Chapter 192: Metal Affinity
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The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was reasonable. "Okay, now I know what I wanted, but it's no use to let my thoughts wander to random things. Regardless of whether or not you can stimulate a new affinity with these gold bars I have here now, I still want to try."

Theo was also considering another possibility: would he be able to achieve an improved affinity if the essence that survives the force field is superior, and would it be something superior to a normal affinity? He believed this could be true since he had known that the Faux Heavenly Fire was superior to a standard fire affinity.

Shaking his head, Theo, who had already returned to his human form, began to use <Devour> on the gold bars, making his six golden tails reach towards the gold bars. Expanding, they opened their mouths wide and began to devour all the gold at his command, bit by bit.


⦁ [Filled in 20,111 Lineage Cells]

⦁ [Filled in 11,234 Lineage Cells]

⦁ [Filled in 5,125 Lineage Cells]

⦁ [Filled in 1,547 Lineage Cells]

⦁ [Filled in 98,987 Lineage Cells]

⦁ [Filled in 44,221 Lineage Cells]

⦁ [Filled in 52,354 Lineage Cells]

⦁ [Filled in 21,471 Lineage Cells]

⦁ [Metal affinity, obtained]


"Ohh, that was even faster than I expected!" Theo exclaimed in his mind.

The moment that this affinity was created… A crack was also opened where the essence of the metal was sucked in. This place was his Divine Sea, where his other affinities were maintained.

"Now, should I continue to use this gold and increase my metal affinity further? Or should I wait and buy a better metal and have a chance of experiencing an affinity mutation?" He thought, "Because if I'm going to increase it, there's a good chance that by using it to evolve the affinity, it will be used in the mutation process if it's going to have any effect. But if I think about what happened to the Faux Heavenly Fire, the chances of that happening are not nil."

In the end, that was also one of Theo's reasons for not wanting to increase the level of his wind affinity just yet. Despite the plentiful Wind Cores at his disposal, if the chances of the affinity evolving differed with the source used, then we would definitely want to wait for now.

"I also have to start thinking about getting a new cultivation technique for these affinities. At the moment, my current technique, although good, only improves my affinity with lightning and darkness." Theo thought, "But with that in mind, I think it's best to get all the affinities first, so I can make the most of the Mana around me when I cultivate!"


"Huh?" Theo turned, "Taking a break, Zaika?"

"Yeah." She nodded.

"Well, since you're here now, what do you think about trying to stimulate a new affinity with wind?" Theo asked.

"Hrm." Zaika asked, "What exactly would I have to do?"

Theo explained, "Simple, you just have to absorb the Magic Cores that I've purified while practicing your cultivation technique. The moment you do that, you have a chance that the wind essence of the Core may survive the force field."

"Force field?" She looked at him in confusion.

Noting this, Theo began to think of an easy way to explain it to her. "Zaika."


"Close your eyes and imagine everything I say, okay?" Theo said.

"Yes!" She responded by closing her eyes.

"Okay, now start imagining that in the center of your body, you have a ball of magnetic energy, where it produces magnetic waves, absorbing all the Mana that enters your body," Theo spoke.


"Now, imagine that in addition to receiving the magnetic waves of Mana of all kinds of attributes. This Core immediately determines where each type of Mana has to be assigned. In case you have a lightning affinity, it would take the lightning essence and send it to the Core for that element, but if it were earth, then it would be sent to the earth Core." Theo explained, "This is connected to your Divine Sea, thanks to his meridian veins."


Zaika kept her eyes closed as she imagined everything that was said to her. "Now, imagine that among these Mana essences being absorbed into your body, you have created a barrier that is not affected by the force field. It remains attached to your element instead. Not unlike an eggshell that would protect an egg from being affected if it were in the water."

"Done." She nodded as she imagined an egg in the center of a glass of water, being protected from being mixed with water.

"Now, imagine the shell of the egg forming a crack, and from within it, a brilliant Magic Core is born! Since it is white and milky, and it has it's own rules, the force field would have no advantage over it in trying to absorb it. Because of this, the forces will treat it as an abnormality, something that should not be there."

Theo finished explaining, "So the moment it is expelled from the force field at the center of your body, it would remain close to the center, along with your other Magic Core. Thus, giving birth to a new affinity."

Seeing that Theo finished explaining, Zaika opened her eyes. "Wow! That was interesting to do!" She exclaimed excitedly.

Theo scratched his face, "It's no big deal, this was just an explanation that you can use, for now. There are probably better ways to make you understand."

"Hrm, but for me, it was informative enough. I could even imagine everything that was said, and it made a lot of sense for me." Zaika smiled.

"Well, as long as you can understand, then that's fine." Theo smiled back.


Looking to the side, they saw that the other girls had also finished cultivating. Apparently, they caught the explanation from mid-way. Because of that, he had to give the same explanation all over again to each of them.

After they heard the explanation, 100,000 Magic Cores were assigned to each of them to try to awaken a new affinity. It was also good that in the process, they could increase their cultivations by a large margin since they were using such a large number of Magic Cores.

"Daddy, in that case, even if you get a new affinity, wouldn't it good to raise its level?" Little Yui asked.

Theo replied, "That's because I still want to test something first, where we can possibly evolve our affinities into something better than a common affinity."

"Ooh, that would be great!" Little Yui smiled.

"Haha." Theo laughed, "But I don't know if it'll work out. You can start to absorb the Wind Magic Cores, now."

"Okay." She agreed and sat down on the floor as she began to absorb the Magic Cores.


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