Chapter 200: An Abominable Family Part 2
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We come to chapter 200. I am very happy with your comments.

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{Edited by: Andrew Meyers}


Theo continued to comb through the entire Kenedy clan. He selected from those whom he already knew about because he had been watching them, or if he did not know about them yet, he read their minds. Then, he placed those who were doing repugnant things inside the Dimensional Room.

But despite all this, some people in the Kenedy Clan were not aware of what the clan did. Most of these were women that their husbands hid from the clan, and because they were hidden, they never became involved in their crimes.

Theo also entered the room where Iria Kenedy and her father Orlando were. Even though Orlando was in the 10th Layer of the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom, he couldn't resist a single blow from Theo and was already unconscious.

In the process, Theo also came across many other children who had been brainwashed and were totally under their control. Others served as waitresses and guardsmen. Each and every one of them had a Soul-Control leech in their bodies.

In the end, Theo made them all faint before putting them in the Dimensional Room.

Overnight, the Kenedy Clan had almost completely vacated from Ravena City, only a few were left. Those few remaining members were the individuals that Theo judged to have done nothing wrong that would make him want to eliminate them.

After leaving the Kenedy Clan, Theo flew back to the orphanage in his Panic disguise. When he arrived, he avoided making any sounds before entering the Dimensional Room.

After entering, Theo could see all those who were being used as slaves. There were also those who hurt people to the point where they couldn't turn back. Even if this world could be brutal, or maybe because of that fact, Theo couldn't let them get away with it.

One could say that Theo was the villain, wanting to speak of the evil cleansed away even though he had already killed numerous magic animals and monsters.

But, in the first place, the Kenedy Clan came to look for trouble with him had gone too far. They even used children to do their dirty work.

In the end, they were just beings that Theo couldn't bear to let live any longer.

Theo looked towards the more than two hundred significant members of the Kenedy Clan who were involved. With a simple wave of his hand, Theo made them approach him quickly.

Sweeping his eyes out over all of them, Theo caused the people who were being kept as slaves by the Kenedy Clan to withdraw by using his mental power, levitating them and taking them away.

With all that done, Theo made more than fifty couches appear. Controlling the minds of his captives, he made them sit down.

Despite controlling so many at once, he still managed to keep them firmly under his control. Well… Iria Kenedy's father, Orlando, had to be badly hurt because his mind was always trying to regain control.

Seeing as they were ready to begin, Theo turned on the camera. "Hello, everyone! Welcome to another episode of "Panic Interview." Today we have some very special guests."

As he said that, he let the camera wander and film the whole Kenedy family. "As you can see for yourselves, I'll be interviewing a lot of people at the same time today. They're a family, but… how can I say it… they're very peculiar."

As he finished speaking, Theo sat at a table positioned in front of them.

"Well, since we're doing an interview of the Kenedy Clan, it's only fair to start with Katita Kenedy, who is the current Patriarch of the Clan," Theo said in his cold, sinister voice.

Interweaving his fingers together under his chin, Theo / Panic asked, "Tell me, Katita, what exactly does your family work with?"

His voice was quiet as he answered, "In Ravena City, my Clan deals in clothing stores, weapons, and restaurants."

He continued, "But we also raise gifted children to be sold on the black market as commodities. We also use them as human bombs, since they are easy to get people to lower their guard."

Though he expected such an answer, Theo was still furious to hear it from them.

Catching his breath, Katita continued, "We also sell human organs for a good price at auction on the black market, or through direct orders from powerful people. But, in general, the one who knows best about these people is my brother, who gave me these services."

Theo pretended to be surprised, "Oh, tell me a little bit about your brother."

"My brother's name is Jordan Wiz, he's a very powerful man, being in the Spiritual Kingdom. He has a lot of influence through the black market because he sells a lot of children and organs there," said Katita. "He also kidnaps people from powerful clans for ransom, or to try to steal their Lineages."

Theo threateningly asked, "If that's true, how come he hasn't been captured yet?"

Theo was puzzled about that. Since Jordan had dared to do this with someone loved by another person in the Spiritual Kingdom, he must have had some means of hiding his presence.

"I don't know how he managed that," said Katita. "But he must have a way of not being noticed by them. If not, even though my brother is in the Spiritual Kingdom, he would not have had the courage to do something like this."

"I see. Now tell me, you've brainwashed and enslaved many people, right?" Theo asked.

"Yes, I did that," Katita confirmed it.

"Did you take pleasure in it?" Theo asked, "Or did you do this only at the behest of your brother?"

"Hrm, at first, I essentially only did it because of the money I was making, but as time went on, I started to like it," Katita answered. "It was inevitable, and eventually, I had done it so many times that I started to like it."

Theo shook his head in disgust at such an answer, but continued on to ask, "Tell me, did you have an intimate relationship with your daughter?"

"That…" Katita hesitated, but Theo used even more mental power, controlling his mind.

"Yes, I did that. It all started when I saw my wife cheating on me with her father. At first, I thought about killing them both!" Katita said. "How could I bear to let that pass, right? But in the end, I was rotten enough, because after seeing that scene, I was more excited than ever."

"But then, my daughter Maura found out!" He closed his eyes. "Yet, she offered herself to me, saying that she was attracted to me, and I ended up not resisting her at all. I was already rotten inside, did not say no and ended up having intimate relations with her ever since then."


Theo was silent, it was too much for him to digest at once.

In the end, Theo took a deep breath and having nothing more to learn from Katita Kenedy, he made his scythe appear in his hand. It swiftly plunged through Katita's body.

From beginning to end, Katita didn't seem to be affected by it at all. Theo felt that from the start, Katita had already accepted his destiny, or maybe he even wanted it to end.