Chapter 4: Magic Training
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"Are you ready?"

"Whenever you're ready."

I throw a disc in Robu's direction.

The disc flies high almost reaching the ceiling of the cave but takes a turn coming down to the other side.

"I got it, I got it!"

Robu runs as fast as he can and jumps up to the wall and manages to make a leap catching the disc in the air.

"Look Big Sister, I got it!"

"All right, now all you have to do is throw it back"

It has been two days since I came to this village. I asked Elder to let me stay while I think about what I am going to do next and he let me sleep in his house during my stay here. Even though he sometimes has some strange attitudes, he is a good person.

About the frisbee, I just took a piece of wood and fashioned it into a disk so that we could play since I was getting bored with doing nothing.

I had also carved a board and checkers pieces but they were duly stolen by Elder and the other older goblins who pressed me to teach them how to play...

"Okay, now teach the others how it works I need to go do something, okay?"

"Yes!" Robu then leaves and goes to show the frisbee to his friends on the other side of the square we were in.

I walk into Mister Elder's house and he seemed to be doing push-ups in the living room but how can I put a kind of extreme way maybe? He had a huge rock on his back as he was doing the push-ups. I walk up to him and say what I came here to ask.

"Mister Elder do you have a minute?"

"Can't you see I'm busy, who has the audacity to come to my house like this- Ah! Fairy-Sama"

When he realizes it's me his eyes widen and he quickly gets up placing the stone on the floor.

"I told you it doesn't have to be so formal, you know, it's kind of uncomfortable"

"Of course not, how can I disrespect fairy-sama"

I end up snorting as I put my hand to my head.

He's been treating me like this since when I said I would stay here, well it doesn't seem like it's out of spite so it's best to leave it alone for now.

"Anyway, getting to the point I came here because I want to ask you to teach me magic.

"Teach you magic? Me?" Elder blinks his eyes seeming not to understand what I said.

"Yes, when we met what you used was magic right?"

"It was but... aren't you a fairy? I thought you were magic experts, unlike me who is a goblin so I can only use magic with no attribute" Elder narrows himself to hear my answer.

"I guess it should be that way but in my case..."

I then explain to Elder about the fact that I was born only three days ago and about how I was able to evolve by pure luck after I defeated a rabbit monster after it fell off a cliff. 

I didn't tell him about the fact that I was reincarnated and remember my previous life, my story is absurd enough if you put reincarnation in the middle of it, it would be unbelievable.

"I knew you were strange but to think that this would be your story, I understand, I will teach you, but don't expect too much."

After accepting my request Elder and I left the cave and went to the forest to train.

"So fairy-sama let's get started, it's quite simple, first of all you must sense and absorb the mana that is around you"

Elder then concentrates and I can see the aura that I had seen before forming around him.

"Then you just have to gather that mana into your body and release it"

When he says this I can feel that same feeling as before as if a small breeze has hit me, so that's just it, huh.

"In my case I'm a goblin so I can only manifest my pure magic outwards so it's better to keep it inside me by circulating it increasing my physical strength, but other races can manifest differently, there are some exceptions but in general every living being has at least one of the basic elements: water, fire, earth, air, light, dark and null"

I think I understand. I close my eyes and start trying to feel the mana around me.

"I got it, it's a weird feeling like I'm submerged in something"

"Good, the image you have is the most important thing, try to pull that energy you are feeling towards you and then manifest it, usually the first thing that comes to your mind when you get wrapped in mana is your element"

I do what Mister Elder said and try to pull the mana to me, it's like I'm some kind of conductor, that's it, let's continue with that image.

I then imagine this energy coming to me and the first thing that comes to my mind is... a breeze? It's as if I feel a wind blowing over me.

With this idea in mind I reach out my hand and imagine this gale going in the direction it is pointing.


I hear a explosion coming from where I was pointing.

When I open my eyes the trees in front of me have simply disappeared.

Some wooden debris was still falling from the sky and a circular trail could be seen on the ground.

Did I do that? Dangerous, very dangerous. Magic really is no joke.

"So Mr. Elder, i did well?"

When I look to the side Mister Elder was paralyzed with his mouth open looking at the debris.

"... Mister Elder?"

"Huh? Oh, Sorry, you were great! as expected from a fairy, you have a talent for magic haha"

Mister Elder then smacks my head as if I were a child.

"Stop, that hurts!" I say with watery eyes.

Where did that formal guy from before go?!

(Elder - POV)

Do I take it back, demon? This is already at the level of a dragon in human form!

This girl just destroyed the whole place with a single gale and she says this was the first time she used magic?!

Who the hell is this kid?

She said she was a Pixie when she was born, but Pixies are sweet beings with no consciousness who just wander around feeding on mana until they get enough to evolve into another being, in all my life I've never heard of one who actively not only tried to fight but also managed to kill a monster bigger than herself. Life is sometimes like that...

At least with her stay I could realize that, at the very least, this fairy has no bad intentions towards us, and I hope that this will never change.

That day, I swore in my heart that I would never oppose this girl under any circumstances.

(Back to the MC POV)

After teaching me how to use magic, Mr. Elder just taught me how to regulate my mana so that I can release winds with less power and how to make the mana circulate through my body as well, increasing my physical capabilities a bit.

The problem is that afterwards he just ran off saying "I have nothing more to teach, I'll meet you at home!" without saying anything else.

Well, anyway, I continued my training by making a circular wind ball around me but that's boring.

I have 4000 mana so I'm sure even if I made thousands of these balls all day my mana still wouldn't run out, fairies are really scary.

"What if..."

I wrap myself in a layer of air and get into running position.

"Now let's run as fast as we can."

I then cause the air to pull me forward as I run and...

"Eh? When did I get here?" 

Next thing I know I'm in front of the cave where the goblin village is.

Wait, wait, wait.

How fast did I go?! Creepy.

I continue to train going back and forth with this technique and I fly around the cave as well until I get tired.

After who knows how many turns I took, I got tired and went back to Mr. Elder's house and we are now having dinner together with Goburo.

The dinner is rabbit meat accompanied by a vegetable salad, I feel that this scene doesn't contrast well with goblins but they are devouring the food with great fervor so I eat too.

"The elder told me that you were learning to use magic, is that true? Gobu"

"Yes, mages are amazing! But I still have quite a bit to train, tomorrow how about we fight to test it out? I think it'll be fun"

"N-no, I'll pass this time Gobu" Says Goburo while sounding off a bit at my suggestion.

"Stop talking and eat!" Says Lord Elder knocking on the table, however after a while he himself continues to talk.

"Besides you better sleep well tonight because tomorrow the three of us have an appointment"

"Where are we going?" Maybe hunting? but if so we could have done it today.

"To the council of forest"