Chapter 196: What’s it like? Did you like it?
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Finishing digesting all the introduction information related to the technique brought excitement to Theo's heart.

"Theo, did you finish what you were doing?" Zaika asked when she saw him open his eyes. Today, she wore pantyhose and a dark blue dress that went down to her knee and wore her hair up in a ponytail. It made her look lovely and seductive.

"Yeah, I was learning a new cultivation technique… well, I'll pass it on to you, too. Anyways, that's for later, it's really involved, and it will take a long time to get through."

"So, that's it." Zaika said, looking at Thereza, "Oh, yeah. Thereza wanted to talk to you, didn't she?"

"About that," Thereza, who was sitting in a nearby chair, sighed. "I just wanted to know if it was possible to remove what was in my body so I can be detected by my family."

"Hrm, I don't know if I can do it, but I can try, alright?" Theo asked.

"Yes, I'd be happy if you could do that much for me." Thereza nodded.

"Right." Theo got up, heading towards her.

With her consent, Theo placed his hand on her shoulder and started using his Mana to investigate.

"Ohh, that's…" Theo seemed surprised by something.

"What is it? Is it something bad? You can't take it out?" Thereza suddenly asked.

"Is it impossible, even for you, Theo?" Ariana asked.

"It can't be impossible for you… right?" Shina was also surprised by Theo's reaction.

But for some reason, Yuki was laughing lightly unnoticed.

"Oh, it's not that, I'm just surprised it's so easy to solve actually." Theo shrugged when he answered.


They were even more surprised by his answer. They soon realized that Theo must have faked his initial reaction. Or, he was just astonished at how easy it was to him.

"Well, this might end up being a little painful, alright?" Theo asked.

"Yes, go ahead," Thereza answered resolutely.

"Good." Theo closed his eyes. He soon surrounded the insect that was inside her body. It was very similar to the soul-controlling insect, only it was solely disguising her aura.

Thereza bit her lower lip, feeling a little pain. But it was nothing serious since Theo was using his Mana to kill it. He was taking great care to not affect her.


When the insect was finally destroyed, Thereza groaned in pain. At the same time, her Mana, which was previously hidden, was suddenly released.

"I did it!" Theo said as he took his hand off her shoulder.

"Mhm!" Thereza nodded, her cheeks were soon stained with tears of happiness. "Thank you so much, Theo! With that, my mother will surely come to find me!"

She knew that Theo had already promised to take her back to her home, but it was still uncertain whether they would make it there safely since they would have to pass through the Naga Empire. There were also many powerful beings there, and even more powerful monsters that prowl there.

Also, Theo had different priorities. She didn't want to be so dependent on him, but she knew she owed him a lot already. So, she didn't want to bring him any more trouble but also somehow wanted to somehow make up for everything he did for her.

Thereza knew that if her mother, who was in the Spiritual Kingdom, came and found her, she could compensate Theo for everything he had done for her.

"I'm happy for you." Theo smiled, which caused her to blush a little. She was never once had set any man in her sights, but she deemed that Theo was an exception.

"Theo," Ariana asked, "This has nothing to do with the subject we are talking about, but am I curious to know if our date is still going to happen?"

"Of course, definitely," Theo answered.

"Hrm, that's good," Ariana said. "But know that if you think it's not a good time, even if it's uncertain, I'll understand, because with everything that's happening with the Kenedy Clan…".

Before she could finish, Theo interrupted her, "They won't be a problem. Don't worry so much about it; you just have to worry about one thing."

"Oh? What's that?" Ariana asked with doubt.

Theo, with a bright smile, said, "Looking beautiful for our date tomorrow."

"Waah!" Ariana's heart suffered an attack when she heard this, but soon she recovered and smiled, "I'm going to look stunning. I'll surprise you!"

Theo looked her over from top to bottom, with a lewd grin and said, "I'm looking forward to it."

Ariana's body shook slightly as she heard him and saw his smile, but she didn't dislike it. Just that seeing that type of expression on Theo's face was a clear message for her.

"What are you eating?" Little Yui sat on the couch between Zaira and Zaika, suddenly noticed that they were eating something.

"Theo gave us some Pills to improve our Mana since our Mana very impure and weak," Zaika answered.

"Ohh!" Little Yui was surprised and asked, "Is that tasty?"

"Hrm, it's not bad, do you want to try it?" Zaira asked as she brought a Pill towards little Yui's mouth.

"Yes!" Little Yui nodded as she opened her mouth.

"What's it like? Did you like it?" Zaika asked.

"Yes, it tastes good." Little Yui nodded.

Zaika and Zaira smiled when they started feeding little Yui some Pills. It looked like she was a little princess being waited on by her attendants.

"Theo, this princess, I'd like to say you don't have to take me home. My father is the Lord of the Ravena City, but as you said, I can't show up right now, especially since I know they have someone who is in the Wizard Kingdom serving the Kenedy Clan."

That voice obviously belongs to Hannah.

Theo already suspected it. Especially since Nanda and Aine were so close to her…

Theo smiled, "Right."

Theo was already thinking about "fixing" the Kenedy Clan tonight, but it wasn't a good idea for the others to know yet, because… he didn't intend to do it as himself.

"Hrm, I'm going to go work out a little bit," Theo said when he got up. In a matter of seconds, he was already at the center of the workshop.

His movements were agile and flexible. He moved like a serpent. Surrounded by the winds, his actions became even more agile.

Flying so he would not get in the way of the others, Theo began to exercise his technique <Kempo Art of Golden Destruction>.

Every move of his was flexible and fast, still just a bit clumsy, but that was from his personal point of view. Those who were watching him had their mouths gaping so wide in amazement that they could fit a whole chicken egg.

Behind every blow from Theo, he brought with it the power of the wind and left golden traces in its wake. They all gasped in amazement at seeing his attacks.

"How strong does it have to be to do that?"

"As expected of the Prince!"

"That's surprising!"

"Will I ever be able to do that?"

"I want to be as strong as the Prince one day…!"

Seeing Theo train, a lot of whispers were heard around the workshop. Many people at the orphanage that Theo saved were amazed.

After training for about an hour, Theo retired. He realized that if he continued on, the others wouldn't train themselves, but instead continue to watch him as if he were the star attraction of a theatre, just giving them a good show.