Chapter 197: Panic Interview Danisan Part 1
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Later that day.

Looking up at the strangely red moon, Theo’s eyes sparkled in gold and sometimes red along with his pair of earrings that glowed in gold.

“It’s time,” Theo said. Quickly, a pair of wings made of wind extended out from his back, and he began to fly.

He soon reached above the clouds, beyond everyone’s sight… there he totally changed his current appearance. Just to be sure, he used his “Panic” alias.

He knew they were looking for Panic, so it was necessary to be cautious, but in this situation, he thought it best to act as Panic to give it all the credit for what he will do.

Stopping above the Kenedy Clan, Theo could see and observe their every move with his Divine Sense. Even though the grounds were shielded, it’s level was too low to keep Theo from being able to look through it.

“You came. So, it is as we expected.”

An aged and deep voice was heard. Theo was hoping that this man would notice him, but he didn’t expect it to happen so early.

Theo could feel that the Divine Sense of this old man in front of him was not low at all. That’s why he wasn’t so surprised to be discovered so soon. Even more so that he didn’t have time to use his illusions to totally camouflage his presence.

With his voice altered, Theo stated with a deep and sinister voice, “Get out of my way now, or… die!”

“Hahaha! Do you really think I’m afraid of you?” The old man laughed, “Hrm, I can feel that though you have hidden your strength well, your level of cultivation is not past the Wizard Kingdom. Even though you’re in the same kingdom as myself, you’re not my match, kid.”

Theo laughed sinisterly. “Oho, that’s interesting, I’d like to know where you get so much confidence from…!”

“More what…”

The middle-aged man, who was covered in real Darkness Mana, was surprised to lose sight of Theo. He could only see five after-images of him, but when he finally managed to react, he noticed the whereabouts of Theo’s real body…

“Old man, didn’t you say I wasn’t your match?” Theo mocked after passing a sword into this man’s heart, which only then appeared.

“How is that possible?” An old man with a long white beard showed up. He had black tiger ears and tails. His eyes were black, and his hair was white, reaching down to his shoulders.

“Simple.” Theo said in a sinister voice, “Who wasn’t a match for who, you found out now, you old fool.”


“Stop, stop, get out of my mind!” The man screamed frantically when he felt that his mind was being invaded. Now that he was weak, he barely had the strength to protect himself.

Even before he knew it, he was totally controlled by Theo.

“Hahaha! Now… let’s cure this before this old man dies.” Theo murmured and drew out a medium healing potion.

Since he wanted to heal it just enough for this old man to not die, he only needed a medium potion.

After that, he went into the Dimensional Room with that man.

Preparing a sofa, and an “interview” table, Theo stabbed the man several times, but not once did he hit any vital points. He just didn’t want to let this old man regain control of his mind.

He took longer than he planned since he first had to “solve” something that was inside this old man’s body. Luckily, he investigated his body before starting.

After he’d finished his preparations by turning on the camera, Theo said, “Hi, I’m Panic, and welcome to another video.”

After that, Theo approached a table and sat on a chair behind it. Also next to him was a sofa, which held an old man. He sat there with his body pierced like a sieve.

“First of all. Let me introduce today’s guest.” Theo looked at the old man. “Please state your name and what you do.”

“My name is Danisan, I’m a killer.” He answered.

“Ohh, but are you a hired killer, or do you work for someone?” With his voice altered, Theo asked with his sinister voice.

Danisan said, “I work for someone…” He was a little surprised because it was forbidden to even consider telling someone the name of his master. The penalty was supposed to make him automatically die. “I work as a killer for Jordan Wiz.”

Too bad it wasn’t live. There would have been many people surprised since Jordan Wiz was quite well known.

Theo knew many wouldn’t believe it, so he took a Pill out of his pocket. It seemed like a blood-red fingernail.

Theo said, “A lot of people must know what this is, right? Yes, it is the Pill of Truth, those who take this Pill and speak a single lie within one hour will die an agonizing and terrible death.”

After saying that, he approached Danisan suddenly and made him swallow the Pill by force.

Laughing sinisterly, Theo said, “Now you can be certain that he cannot lie. I’m going to ask the same question again.”

Looking at Danisan, Theo asked, “Do you serve Jordan Wiz?”

“Yes, I do.” Danisan replied, “I have served as a killer for him for some time since he pays very well.”

“So, I guess you must know a lot of his secrets, too, am I right?” Theo asked.

“Yes, I do.” He answered.

Theo smiled even more sinisterly, he asked, “Do you know about the human smuggling that the Kenedy Clan runs?”

“Isn’t that a silly question? How could I not know something so simple?” Danisan rhetorically said, “They do this at the behest of my master. They raise children with good genes and sell them. Sometimes, organs that have been improved are also sold.”

He continued on, “For example, a wealthy man had a bad liver, even if someone could cure him, he would still be weak. So, they contacted my master to buy a new liver. Then my master chooses the most compatible match for him, from among the children or even the mothers and fathers of the children to sell him.”

Theo’s forehead was thick with anger, but soon he managed to control himself and asked, “As an interviewer, I need to stay on top of things… by chance, I learned that the children, women, and men, who were being kept by you, are being released by someone, is that true?”