Chapter 206: What a pure lineage!
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Yuki approached, she put her hands on Little Yui's shoulders and said, "Yui, don't bother them."

"Yui is not bothering, Yui was just worried that they were hungry, but she was ashamed to talk." Little Yui answered.

Rosario looked at Yuki and was surprised once again: "What a pure lineage!"

Rosario was so distracted that she hadn't noticed it before, she was already very surprised by the line she felt from Theo, but now she noticed that it wasn't just him who had such a special lineage.

"She's not bothering, actually, she's really a lovely girl." Rosario smiled, "How did you two meet?"

Yuki was on alert with this question, but she managed to calm down and answered, "She's my daughter."

"Yui is the daughter of Yuki and Theo." Little Yui then said, proudly steaming his chest.

Although she was surprised by this answer, since she knew they weren't connected by blood, Rosario wasn't someone who liked to meddle in the lives of others.

She smiled when she said, "I see, you guys are really adorable."

Yuki was embarrassed to be called adorable by her. Little Yui had a happy smile on her face, as she heard her and his dear mother being called adorable.

Theo, who was not far from them, could hear and see all his actions. He was initially worried, as he could see in a subtle way, but a slight change of expression in Rosary, although Theo had given Little Yui a necklace that hides his aura and smell, he could not hide in front of Rosary who is in the Spiritual Kingdom.

Thereza asked, "Mom, are we coming back today?"

"Hmm..." Rosario became thoughtful with that question. "I'll talk to Theo before we go, okay?"

"Right." Thereza didn't think much about it and nodded.

In the end, Thereza filled a plate with food and joined her mother. Soon after, she did the same for her.

Theo was relieved to see that the conversation of Yuki, Yui and Rosario had not taken a strange turn. But he still thought about talking to her about it, since she seemed to know the origins of Little Yui.

Theo also found himself wondering why Rosario came flying and didn't use a more practical way to move, just as he saw the human Mei Zong using something very similar to a spaceship to move around.

"Maybe, even something like that, can't compare to someone's speed in the Spiritual Kingdom moving?" Theo had this doubt.

Of course, he knew that if he used his movement technique, he would be able to move even faster than the speed of sound, but when he reached that speed, his real mana would wear out at an alarming speed, so it was impossible for him to travel for so long using his movement technique.

Theo also had many things that he saw in the system store, which he was interested in buying, like a floating chest that reached almost MACH 3. The ark was 72 meters high, the equivalent of a 24-story building, 50 meters wide and 362 meters long.

That chest was a level-six artifact. With a value of 100 million points in the system. As he still had many things to consider, Theo had not yet decided to buy it or not, but the temptation to have it was great.

But in the end, he decided not to buy it. At least not now.


Yuki turned around. Suddenly, she realized Theo was very thoughtful: "What's wrong?"

"No big deal, just thinking about a few things, you don't have to worry," Theo answered with a slight smile.

"Hrm, right." Yuki nodded when he saw Theo's expression returned to normal.



An hour later, they had already finished eating. How Rosario seemed to want to talk to him. Theo and Rosario entered the orphanage, accompanied by Thereza, Yuki, Shina, Zaika, and Ariana.

Meanwhile, Zaira stayed with Lorraine to take care of the children.

"Once again, I'm extremely grateful that you saved my daughter!" Rosario said sitting on a couch on the opposite side of Theo.

"You don't necessarily have to thank me; I had my reasons for doing that," Theo answered seriously.

"Even if it is that." Rosario said, "It doesn't change the fact that you saved my daughter."

"Fine." Theo scratched his face and said, "You're welcome."

Rosario smiled, she liked Theo's honesty. At first, she was reluctant to do that, but now she had no more doubts.

Removing from a storage ring a gallon of 50 liters full of clear liquid inside.

She said, "I want to give it to you for helping my daughter. This water is something very special." Rosario explained: "1 liter of this water is enough to cleanse 100% of the impurities in your body. You must be able to understand how good and rare that is, right?"

"Mom, can you really do this?" Thereza raised her voice surprise, she knew how precious this water is.

"Yeah." Rosario smiled, "I have no doubt, he saved my precious daughter after all."

"Mommy...!" Thereza felt touched and eager to cry again but managed to contain herself at the last minute.

Theo just as everyone looked surprised at this gallon, didn't expect it to be so special. But Theo was in doubt, wouldn't that have Kingdom restrictions?

He then decided to ask: "This water, working in the same way, independent of the Kingdom of cultivation?"

"Oh, that's a good question." Rosario was a little surprised by her question, but she still answered: "She can purify 100% of the impurity even someone in the Higher Wizard Kingdom. In the case of the Spiritual Kingdom, the effects are falling, but even if it is not 100%, it is still of great help, even more so because of the difficulty that human beings who arrive in the Spiritual Kingdom have to cleanse the impurity of their bodies".

"I see." Theo put his hand on his chin and started thinking.

He could now imagine the approximate value of these waters that Rosario gave. But even so, he didn't intend to refuse, since it will help to improve his cultivation and the people he cares about.

Theo blinked brightly in his eyes: "Thank you, I'll accept with gratitude!"


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