Chapter 194: Far from It! It’s Handsome and Manly!
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Theo spoke in a soft voice, "Yuki, I'm coming!"

"Yes, you can come, I can handle it!" Yuki exclaimed resolutely.

Receiving her permission, Theo no longer restrained himself, he approached her, placing one hand on her soft and delicate earlobe as he stretched it out.

Yuki reacted as if an electric current ran through her body. She was looking at Theo, hoping he'd use his needle to puncture her.

"There." The moment Theo said that a little blood started flowing from Yuki's ear.

"Good." Yuki nodded but didn't move, because Theo still needed to take out the needle and put in the earring.

Holding an earring with a beautiful stone, shining with a celestial red, Theo took out the needle very quickly, then attached the earring.

Theo did the same thing with Yuki's other ear. This earring was something extraordinary that he managed to find for sale in his System. In addition to increasing the level of defence, it also helps to increase the amount of Mana that she absorbs by twenty times.

Even though it cost 1 million System Points… Theo knew it was definitely worth it. He had also bought them for Zaika, Zaira, Shina and little Yui. So, he ended up spending 6 million of his Points since he bought a pair for himself, too.

"It's perfect!" Theo exclaimed with a smile.

"Thank you!" Yuki said, kissing him.


Shina, who had finished absorbing her Magic Core, faked a cough because she opened her eyes only to see them kissing each other for a long time.

The moment Theo and Yuki stopped kissing… Shina noticed that Yuki's lips were pinker than usual, but did not comment on it.

"I haven't yet gotten a Wind affinity, but I've had a significant increase in my cultivation." Shina smiled when she said, "This way, it's easier to increase cultivation."

"Yes, I had already noticed that." Theo smiled, "Congratulations on your advancement!"

"Thank you…" Shina looked strange, "Did you cut your hair?! Was it Yuki?"

"Yes, she did that for me." Theo said, "Do you not like it?"

"Far from it! It's handsome and manly!" Shina said with a passionate look.

"Isn't it?" Yuki smiled.

Theo smiled, "Thank you."

Shina's maiden's heart went off when she saw his smile. She held her hand to her chest, trying to control the beating of her racing heart.

"Oh, yes, I have a present for you," Theo said as he approached her. "These are very special earrings, they not only double your defence but also increase the amount of Mana that you can absorb by twenty times."

"Wow!" Shina squealed in surprise, "That's incredible! But are you sure about that? They must have cost a lot!"

"Of course, I am!" Theo put his hand on her chin, he smiled seductively when he said, "Or do you think that I don't care about you?"

"Kyaa~" Shina cried in surprise, with her pink face, she stuttered as she replied, "I… I-I… I know that… I know that you care a lot, but I just…"

She couldn't finish what she was going to say because Theo quickly sealed her lips with his. Her mind spun, it was so sudden that she was not ready for it, even more, Yuki was watching.

Shina still kept her eyes open, looking at Yuki, but seeing that she just smiled, Shina could no longer contain herself. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed her kiss with Theo.

They stopped kissing two minutes later. Shina had a passionate look at the moment her lips separated. But soon, her face was tinted pink. But in spite of that, she managed to swallow down her embarrassment, without having to walk away.

"Good." Theo said, "Since you don't have your ears pierced yet, do you want me to do it for you?"

"Yeah." She agreed.

"What happened to Yuki?" Theo asked, "Why are you so quiet?"

"Hrm, it's no big deal," Yuki answered distractedly.

Of course, Theo assumed something happened. He could tell she was acting weird right now.

"Even if it looks like nothing, I'm here to listen if you want to talk." Theo looked at her.

Shina was also curious about this development, she started to worry about whether it was because she and Theo kissed.

Sighing, as Yuki's eyes looked to the horizon as if she wanted to see something beyond the Dimensional Room, she spoke slowly. "I have a bad feeling. It may be nothing, so I didn't want to worry you."

Theo and Shina were surprised by that. They didn't expect to hear such a thing.

"Can you be more specific?" Theo didn't take it lightly. As much as this may be just a bad feeling, he wouldn't just ignore it.

"Hrm." Yuki got thoughtful. She posed for a while until she stated, "It's a feeling that something's wrong. I can't explain very well in words what I'm feeling, but if I were to describe it, I'd say it's more of a sense of fear that something unwanted will happen."

Theo, of course, had tried before to ask the System if he would go through danger in the near future. But even if it was only for the near future, it asked for 1 billion System Points to reveal the answer.

"So that was it," Theo nodded and said, "If we're really going to happen to run into any danger, all we can do now is a train! We will train, cultivate and strengthen. If you still have that feeling, we can only train even harder!"

"Yeah!" They agreed.

Theo gave them a reassuring smile. "I currently have enough resources to help increase our strength. Even if it's just a feeling, I don't think it's something we should treat lightly. Let's get strong!"

As he finished speaking, Theo's eyes shone in determination. Shina and Yuki were the same. They wouldn't just sit around waiting for the danger to come to them. If it arrived, they wanted to be ready to face it together.

"First of all, Shina, let's put these earrings on you." Theo said, "Now that we may have a chance of falling into some danger, we can't take it easy with our cultivation, okay?"

"Yes!" She firmly stated.

With a pair of earrings in his hands, Theo delicately held her right ear. Then, with one of the earrings that glowed in a celestial blue, he pierced her ear.

Although she felt a bite, it was no different than a mosquito bite for her, so she couldn't care less about it.

"Okay!" Theo said when he finished piercing her two ears. He had to admit that they gave them both a more feminine charm by wearing the earrings.

"They look beautiful on both of you!" Theo smiled.

"Ehehehe~ Thank you!" Shina said with a shy laugh.

"Thank you!" Yuki had a gentle smile to say.

Soon Zaika, Zaira and little Yui finished cultivating. One by one, they each received a pair of earrings.

Zaika received a pair of heavenly black earrings, and Zaira received heavenly golden earrings. Little Yui received a pair of heavenly silver earrings…

Although the colours were different, their functions were all the same. All of them increased their defences and also helped them to grow twenty times faster.

"Daddy, it's so beautiful!" Little Yui said when he hugged him. "Yui likes it very much! Thank you, Daddy, I love you so much!"

Theo smiled warmly, "Anything for my cute daughter!"


Little Yui had a broad smile on her face showing all her sharp white dragon teeth.

"I like it a lot! Thank you, Theo." Zaika smiled.

"Thank you!" Zaira said right away.

"No need to thank me, you're my family, so it's only natural that I care about you!" Theo said with a gentle smile.



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