Chapter 5: The city of orcs
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"How did I look? Cute, isn't it?"

"Oh, it looks much better gobu"

I finally put my nudist past aside and got myself an outfit!

Soon after I arrived, I asked the village craftsman to make some garments for me and they were finally ready this morning. It is just a white silk shirt made from the web of a spider monster with a hole for my wings and a black wool pant, very simple and functional.

"Are you getting ready yet? Come on, they're waiting out front" Mr. Elder calls us to go.

"Yes!" Goburo and I answer enthusiastically.

"Almost forgot, take it, it's for you" 

Mr. Elder then throws a scabbard with a dagger in it to me, it was a shiny iron dagger with a black handle. It is a suitable weapon as I want to specialize in speed.

"For me? Thank you! I will keep it forever."

I give the older man a smile as I place the dagger at my waist.

"D-do you like it? Good, now let's go" Mr. Elder says embarrassed.

Yes, succumb to my cuteness! Muahahaha

When we left the cave, the one who greeted us was a humanoid German shepherd dog, the famous Kobold. He was dressed in a formal suit that looked like it came out of some Victorian-era butler's closet.

"Lord Noburo, I see you have already called your companions"

"Yes, it has been a long time, Arch, you have grown since we last saw each other."

Stopping to think that I didn't know the name of the Elder Lord until now, what's with all these matching names?

We walked into the more open area of the forest and there was a Wivern with some sort of hut on his back.

"You have a Wyvern pet? That's so cool!"

"Hahaha, is this the first time you've seen a domesticated smaller dragon, little girl? That's nostalgic, I remember the first time I saw one when I was smaller and I had the same reaction" Lord Arch looks at me and plays with my head messing up my hair a bit.

"Now let's get going, today's meeting is especially important"

Wivern then ducks down and we enter the hut.

Inside it was very comfortable and soft, like in a first class cabin I once went to together with the management of the company I worked for, what kind of people will we meet where we are going? I'm really looking forward to finding out.

As we were flying to the council site, I get close to Mister Arch and try to chat with him for a bit.

"Sorry to bother you, but can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, if i can answer it"

"What exactly is the forest council?"

"Eh? Noburo didn't tell you anything?" Arch then looks at Goburo and the Elder Lord who were sleeping in the back seat.

"No, they just dragged me here with them saying I would be useful as protection" 

It's a bit questionable for two muscular goblins to use a self-proclaimed poor defenseless girl as a bodyguard, but I had nothing to do anyway.

"They haven't changed a thing ..." Arch snorts looking at the two of them and then explains to me how the forest council works.

Every few years various races that have rational abilities and can communicate come together to maintain ties with each other and keep the power dynamic within the forest, avoiding wars over territories and keeping the peace.

As much as this meeting does not completely prevent skirmishes between the tribes, it at least ensures that if one race tries to attack others without a clear reason, it will be despised by the others and will be excluded from trade relations, or at worst be expelled from the council and anyone could invade the invader's territory without any repercussions for the invader.

Until a few decades ago goblins were not even considered to join the council, because they were seen as barbaric beings who would never have the mental capacity to participate in the negotiations and diplomacy that take place there, only living in caves and destroying the vegetation and the ecosystem they pass through like pests.

Arch then tells me that everything changed when Noburo evolved into a [Goblin Berserker King], which is the top of what a goblin warrior can aim for in life. He began to see how goblins were killed without mercy not only by humans, but also by the other monster races, and he committed himself to learning the language of this world.

When he finally managed to learn to communicate, he united all the goblins in the vicinity in his banner teaching them to speak as well and began to relate to other races until he gained enough confidence to join the council and the goblins were recognized as rational beings like  we see. 

"If someone told me a few years before the Goblins were recognized, I could only think that person was very drunk"

"Mister Elder is amazing ..." I can't even imagine how much determination he had to have to do all this.

"Look, I know we haven't met, but you seem to be very close to Noburu, promise you will protect him while you are with him?" Arch looks at me seriously as he says this, analyzing my response.

"Of course!" I say as I give him an angelic smile.

 This is needless to say. I killed most of his hunting unit and yet he was compassionate enough to let me stay until I could travel and teach me magic on top of it.

If it wasn't for him, I'd probably still be wandering around alone.

"Glad to hear it, you are a good girl. Enjoy the rest of the trip, we should arrive soon."

"Hey, wake up, you guys are going to sleep there all day ?!"

I punch Goburo and the Elder Lord in the head forming a bump on both of them, causing them both to wake up.

"Just a little longer Gobu" Goburo tries to go back to sleep, but I push him out of the hut.

