Chapter 195: Thereza
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In the end, they just had a significant increase in their cultivations but had not yet been able to awaken affinity with the wind.

But they didn't have much time and weren't even glitched like Theo using <Devour>, because of that, they were going a little slower.

Of course, if they were to do it again, they'd be twenty times faster than normal ever since they were wearing earrings that Theo gave them.

After they left the Dimensional Room… They met with the girls from the orphanage. They ate as they talked together.

Nanda and the others still wanted to keep running the shop.

Meanwhile, Theo wondering what his next steps would be. "Tonight, I'm going to deal with the Kenedy Clan. I can't let them be any longer."

The day in Ravena City was calm. It was like any ordinary day, but everyone knew it wasn't that simple. Especially with the restlessness that was sweeping through the Kenedy Clan. It was far too quiet.

The Beast Sect had also left Ravena City this morning. But in their eyes, it wasn't giving up, it was as if they had a bigger plan.

Theo, who observed all of Ravena City, was sitting on a bench in the Workshop, watching the children playing and cultivating.

Their parents, elderly and those between 13 and 20 years old were mostly cultivating.

Even if they were rescued, they knew that without strength, the chances of this happening once again were not nil. So, they wanted to make the most of their time by increasing their cultivation as much as they could.

Shina, Yuki, Zaika, and Ariana were sitting on the same couch as Theo.

But they were just talking to each other, not trying to pull Theo into their conversation. Yeah, Theo looked like he was drawing in the air, making a lot of strange gestures where they could only see his hand moving. But they were already used to that.

Because whenever he did that, it was often because of his unique ability. With that ability, he could create anything in his imagination. As long as it had meaning and the rules were obeyed, it was possible. At least that's what they thought.

Of course, what they thought was not totally far from the truth. At the same time, it was… it turns out that he could buy any technique that ever existed or was ever used, regardless of the current world, etc….

So it's not a matter of some person's imagination and creativity, but of trillions, or even more… it was such an absurd number that you couldn't be sure of what was never created.

For example, if Theo now searched his System for the Golden Fox technique… It would reveal many, but with only that name, it does not mean exactly what came from a golden fox.

That's why Theo has a hard time looking for things in his System. Every time he does that, a list of endless things opens up.

That's because, the more your System Points increase, the more things will appear that he can buy with System Points.

Because of that, he wanted knowledge about this world. Not wanting to buy things from another universe or dimension and attract too much attention. Theo believed that the unknown not only created fear, but also envy.

As he was now, he did not have enough strength to withstand the envy and fear of everyone. He needs to be more cautious when buying from his System.

Of course, there was also just a matter of clothes, weapons, etc.… things that are usually easy to notice. In terms of techniques, it was something more challenging to determine what was and was not from this planet.


⦁ [Are you sure you want to spend 100 million Points on cultivation technique: <Supreme Elemental Manipulation> Spiritual Level?]




⦁ [100,000,000 System Points were deducted]


Theo's mind was then flooded with information about the technique he purchased. It was a lot of information and rules, so he closed his eyes while digesting all the information in his celebration.

This technique that he bought gave him the possibility of having control over all the elements with total perfection.

Moreover, having an affinity with the elements in question further increases the chances of controlling perfectly, or even merging two or three elements into one.

"Yuki, here's the map to where my house is." Young Elftree said, "I hear you're going back to the village where you live. I don't mind waiting until then."

Yuki looked over the map and was surprised, as she would have to pass through the whole Naga Kingdom. Only then would she be in the Elftree Kingdom.

"Hrm, let's wait for Theo to decide, Thereza." Yuki said, "It seems like he's in the middle of learning something. As soon as he's done, we can talk to him, okay?"

"Yeah." Thereza agreed.

"But looking at this map… it's a long way from your home." Ariana asked, "If I may ask, how did they manage to capture you?"

Thereza sighed as she began to remember the day she was captured. It was a miserable day for her. "I was walking in the forest, just like any other day, picking some herbs to make tea. But then, a sturdy man with short brown hair came to me."

She closed her eyes as she said, "He was very strong. He came flying out of the sky at a speed that defies everything I've ever seen. By the time I realized it, I had already unconscious. When I opened my eyes again, I was already surrounded by the other people at the clan called the Kenedy Clan."

"Was that a long time ago?" Shina asked.

"Yes, about a year ago. I was still seventeen years old when they captured me." Thereza said. "They tried to brainwash me, but they couldn't since my mind was protected by my mother."

"Ohh, your mother must be powerful, then!" Exclaimed Zaika.

"Yes, she is one of the most powerful beings on this island," Thereza answered with a look of nostalgia.

"But then, how could she not follow your trail and save you?" Zaira asked with doubt.

"I think they used some device that can hide my presence… thinking about it now, shouldn't I still be hidden by this device?" She mumbled with doubts.

Yuki said, "It may even be possible that the moment your mother could discover your location, she will come to you."

"Yes!" Thereza said abruptly with a lot of emotion.



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