely and asked, “Where is Theo?”

Theo smiled and said, “It’s me, Jka, don’t you recognize me?”

“Ahh?! Is it really you?” Jka seemed unsure, because the last time he saw him, Theo wasn’t even in the 10th Layer of the Student Kingdom… How did he get his human form? After he considered that Theo might have stumbled upon some chance encounter, he thought that might be the case.

“Yes, a lot of things happened, and well, now that I have my human form!” Theo made one of his golden tails appear from behind him.

Seeing the golden tail and then noticing the ear above Theo’s golden head, Jka looked smug and said, “It seems to really be you, okay, let’s go in and chat!”

“Sure.” Theo nodded.

“By the way, your family has grown a lot! Auhaha.” Jka said and laughed out loud.

Theo smiled: “Yes, I’ll introduce you to them,” Theo said, “the blue-haired one is Shina, the little one on my lap is my daughter Yui, the white-haired one, you’ve already met, is Yuki…”

Jka interrupted surprised he exclaimed: “Really?! Not only did Theo make it to the Higher Student Kingdom, but so did Yuki… that’s awesome!”

Theo already expected him to be surprised, as he knew it was different for others to raise their cultivation level, Theo said: “These two Wolves behind me; red is Zaika and black is Zaira.”

“Hello, I’m Jka, Theo’s friend, I’m happy to meet you!” He said.

Little Yui smiled and said, “Yui is also happy to meet Daddy’s friend!”

“Daughter, huh?” Jka muttered looking at Yuki and saw some similarities and soon came to the conclusion that they had a child while they were gone.

Yuki who heard and saw Jka looking her way turned red like a tomato but didn’t try to explain away Jka’s misunderstanding.

Soon after, the sisters Zaika and Zaira also greeted Jka, as did Shina.


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{Edited by: Andrew Meyers}