"Arghh, are we there yet?" Says the Elder Lord as he puts his hand to his head.

"Frankly ... I'm sorry about that, Mister Arch."

"Don't worry, I expected something like this, they'd better rest anyway" 

We left the Wyvern and went to a huge iron gate of a fortress-town.

Lord Arch approaches and an orc in armor comes forward.

"Let's see, Goburo-Sama and Noburo-Sama have arrived. And what do we have here, a fairy?"

"She came with us as our escort to the meeting," Lord Elder replies to the Orc guard.

"I see... that's fine, you guys can go through. HEY, YOU IDIOTS, OPEN THE GATE!"

The Orc was apparently calling out to other guards, who then opened the large gate while shouting things like "Come! Let's go!".

"Gentlemen, I hope you enjoy your stay, welcome to the city of the Orc tribe!"

We arrived at our destination and what we saw was quite unexpected. At least to me. 

"Hey, Goburo, didn't the Guard say that this here was the orc city?"

"Of course it is Gobu, I come here from time to time"

"Then why are there so many people here?"

"Oh that, gobu. The orc town is one of the few trading points that exist in the forest so many races come here to sell their wares"

As Goburo said the town was a complete pandemonium, Lamia, Orcs, Trolls, Skeletons, Slimes, every kind of race of monsters could be seen. There were even some beings that looked like floating eyes out there.

About the aesthetics of the city is quite disorganized with several large buildings and other small ones occupying the same space with several alleys everywhere you look, as if the founders of the city had punched anyone in the stomach who even mentioned the idea of urban planning.

"Not only that, today is a special day, the leader of the orcs gave the brilliant idea of a festival in which a presentation of the leaders will take place so that everyone can see the full potential of each tribe along with the meeting, so several people came to see." Said Mister Arch entering the conversation.

"Mister Elder, are you also going to come in?"

"Huh? Oh, s-sorry. Of course I will! Mister Elder then flexes his arms showing off his biceps.

You're not going to do a bodybuilding show, are you? 

As we continue to talk I feel a slight discomfort, this is strange, it's like that time Mister Elder manifested his mana but much more subtle, surely something is wrong.

Mister Elder seems to have noticed too since he keeps looking from one side to the other while Arch just keeps walking and Goburo went to a food stall to eat a meat skewer.

I stand with my hand on the handle of my dagger waiting for something to happen and make a thin layer of air cover me with magic.

"Ara, Ara what a cute little thing we have here" I hear a female voice behind me and feel two arms around my shoulders.


I pull the woman in front of me knocking her down and place my dagger in her neck.

"Who are you?"

"WAIT, WAIT! You're kidding, noburo-kun, save me! Calm down, I AM SAGRING?! You're going to break my neck!" The woman starts screaming and crying drawing the attention of everyone on the street to us.

"Melisa? What are you doing?" Mister Elder says surprised to the woman, as they seem to know each other I let her go.

"What the hell have you been teaching to the children in your territory?!" Melisa says to mister Elder as she stands up and cleans her dress.

She was a tanned mature looking woman with voluptuous curves and long red hair, would it be rude to say she looks like a harlot?

At first glance she looks like a human but she had two horns sticking out of her forehead and a cape on her back.

"Mister Elder, do you know her?"

"Ah yes, Fairy-sama this is melisa, the leader of the succubus"

"Pleasure, I know we haven't had the best of first interactions but if you like we can get to know each other better later in body and soul, if you know what I mean " When melisa says this she winks at me making my spine go cold for some reason.

"N-no, I'll pass, thanks"

POV change - ????

"Then we will begin the forest council" I proclaim starting the meeting.

After years this day is finally here, huh. I have waited years to put this plan into action, I cannot let this opportunity pass.

Each representative of the forest races is here, each could bring a maximum of two trusted companions as bodyguards to listen so there are about 40 people in the room with the leaders of each tribe around the table and their bodyguards standing next to their leaders.

Noburo, the legendary berserker who managed to unite the goblins was sitting while looking bored with his hand resting on the table and around him a stout hobgoblin and... a human girl? Well who cares, he is not the kind of person who would use a child to show off, there must be a letter in the manga to that effect.

Melisa, the leader of the succubi and by far the best magician in the place was standing next to another succubus while looking into a pocket mirror.

These two are the two we have to keep an eye on the most, but who cares?

Here and now we will crush them all! HAHAHA

Hey guys, what's up? This chapter was supposed to be out earlier but the wit here updated it by accident and I lost half of the chapter and had to rewrite it.

Finally the plot is moving along and for those who are wondering about the MC's name I want to leave it for a special event a little later XD.

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