Chapter 80: Auction Part 1
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The next morning.

Waking up even earlier than usual, Theo stood up and used <Clean> on his body. He sat on the floor and began to meditate using his <Divine Heavenly Spirit Manual> technique.


As the sunlight shone upon them, they opened their eyes. Yet, they saw Theo with both eyes closed and a calm and peaceful look on his face, sitting cross-legged in the lotus position.

Usually, when Theo was meditating, he would sometimes wave his hands strangely, but oddly enough, this time everything around him began to float with each gesture. It was an extraordinary sight!

Still, with his eyes closed, Theo began to come closer and closer to being able to strengthen his soul to the next step. After a while, he heard the sound of ‘Kacha’ as it happened… everything around him began to float. Even Yuki, Shina, Zaika, Zaira, Yui, Jka and Klin were in the air.

[Newborn Soul Four Years Old; Changed to Five Years Old]

Theo had his eyes closed, not knowing what was going on… until he heard Little Yui’s laughter and the startled shouts of the others.

Theo opened his eyes, and with astonishment, his heart began to beat loudly from his incessant excitement.

But upon seeing them all floating, he couldn’t help but be amazed. He soon realized that this was due to his divine sense that had just increased in power. He then took conscious control and gently let them down to the floor.

Yuki approached and asked, “Theo, what was that all about?”

Shina and the others also approached for answers.

Theo sighed heavily and said, “Sorry, I didn’t do it intentionally, it happened when I was cultivating…”

Theo hid what he was actually training on in front of Klin and Jka. Although they are friends, some things need to remain secrets, especially since he knows the significance of such a technique.

They nodded at what Theo said and asked no more. Yet, Jka and Klin can’t help but be surprised by Theo’s mental power. He managed to levitate all of them, and that is not easy to do. Of course, they didn’t try to snoop about how Theo had such mighty mental power and decided not to think about it.

Little Yui came to him and asked, “Daddy, do it again! Do it again!”

Theo smiled and patted Little Yui’s head and said, “Let’s have some coffee first.”

Little Yui nodded, and they began to prepare for breakfast.


On the way to the Monkey Clan auction house.

Theo and his group were walking, but it was not long before they arrived in front of a large building. This place was about half the size of a football field, and it was about 20 meters high.

There were lots of Monkey Clan Magic Animals in front of this building. It was precisely the Monkey Clan’s Auction.

One of the Monkeys approached Theo, Jka and his group. He noticed Jka and said, “Welcome to the big auction of the day, Young Master Jka of the Dog Clan.” The Monkey looked at Theo and his group and asked, “Are they with you?”

“Yes, they are!” Jka replied.

“Ah, alright, you are free to enter and go to the Dog Clan area. If you want to bid on the auction, you may exchange Magic Cores, precious herbs and fruits for Points. If you haven’t spent all your points at the end of the auction, we will refund the remainder.” The Monkey explained.

Jka had some Magic Cores in a bag and levitated toward the Monkey and said, “I want to trade these cores for points.”

Given how Theo and his group didn’t know how the exchange of Points for Magic Cores, etc. was processed, the Monkey began to explain.

A Magic Core on the 4th Layer of the Apprentice Kingdom: Worth 4 Points. 5th Layer: 6 Points. 6th Layer: 8 Points. 7th Layer: 10 Points. 8th Layer: 15 Points. 9th Layer: 20 Points.

The Layers of the Student Kingdom were: 1st Layer: 30 Points. 2nd Layer: 40 Points. 3rd Layer: 50 Points. 4th Layer: 65 Points. 5th Layer: 80 Points. 6th Layer: 100 Points. 7th Layer: 120 Points. 8th Layer: 140 Points. 9th Layer 165 Points. 10th Layer: 200 Points.

Already the two Higher Student Kingdom Magic Cores quite rare and barely used in this auction house. However, they still accepted them. One Magic Core of the 1st Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom: Worth 400 Points. And it always doubles in the exchange rate for the 2nd Layer of 800 points and so on… As for the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom, they don’t even consider it possible for anyone to get one.

Jka got a little over 500 points by swapping their Cores. Theo also changed some Cores just in case the girls were interested in something that was offered. He got almost 800 points.

After thinking of something, Theo asked the Monkey, “Can I still put up something for the auction?”

“Huh? Yes, of course!” The attendant Monkey asked, “What would you like to auction?”

Theo drew a Spear with Earth attribute at Level 3 and said, “This spear.”

The moment the Monkey saw the spear, he began to breathe vigorously. He did not expect to see anything of such a high quality to sell today at the auction. But he knew this wasn’t something he could solve on his own: “Wait a moment, I’ll call the Young Clan Master to talk to you.”

When the Monkey left, Theo told Jka and his group that they could go ahead that he would meet up with them later. Not thinking much about it, they nodded and did what Theo said.


After a while, coming with the Monkey who had met with them initially was a fair-skinned young woman with spiky black hair who had a shade of blue. She had waist-length hair, and shoulder-length bangs that surrounded her face and obscured her left eye. On top of her head was a pair of Monkey ears, and a black-blue tail was coming from behind.

Her eyes were green, and although her breasts weren’t too big, they were quite charming and matched her body’s elegant curves. She also had quite a bountiful bottom. She was wearing a black tank top that left her abdomen exposed. A set of well-defined six-pack abs were visible, and dark blue pants glued were to her body.

For some reason, Theo found her well-defined belly quite sexy and attractive.


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 {Edited by: Andrew Meyers}