Chapter 3: Goblin Village and the strange elder
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"I beg you, have pi-piety gobu!"

"He talk?!"

Goblins talk? I thought they were no different than animals, maybe capturing elven knight to breed or something.

The muscular Goblin who seems to be the leader notices my surprise and widens his eyes shivering even more than he already was while cringing even more on the ground.

I wonder if he is cold.

Wearing only a rag as clothes must not provide good protection. Although if you think about it, I've been naked since the moment I came into this world as I wander around, they are more civilized than I am...

"Huh, sorry but could you stand up? It's a little hard to talk like this"


The five then quickly get up and straighten up although they are still stiff looking at me.

"So can you guys start explaining better what you want to tell me?"

"Sure, the problem is..."

"And for this I beg you to have mercy on us, gobu," said the goblin. 

As I understand it, that first goblin I killed was part of these goblin gangs.

Other goblins who went to investigate what happened to their colleague followed the trail of dead monsters, and when they tried to get close to me... They were all killed without even realizing it.

The big Goblin being strange about the situation gathered a team thinking it was a crazy monster or something to face, but ended up bumping into my fight against the fire gorilla, seeing that I could talk he thought negotiating with food would be the most appropriate.

"I see"

"Then if you need more kills use mine, gobu. All I ask is that you let those that are left survive"

The other subordinates that were standing nearby widened their eyes seeing their boss offering himself as a sacrifice.

"Hey, what do you think I am? It's not like I'm going to kill you" 


We are in a forest with several other monsters trying to kill each other for survival so it doesn't look like he is seeking revenge, that's just the way things are in nature and he seems to understand that well.

Those goblins would probably die fighting one day or another but still he wants to protect those that are left as much as possible.

"First of all, what is your name?"

"It's goburo, gobu"

"Goburo, huh. I don't want any sacrifice but I want you to answer some questions, okay?" I say this as I smile placing my finger in front of my mouth.

Goburo is a little reluctant but shakes his head in agreement.

At the moment, I'm with the goblins going to their base.

At first I asked if it was okay to let a complete stranger who killed part of their citizens go to their base but Goburo just gave a wry smile and started to talk about how if I wanted to I could devastate the village in the blink of an eye.

Does he think I'm some kind of walking calamity?

As we were walking I asked him where exactly is this forest we are in but he just said vague things like "east of the black dragon volcano" and "west of a human kingdom".

At least with this information I already know that there are human civilizations in this world, later on I want to visit to see what it is like.

The problem was when I asked for example what mana is, he just looked at me perplexed saying "Mana is mana" without understanding the question. I think it's like asking someone "what is air?", "what is earth?", unless you have a good vocabulary level the question becomes confusing.

I also asked about whether they see the status and the screen when they get experience and they just behaved as if this RPG system is the most normal thing in the world.

In the end I kept asking more banal things like the vegetation of the place and what kind of monsters live around here.

"Welcome to the goblin village! Gobu"

Finally we arrived.

Seriously, the number of turns and crossings we had to make to get here was no joke, I have my doubts if I would be able to return to where I was alone.

The village of the Goburo and the others is in a cave, from the outside it looks like a very common cave but when we entered there was an opening with a ladder that led to an open area where the other goblins were. 

About the village itself, the houses are rustic so to speak but it is surprisingly well done, it looks as if I were in a small farming town.

I feel like the idea I had of a cave full of goblins is crumbling.

"So big sister, I think we better introduce you to the elder first" Said one of the goblins who were accompanying me.

I am glad that they are more comfortable with me but since when did I become their sister?

We kept walking and arrived at a house a little larger than the others although it was still quite modest, it was the only one facing the cave wall so it stood out from the others.

"Hey, we're home! Gobu" 

Goburo knocks on the wooden door and I can hear the sound of someone walking, the ground even shakes a little.

"Oh I see you have finally arrived, have you managed to figure out what it is that was disturbing us?"

What came out of the house was a Goblin with unnecessarily large muscles, his hands were so big that he was keeping himself upright with his hands, if it wasn't for the long ears and nose and green skin I would think he was some sort of hairless gorilla. 

Other than that the supposed elder had a well trimmed beard and some scars across his face showing his battle experience, which gives him a "retired neighborhood military" look.

The Elder looks at me narrowing his face as if analyzing my entire small body and then turns to Goburo with a face of disgust and disappointment.

"I never thought you would stoop so low as to kidnap a mere child, Goburo. I guess I didn't teach you good manners properly." 

He then crouches down and smiles at me as if I were a lost and afraid child.

"Of course not! gobu" Goburo then protests and takes me in one of his arms as if I were a doll and points at my back with his other hand.

"That's right look, she has wings, no doubt she's a fairy!" Protests the other goblin as well.

"Hmm, I don't understand the situation, come on in and explain it to me better" Says the elder putting his huge hand on his chin.

At the moment me, the Elder and Goburo are all sitting in front of a table telling about how we met and about the "mysterious" case of the dead goblins.

I asked if the other goblins didn't want to participate since they were witnesses too but they just said there was no need and started to sweat and ran somewhere, I think they felt like going to the bathroom or something.

"Let me see if I understand you correctly, are you telling me that you killed all our colleagues who went hunting nearby and after killing all of them you had the courage to come here?"

"That's right" I answer quietly crossing my arms.

Before that, Goburo just tried to calm things down, but honestly, in this kind of situation it's better to tell the naked truth, misunderstandings will only create more problems.

A vein appears in the Elder's head although he is still keeping his composure.

"You did well to bring this girl here Goburo but I think your presence is no longer necessary in this conversation"

Goburo understanding the message leaves the scene without any resistance. I don't understand what is going on but he seems to know what is going to happen next.

"These kids nowadays are pretty daring, do you think you can come here and go out killing my colleagues?"

An aura appears around the elder and a certain breeze of wind starts to hit me.

So this is magic, huh. I thought it would be more... exciting. Honestly, it's not even on the level of a mini fan.

The Elder widens his eyes and seems to be a bit tense, maybe he has a thing for the cold that his own magic makes?

"V-I see you're not just anyone then, how about that!"

With this stereotypical villain dialogue the aura emanating from him gets stronger and stronger and my hair starts to fly back with the force of the wind but that's it.

"That's cool, this one could even be used for washing clothes, maybe"

It's not a useless magic but I don't understand how it could help him in this discussion.

The Elder strangely starts looking at me like he is looking at the demon himself but what happened next is what surprised me the most.

"I SURRENDER!!!" Shouts the Elder putting his huge hands up as he trembles.

"Eh?" I say tilting my head

Hey guys, thanks for reading!

Well, that chapter is a bit strange but i swear in the next chapter I'll explain it better XD It's probably going to be a POV to show the other characters' point of view of all this so it's going to be called something like "chapter 3.5"