Chapter 176: Breaking into the Enemy Base Part 1
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Theo thought about it and saw no problem telling them all about it. He wasn't holding back from fear or anything like that, it was merely a matter of avoiding further trouble for himself at the moment. He planned to spend some more time in Ravena City before returning back to the village, so he didn't want to get in trouble and make others wary of him - it would also ruin his weapon sales.

"It could be said that I've already planted the seed and just need it to sprout on its own, which would soon make the Kenedy Clan no longer exist."


They were surprised by his answer, but for some reason unknown to them… they believed it would really happen.

* Plop!


An 11-year-old Owl Demi-human, with his messy black and white hair, bowed down in front of Theo, his head hitting the ground, as he prostrated himself toward Theo. "Please! Please! Save… save my mommy!"

He then looked up at Theo with tear-filled eyes, begging for his help.

Theo came over and put his hands on his shoulders as he replied, "Do you know where your mother is?"

The boy's eyes grew hopeful, and he began to stutter, barely able to form his words. "She… she… her… this…"

"First, calm down, and then tell me slowly," Theo said gently to the boy. In the end, children crying was his weak point, he couldn't stand to see them suffer. Although many think it is hypocritical to want to save some but fail to protect them all…

Theo believed that it was better to help those within reach if he had the chance than to close his eyes and say that he would not change anything just by helping a few children. That was what he thought was even worse. Because of that, he found sisters Aine and Nanda to be incredible. Though they were not in a good position, they were still willing to spend their time taking care of orphaned children instead of devoting themselves to their cultivation.

Of course, he didn't even consider going out into the world and saving all the people who needed his help, but if he had it in his power and he could help, he wouldn't ignore the opportunities.

After taking a few deep breaths and drinking some water that Theo took out of his dimensional bag, the Demi-Human Owl boy calmed down a little and spoke in one breath, not wanting to miss any details. "I… I know where my mother is, I was with her before at a base outside the city, but, but I was forced to separate from my mom because of a good talent they said they saw in me… and if I wanted to help my mom, I would have to cooperate with them and do whatever they say."

Breathing a little air, the boy spoke again, "It is 150km south of the city. I was born with a strong Divine Sense, and because of this, even when blindfolded and unable to see, I was able to perceive the path they took, I… I can guide you there, so please help her, I promise to repay this favour!"

He said without wanting to hold back anything. Despite his young age, he could imagine that having a potent Divine Sense could increase his value and makes Theo wish to help him. In the end, he was just a child and all he wanted was to save his mother from these bad guys.

The other children also approached and started to make the same request, they were basically in the same situation. Still, only their talent was different. Some had outstanding talent with fire, others with water or a dual affinity. These children were only being kept stable enough here, and if they wanted their families to survive, they would have to obey the people of the Kenedy clan.


"Right!" Theo swiftly clapped his hands together, making a sharp sound, as he swept his eyes across them and said, "I'll help these kids now. After that, I'll come back to talk about what to do next, okay?"

"Okay." They agreed, also wanted Theo to do that.

The children who understood now that Theo would help them could not contain themselves and cried out in relief. They dreamed of being reunited with their parents every night and day and hoped to be able to return to live with them in some far-off future. Many of these children lived in poor villages with their parents. However, they were eventually discovered by the Kenedy Clan for some particular talent in them and were taken away by force.

These are the newest children that the Kenedy Clan had captured, so they hadn't brainwashed them yet since the Sects had appeared unannounced in the city.

Although they had contacts with them and knew about their possible visit, they did not give enough time to replace all those who had not yet been changed. The Kenedy Clan could not risk it and potentially let what they were doing behind the scenes go public.

"Oh yes, your name is?" Theo asked the Demi-Human Owl boy.

"Dennis," he answered.

"Okay, Dennis. I'm going out to make some preparations, and I'll be right back." Seeing him nod, Theo made them all go to sleep by using his Divine Sense. He didn't think it would be a good idea if they knew of the existence of the Dimensional Room, especially since if he left, the illusions he created would vanish.

Seeing that everyone was "sleeping," Theo left the Dimensional Room and headed to the Workshop. He would first move the children and women there, then he would go out with Dennis to save their parents.

After taking them all out of his Dimensional Room and placing them inside the Workshop, he made them wake up again and were surprised by the change of scenery.

"How is that possible?" The young Elftree shouted in surprise.

"Alright, alright, calm down!" Theo said. Once he saw them looking his way it, he continued, "You will be protected inside this place. For now, you can stay here until I get back."

As soon as he finished speaking, Yuki came through the door. Theo had already communicated with her and gave her a summary of everything that had happened.

Theo looked in Yuki's direction as he said, "This is Yuki, she'll be here to help you if you need anything. Meanwhile, I'm going out with Dennis to save these kids' parents."

Although they were curious about why they slept and woke up in a totally different place, they still nodded and set aside their curiosities, knowing that at that moment, it was more important to focus on Theo saving their parents. And it also seemed that there were other children where Dennis said his mother is being kept.

Theo took Dennis in his arms as he asked, "Shall we go?"

"Yes." Dennis nodded.

Theo turned to Yuki and told her, "I'll be right back."

"Okay, and be careful!" Yuki gazed at him lovingly.

"I will!" Theo smiled and left very quickly with Dennis in his arms. Dennis had low cultivation, only being in the 2nd Layer of the Student Kingdom, so, of course, Theo wrapped Dennis with his Mana to protect him as Theo ran at top speed.


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