Chapter 79: Barbecue at Jka’s House Part 2
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In a slightly drunk voice, Theo says, “Umm. Yuki do you know that I love you so much?”

“R-Really?” Yuki’s maiden’s heart was now loudly thumping in her chest. She had a shy expression, a red face, and even red her ears.

“Huh? Of course, I do!” Theo exclaimed. Rubbing his face with hers, he said, “It’s been a while since we did that. Hehehe.”

Yuki was surprised by the warm atmosphere around Theo. “Y-yes…” At that moment, she could barely think. Her face was almost on fire already.

“I didn’t realize Theo would be so weak for the drink.” Jka shook his head and continued to drink himself.

“Sigh ~ We’re still too weak Yuki…” Theo murmured close to her ear, “We need to get even stronger…”

Yuki managed to calm down with these words, and for some reason, she remembered the day they found the Dragon. She nodded vigorously and said, “Yes, we need to get stronger!”

Nodding with satisfaction, Theo kissed her cheek and headed for the barbecue grill. By then, Theo’s face was back to normal. He no longer looked drunk from before.

Yuki stood with a red face, looking at Theo’s silhouette moving away after being kissed by him on the cheek. Yuki’s stomach was so full of butterflies. She put her hand on her cheek where she was kissed by Theo and smiled beautifully.

Eating some meat, Theo patted Little Yui’s head, who was also near the grill and asked, “Yui, how’s the meat? Do you like it?” Seeing her wave slightly and her cheeks were plump with the flesh in her mouth, looking like a little eating squirrel. Seeing this, Theo smiled tenderly and began to eat some meat as well.


After eating for a while and talking some more, Little Yui came to Theo and said, “Daddy, I’m sleepy.”

Theo picked her up and smiled, “Fine, I’ll take you to sleep then.”

“Nn!” She nodded.

Theo looked at Jka, “I’m going to put her to sleep, over at your house, is that all right?”

“Auhaha! Of course, that’s fine!” Said Jka.

Theo then entered Jka’s house, holding Little Yui. After entering the house, Theo opened his System and bought a comfortable mattress, pillow, and blanket to put Little Yui to bed.

She wanted him to stay with her until she fell asleep. Theo didn’t mind, so he stayed with her. Soon she was fast asleep, so Theo returned to Jka’s balcony where they were talking.

As they talked, they saw Theo return. Jka asked, “Theo, what do you intend to do after the auction is over?”

Theo replied, “We’ll be going to the city of Ravena.” Said Jka.

“I see, you’re going to the city of Ravena, where the Fallen Moon sect is, right?”

Theo looked at Shina, not knowing if that was the name of the Sect.

Noticing Theo look at her, Shina replied, “Yes, that’s right.”

Jka said, “I understand, so chances are you will meet the Daughter of the Lion Clan Patriarch, Pine Lion, and the Daughter of the Monkey Clan Patriarch, Son Safin. They are both members of the Fallen Moon Sect.”

“Oh yes, you mentioned before that they were part of a sect.” Theo nodded in understanding.

Yuki, who was quieter than usual, was frequently glancing at Theo.

Theo noticed this behaviour as they continued their discussion. Yuki kept stealing glances in his direction many times and was clearly acting embarrassed.

He didn’t know if it was because of the stares Yuki kept stealing toward him. There might have been something he’d been wanting to do for a long while. Theo suddenly caught her around the waist, and a pair of enormous black wings grew out from his back. He then started flapping his wings, and with Yuki in his arms, he began flying away.

“Kyaa!” Yuki shouted in surprise.

Everyone was surprised by Theo’s actions. They could now only see silhouettes of Theo and Yuki fading into the darkness of the night.

The pair ended up flying long enough to be far above the clouds. It was so high that Shina and the others could no longer see them at all, especially since it was night.

“W-Why are you doing this, Theo?” Yuki asked in surprise, still in Theo’s strong arms.

Holding her in his arms while looking into her beautiful red eyes, his golden eyes seemed to be intoxicating to her. Theo brought his lips close to Yuki’s pink lips. With the sole witness being the moon, he bent down to her and kissed her deeply…

Yuki’s eyes widened at the sudden kiss.

Yuki felt that lightning had just struck her body. She felt weak and soft everywhere as she closed her eyes shyly, giving in to Theo. When she opened her cherry lips and took a deep kiss, Yuki felt she was about to lose consciousness. It was as if she had entered a hazy dream world…

With her tongue being sucked so wildly by Theo, Yuki felt as if he had almost entirely sucked out her whole soul. Unable to contain her emotions, amid his insatiable kiss, she instinctively kissed him back. She was unsure at first, but she became more proficient over time. In the end, she managed to match her pace to his in just a few minutes.

They stopped kissing after a while. With Yuki’s flushed red face, she was delighted, but at the same time, she was very embarrassed. She put her head against Theo’s chest to hide her embarrassment.

Theo just smiled at her actions, finding her adorable and simply gorgeous! Especially seeing her like this, in the moonlight with her beautiful, long, white hair blowing in the wind.

Heart pounding, Yuki swallowed her embarrassment and pulled herself away from his chest. She looked into Theo’s beautiful face and whispered, “Theo… I love you so much!”

Theo smiled and gently put his hand on her cheek as he replied, “I love you a lot, too, Yuki!”

They remained like that for a while. Just the two of them embracing each other in the sky as they flew on through the night.

After a while, Theo asked, “Shall we head back?”

“…Okay.” Yuki reluctantly agreed. She still wanted to spend more time with him like this, but she thought if they stayed too long, the others would become worried about them.

Theo, with Yuki still in his arms, began to descend from the clouds.

When they approached Jka’s house again, the others looked at them strangely. Seeing them staring, Yuki was very embarrassed by all the looks. She just closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and calmed herself down a little, despite her beet-red face.

Surprisingly, none of them asked where they went or what they did.

Although the mood was a bit strange, they soon began talking about what they would try to buy at the auction and how Jka had managed to become his next Clan Patriarch.

He would only ascend to the position when his father went to cultivate behind closed doors to try to break into the next Kingdom. This was also one of the reasons for choosing the next Clan Patriarch, although Jka was not at such a high cultivation level.

Shina, who was looking at Yuki’s face, which was more radiant and beautiful than usual, could imagine what had occurred. Despite being a little jealous, she’s really happy for her.

Time passed quickly, and soon, it was getting a bit too late. They entered Jka’s house and went to bed.


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{Edited by: Andrew Meyers}