Chapter 204: A School? What Do You Mean? I’m Confused
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After hearing Theo, they remained silent, only the sounds of their breaths could be heard.

"Well, I'm about to go back to my village," Theo said. "Also, I'll be accepting new people to start living in the village, I will also give many job opportunities, and the right to buy techniques, Pills, weapons, etc.…"


They widened their eyes, surprised when they heard that announcement. Just by looking at this workshop they were in, they could see that it was extraordinary. Also, Theo had invaded the Kenedy Clan and rescued all of them, so it's easy to say that he's mighty.

Theo, who saw their surprised look, waited for them to calm down. By their words, he realized that some of them had already guessed that he would invite them, too.

"You must have guessed by now." Theo said, "I want to invite all of you to be part of my village. Furthermore, in my village, I intend to open a school for children between the ages of six and eighteen."

"A school? What do you mean? I'm confused." A woman, holding the hand of a ten-year-old boy, asked.

"I'm talking about school." Theo answered, "It is no different from a sect in which they teach their disciples to be strong. But in this school, I intend to create, they will not only learn to get stronger, but they would also have no ties as a sect. They would study and learn to use their Mana better; they would perform missions to obtain techniques, weapons and Pills."

"Theo," Said a middle-aged man. "That sounds too good to be true, but would we have to pay any monthly fees? I'm a poor man, but if possible, I'd like to let my son have that opportunity."

Theo said with a weak smile, "That's a good question. Actually, you don't have to pay me any fees. But make this clear: how far your children go will depend on only themselves. Since, to get new techniques, Pills and weapons, they would have to do tasks. The rewards will be better, depending on how well they do."

They started whispering among themselves. This proposal was very tempting for them. After all, Theo's offer to them was quite generous. But they couldn't understand why he would do this for them.

"Oh, yeah." Theo said, "It's not like I'm not going to benefit from this. You don't have to worry about it too much. Even though I want to help them, it doesn't mean they wouldn't be helping me, too."

Their minds were a bit confused for a while; they couldn't think of how this might be of any benefit to Theo.

"Daddy." Little Yui pulled up the sleeve of his shirt. "Daddy is doing this since they do these tasks that the school will give them, would they be of any help to Daddy?"

"Oh?! Hahahaha!" Theo laughed loudly. He put his hand on little Yui's head. "That's exactly it! As expected of my daughter, so clever!"

"Ehehe~" Little Yui smiled very happily at being praised, showing her sharp dragon teeth. "That's as natural as sunshine, because Yui is Daddy's daughter, after all!" She gave him a tight hug.

Theo couldn't help but hug her back. Thinking that his daughter was the cutest in the whole world!

The people who saw their interactions were amazed at their father's and daughter's affection for each other. They were also even more surprised by little Yui's intelligence.

"Isn't that girl cute?"

"She's so smart too!"

"I hadn't even guessed that's why Theo was going to run this school, but she could understand. That's pretty surprising."

Shina got closer and pulled little Yui close, hugging her, "I love this girl!"

Whispers came from people who haven't decided yet. "It's really a good proposal."

"Do you intend to accept?"

"I think so. Even if I don't have a future anymore, I still want to give my son a chance."

"Despite saying that he would benefit from the tasks that would be given to the children, I still think he's doing it with a good heart."

"I think so, too. This short time we spent with the people at this orphanage has already shown that he has a good heart."

"Yes, I remember them. Before they did not have high cultivation, they did not live as happily as they do now, either."

"In the end, thanks to Theo, they had their lives transformed."

"I don't want to miss this chance."

"Even if the Kenedy Clan doesn't bother us anymore, if I stay in this city, I won't get half of what these children from the Orphanage got."

Yuki, who realized that little Yui was getting a little uncomfortable, said to Shina, "Shina, you are suffocating Yui, aren't you?"

"Yes, Mommy." Little Yui agreed and said, "But Mommy can't blame her, Shina's very needy after all."

Yuki laughed, "Yes, you're right."


Shina showed her fangs in frustration when she heard that.

"Hehe." Yuki said, "Calm down, we're just kidding, right, Yui?"

"Huh?" Little Yui was confused at first, but then she said, "Mommy's right, it was just a joke, Shina."

"Wow, you guys are drifting away from the subject more and more." Said Zaika.

"It's true." Said Aryan, "Everybody's looking at you instead of making a decision."

"Ohh!" They looked at each other in the eye, then they were embarrassed at being so oblivious.

Theo smiled at their interaction. He was in no hurry to get his answers. "I'm still going to stay for two days in Ravena City. They can take that time to think, if they want to go out and see their families, that's fine. If you want to come with us, you don't have to be here until the day after tomorrow."

They nodded in understanding. Some said goodbye, while others stayed in the Workshop.

The Workshop was full of whispers and discussions full of positive energy away.

Theo approached and sat on a nearby brown leather sofa.

Shina got close. Theo arched one of his eyebrows, he could see that she was acting strange, differently from before.

"Did something happen, Shina?" Theo asked.

"I… I," Shina took a deep breath and said, "You know that song you sang?"

"Yeah." Theo asked, "I noticed you recording on your cell phone… don't tell me you…?"

"I'm sorry," Shina said, threatening to let tears flow from her eyes. "I put the video on the internet. It wasn't my intention to leave it up for a long time, I was just happy, and, I, I ended up forgetting that I had posted it."

"Silly girl." Theo smiled, "Is that what you were worried about?"

"Yes, but now, the video has received over a million hits!" Shina exclaimed.

"Oh, so that's it." Theo asked, "But wouldn't everything be solved if you just take down the video?"

"Yeah, but I thought it was a shame since a lot of people liked it," Shina answered with regret.

"Is that right?" Theo didn't care that much about it. In the end, it was just him singing.

"Yeah, look, they really liked it!" Shina said, showing some of the comments.



[Fuck! I'm sorry, I have the creeps. Has anyone else's day changed there?]

[This kid sings too much, IT'S CRAZY!]


[Beautiful music, beautiful voice!]

[Does anybody know who he is? I want to hear him sing another song!!!]

[More people, what about those songs and singers? I loved them!]

[What a beautiful song and a beautiful voice. 🥰🥰]

"Oh, there's a lot of comments," Theo exclaimed at the sight of them.

"Yeah, lots! Is it okay if I leave the video up?" Shina asked.


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