Chapter 202: Panic Interview Mauricio Kenedy Part 2
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Despite noticing this, Mauricio didn't take it to heart and kept trying to convince Theo that he was innocent. "Yes, I always thought of the best for people, so I was always trying to improve and help them."

"Good, good, good." Theo intensified his gaze from behind the mask. Even while wearing it, gold and red lights passed through it, causing those who were watching to get the chills.

They were very thankful to not be standing in front of Panic at that moment. It was scary even for them who were just watching through the stream.

"So, explain to me, what exactly is this?" Theo used his illusions to manifest the scene of the old room where Mauricio conducted his experiments.

"What the fuck is that?"

"How could anyone be so inhuman as to do that?"

"Is that really real?"

"Did this fat guy do that?"

"If it is, kill him, no, even better, torture him and feed him to the pigs!"

"You can't let him just die an easy death if he's done something so inhumane!"

Endless comments began to explode in the video's chat.

"No, no, I don't know anything about that. This is the first time I've seen anything like that!" Mauricio, who was initially trying to appear calm and prove his innocence, started screaming from the bottom of his lungs. He didn't expect his projects to surface.

Although Theo / Panic was showing exactly what he had done, how could he ever admit that he did it? Mauricio started screaming non-stop in denial and even started cursing the perpetrators, saying that they were monsters and should pay for it.

How foolish of him to think that Theo couldn't get him to admit it.

"What's that?"

Mauricio, who was screaming non-stop, felt something pass down his throat. He looked in terror at Theo because he didn't have any time to know what it was.

"If I were you, I'd think carefully about what you say next." Theo said, "What you just swallowed was a Pill. If you lie, now, you will be tortured to death. Maybe a genius like you've heard about it before, right?"

Mauricio was trembling in fear. He tried to move his hand and put his finger in his throat to vomit, but it was a futile attempt.

"I can't stop wondering, did you do that?" Theo asked, sinisterly.



"He doesn't want to talk, that must mean he really did it!"

"Kill, torture that bastard!"

"Lock him in a room full of starving rats and let them eat him alive!"

"Cut off that tiny penis of his."

The comments on the video kept increasing, along with the number of people who were watching it online. There were already five million people watching it live.

There were even some idiots who tried to track his location, but all they managed to find was as if Theo / Panic was online everywhere at the same time. That scared the shit out of him since that's never happened before.

Actually, that was another option the notebook had; Theo didn't find out about it until later. He could make it seem like he was at each and every one of the locations that had the "Twin Sisters Stones," making it look like he was in every place at the same time.

Because of that, he streamed this video live. He didn't have to worry anymore about someone trying to locate him.

"Answer me!" Theo / Panic roared, making Mauricio shit himself with fear. The pressure he was feeling from Theo's aura was superhuman, and his killing intent was even thicker than that of his Uncle Jordan Wiz, it nearly scared him to death.

"I… I did that." He admitted while trembling with fear. He knew what would happen if he lied, and he didn't want to be a victim of this Pill. He was someone who had studied a lot about human anatomy and about herbs and Pills, so he knew how torturous it would be if he lied now.

But he was also shitting himself from the fear of being tortured directly by Theo. He was feeling desperate, seeing no possibility of escape for himself.

Even his uncle, whom he believed to be a very strong man, Mauricio no longer had any hope left that he would have the chance to be saved by him.

"I really did it, but it was for a greater purpose!" Mauricio shouted desperately, "Thanks to those tests, I was able to understand even more about the human genome, and I was able to improve the human body. Do you know how amazing that is?"

Theo kept quiet, but for some reason, that only made Mauricio wrongly think that he still had a chance to survive. "I've really made a lot of discoveries! Look, I'm not lying. Otherwise, the Pill would have already come into effect, aren't I right?! I can give you all of my research, it can benefit you in getting even stronger!"

"You're sick." Theo said with contempt, "I don't need your research, and I don't think you should die an easy death."


Mauricio's words were stuck in his throat, he had no idea what to say to keep himself alive. He didn't want to die like this.

The people watching this video found Mauricio deplorable. They really wanted to there with "Panic" so they could torture him themselves!

Out of nowhere, Mauricio started screaming even louder than before. This occurred because his two hands had begun burning. Each cell of his arm was slowly burning, causing him agonizing pain. It was so severe that even someone like him, who liked to live more than anything, now wanted to die just to escape the pain.

He looked at "Panic" in search of forgiveness so he could make that pain stop. But that it only worsened his despair since his legs and penis now became engulfed in these blood-red flames.

These flames were not only burning his body but also his soul. Because of this, the pain he felt was beyond anything he ever thought possible. Even the people he had experimented on didn't suffer even half the pain he was feeling now.

Theo was also surprised to see that. After all, this was the first time he used those flames on anyone. In fact, they were the Faux Heavenly Fire's flames. Even if it wasn't the real Heavenly Fire, it was still feared since it could also burn a person's soul.

Many of the spectators who were watching were overwhelmed by fear, especially those who were in the Spiritual Kingdom. They knew what kind of flames these were, it was something that tormented them even in their dreams.

It was more than 30 minutes since Mauricio had started screaming like a pig being slaughtered, but he was still being burned by the flames. His eyes that had initially shone with the will to live were now no different from the eyes of a dead fish… No! Worse still, it was as if he had looked deep into the abyss, and was now in a pit of absolute despair.

Even those who looked at him in the video couldn't help but tremble with fear.

Theo didn't want to prolong the video much more, so he approached the camera and said, "This is the end of the first live interview of "Panic Interview." Until next time, who knows… by then, I might be in your town."

With those final words spoken, he ended the video, much to the dread of many. Even those who had done nothing wrong began to think through everything they did until now.

Even a disobedient son who was fighting with his mother, complaining about everything, began to cry and say he loved her and would never be disobedient again.