Chapter 205: Arrival of Thereza’s Mother
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"Sure, no problem." Theo smiled at her.

"Good!" Shina sighed with relief.

"You worry too much, Shina," Theo said, lightly pinching her soft cheeks.

Shina puffed up her cheeks and whispered, "I can't help it, I don't want you to be mad at me."

Theo couldn't help but smile when he saw her acting cute like that. He even felt compelled to take her into his arms and kiss her, but he knew she was very embarrassed, so he restrained himself.

Walking towards them, the beautiful Elftree, Thereza, approached Theo. Her eyes were a little red, clearly showing that she had been crying.

"Theo, thank you so much for lending me your cell phone." Thereza handed him the cell phone, then bowed deeply, showing how grateful she was for everything he had done for her.

"You don't have to be so formal." Theo waved his hands and asked, "Were you able to speak with your mother? She's coming to pick you up, right?"

"Yes!" Thereza rubbed her hands in her eyes, she smiled. "She was already coming for me when I called her. It won't take her long to get here."

Theo smiled and said, "I'm happy for you."

"Thank you." She nodded with a gleeful smile.

Hannah, who hadn't left yet, also approached Thereza and bowed to the other princess as she said, "Theo, this Princess is also going home now that everything has been sorted out. Thank you so much for everything you've done for the people of Ravena City and for me."

"I see." Theo said, "Do you need someone to take you back?"

"I'll be fine," Hannah replied. "This Princess still knows this city like the back of her hand."

"Well, if anything happens, you can come to talk to us." Theo smiled.

"Thank you, this Princess is happy to have met all of you!" She smiled brightly, showing her perfectly aligned white teeth.

Theo smiled and said, "You're welcome."




The many people that Theo had saved had already returned to their homes and families. However, Theo didn't enter the Dimensional Room to start helping people inside the room yet. He was expecting a "visit" from someone in the Spiritual Kingdom.

"Aw-hahaha!" A very unique laugh echoed in the entrance to the workshop. "We're back!"

It was Jka and his wife Klin, walking hand-in-hand.

"How'd it go?" Theo asked, "Did you finish buying everything you wanted?"

"Yeah," Klin kindly smiled. "It was all thanks to you, who had lent us this dimensional bag."

"Hmm, it can be yours if you do what I asked before. I can't just give it all away for free, after all." Theo smiled.

"Aw-hahaha." Jka laughed and said. "You can be sure we also don't want to depend only on your generosity, we'll pay for it soon."

Of course, both Jka and Klin were not the people that Theo was expecting from the Spiritual Realm. But yes, Thereza's mother was about to arrive.

After talking to Jka and Klin, it was now lunchtime. So, they all went out to eat outside because there were together with so many people for lunch. Yuki, Shina and Ariana, and some other women who knew how to cook made the food.

They set out a big table with plenty of seats. It held a large variety of food with many different types of specialties served.

There were even some delicacies that Theo didn't know about. These were made by people from different kinds of cultures and races, so he had never experienced them before.

Many children were impressed with this display. They had never seen so many delicious foods in one place. Despite how long they were in the workshop, they never ran out of food.

But, before, back when the problems with the Kenedy Clan was not yet solved, they couldn't leave the workshop. Nor did they have enough people to prepare so many delicacies in such volumes. In the end, they had only been eating the simplest of dishes.

"Thereza, your mother is here to pick you up." At that moment, a female voice rang out from above.

She was a beautiful woman with green hair.

Theo was a little surprised, but not too much since he had already been aware that she was in the Spiritual Kingdom. Even he, who had a potent Divine Sense, was not able to detect her approach.

Of course, that doesn't mean it didn't surprise other people. They just didn't scream out in fear because they knew Thereza's mother was coming, and they also knew she was very powerful.

"Mommy!" Thereza, who had a plate of food in her hand, almost dropped it on the floor at the arrival of her mother.

It didn't take Thereza's mother even a second to arrive in front of her daughter and give her a big hug. "My daughter, I'm so sorry I couldn't find you sooner."

She disregarded everything, even being a person in the Spiritual Realm, as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"It's not your fault, Mom." Thereza was crying loudly with her. She let out all the bitterness from her chest, all the times she had suffered while being kept away from her family.

Yuki, who was the closest to them, levitated the plate in Thereza's hand since it was about to crash to the ground.

"Thank you." Thereza's mother, Rosario, thanked her.

"Mmm." Yuki nodded with a light smile.

The arrival of Thereza's mother caused a bit of restlessness in the observers due to the aura of superiority she exuded. It was not as if Rosary was doing it on purpose, it was just her natural aura from being in the Spiritual Kingdom.

In fact, she was already restraining much of her aura, so it would not affect them as profoundly.

But for these people, the aura of someone in the Wizard Kingdom would be enough to suppress them. Imagine how bad it would be if Rosario let her aura leak.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Theo." Seeing them calm down, Theo politely greeted Rosario.

Rosario looked Theo over from top to bottom and smiled as she replied in kind, "My name is Rosario, thank you for helping my daughter."

"It was no big deal." Theo smiled, clumsily.

Rosario smiled back; she could see that he was different from the other men she had met before. Even tall and powerful men looked at her with lust and greed, which disgusted her. But, to her surprise, Theo did not look at her like that at all.

Because of this, she found this boy in front of her to be very pleasing to her eyes. Besides, it was astonishing to her the moment she perceived his Lineage…

But in Theo's mind, all he wanted to know was how significant the disparity was between himself and someone from the Spiritual Kingdom. He tried to analyze her strength, but her powers were unfathomable to him.

Finally, Rosario noticed that they had been in the middle of lunch. Because she wanted to thank them for helping her daughter, she hasn't departed yet, but she kept herself at a distance because she knew that it would make them feel less discomfort.

"Pretty lady." Little Yui approached with a plate full of food from Rosario and Thereza, she said. "Are you hungry? This food is delicious!"

Rosario looked at little Yui in surprise, she found her aura familiar but didn't let it show on her face. She smiled and replied, "Since a cute little girl like you is stating that, it must be really truly delicious."

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