Chapter 10 – Time to make roads
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Saya - Pov

It's been a few days since I woke up and went back to the mountains.

So far the days have been normal, coordinating a few hunts now and then and keeping everything in order.

At the moment I was sharpening the tip of my arrows in my cave.

As much as I enjoy visiting the Orc city from time to time I was missing my tribe.

"Baba good you came, how are the supplies?"

"It's great child. We got several species these days. We even have a surprise for you!"

"That's good, you didn't have to, really.

"Don't be so modest Saya, so far you have been a great chief for our tribe, your father would be proud of you"

Baba crouches down and pats my head.

"Gee, I'm already an adult..."

"Haha you sure are!" 

Baba is practically an elder of our tribe, she is a harpy much older than my father.

I honestly don't know how old she is, she looks the same as long as I can remember, but whenever I try to ask her she just nudges me saying it's rude to ask "a lady's age".

Even with this way of her I can't imagine leading the harpies without her, even more so now that my father is gone.

"Now come, come. 
Your surprise must be about to be slaughtered by now.

Wait, slaughtered? 

I then left together with Baba to see my "gift.

When we went to the center of the tribe there was something being hidden by a cloak of leaves.

"Are you ready? Surprise!"

Baba then pulls back the cloak.

"How do you like it, this thing had the audacity to fly around nearby and..."

While she was bragging I touch it.

"Huh, I think you'd better look at your present"

"Why? ... What?!"

When Baba turned around there was a girl standing over a man from our tribe who was passed out with an axe in his hand.

"Oh Saya, so this is where you live. Is he a friend of yours? Don't worry, he is still alive.... I think" The girl says while smiling at me still sitting cross legged on top of the harpy man.

"Y-y-you guys... know each other?" Baba says looking at me.

I nod in confirmation as I snort.


Charlotte POV

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" 

A Grandma Harpy bends down hitting her head on the ground making her forehead bleed as she says this to me.

She had gray hair but her body was much more scaly than Saya's, just like the other harpies in the room.

Other than that she looked like a muscular grandmother. 

I touch her head calming her down.

"Don't worry, I wanted to come here anyway"

As I was coming into the mountains I ended up bumping into a bird monster that attacked me, the fight was pretty quick with me just cutting its body in half.

The problem is that in that time some harpies including this maw saw me and put me in a kind of sack.

Could I have dodged it? I could have, but I wanted to see where this story was going. 

Obviously when one of them tried to chop me with an axe I hit him and waited for someone to come.

Saya who was watching the scene comes close to me.

"So Charlotte-Sama, why did you come here?"

"Oh yeah, I almost forget, did you finish that map I asked you for?"

"Map? ... Oh, I remembered! Yes I did, just a second."

Saya rushes off into what looks like a cave leaving me here.

"Charlotte, pleasure, everyone here calls me Baba, You were that girl who dominated the forest recently, right?"

The grandma who looks like her name is Baba stands up and presses me.

"Yes it's me" 

She doesn't seem like a bad person.

"Wait, if I kidnapped you, are you going to arrest me or something will you?" Baba says sounding strangely excited about this idea.

"Of course not!!!" I deny it right off the bat.


"Sorry for the delay, I finally found it! I couldn't remember where I had put it."

Saya finally returns with a piece of paper in her hand.

"Don't get distracted!" Baba yells and tries to punch me.

"Look who's talking, you idiot" 

I dodge and leap up kicking her in the face.

"Very nice! But what about this one?"

Baba goes backwards giving a boost and I then do the same.

"Ready? I'm not responsible for what happens" Baba says looking directly into my eyes.

"Whenever you want!"

Baba then flaps her wings going forward and tries to hit me with her spear, but a few inches before she hits my body I make the air pull her up.

"Eh... What are they doing?" Saya asks one of the harpies who was looking on.

"I don't know, they just said they wanted to train, so they are doing that so far"

Me and baba were flying on top of the mountain while training.

So far I had no one to train flying fights so I asked if she wanted to train with me.

The old woman's face lit up on the spot and she accepted, so here we are.

"Hahaha it's been a while since I've seen someone that good, you remind me of me in my old days"

"You're good too... for an old woman" I say smiling.

We both greet each other and go to the surface to talk to Saya.

"I'm glad you guys got along" Saya says putting her hand on her chest looking relieved.

"This girl is very good, This is the first time I have seen a fairy, are they all like her?" 

"I doubt they are" I reply in Saya's place.

"Anyway... Here is what you asked for Charlotte-sama"

Saya then hands me the paper she had in her hand.

"Saya didn't I say you didn't have to try so hard?"

When I asked her to make a map of the forest before she left the Orc City she got really excited, too excited in my opinion, so I told her to take it easy.

The map she handed me has everything, from the latitude of each region to an indication of where each tribe is and the vegetation of each place.

It's a bit scary to be honest.

"How could I. It was the first time you asked me for something, so it had to be something well done!" Saya says beating her chest with pride.

"Thank you very much, this will help a lot"

I tuck the map under my blouse and then float off to leave.

"I think I'll be going now, I still have a lot to do"

"But already? at least stay for the food" Baba says to me.

Is she by any chance trying to bribe me to train, with food? 

"I'd love to but I've been here too long, I want to finish these renovations as soon as possible.

"No way then... Come if you need anything. 

"Arrive in a normal way next time, I beg you" Saya says giving a sigh.

I then fly out leaving the harpy tribe as I wave to everyone.



After leaving the mountains I land in the forest.

"Ok let's get started!"

I roll up my shirt sleeves and concentrate my mana.

An air blade is created and cuts through one of the trees in the forest.

"Oh, that's too smooth"

I touch the remaining stump and the cut was very clean.

After that I made the air pulse making the rest of the tree jump out of the ground and then I made the wind pull the earth making the place clean again as if there never was a tree here.

"Test done successfully"

Unfortunately I can't control any elements other than air with magic so I have to improvise like this.

The wood then was cut and I left it here.

"Anyway, now it's time to create roads"

According to Saya's map, the tribe of the Lizardmans and the one of the Lamia live in the swamps north of where I am, while the tribe of the succubi is a little further south, in the middle of the forest.

I then do the same process hundreds, thousands of times with each tree in the path and mark out a road as I float into the swamp.



??? - POV

"Boss, it's horrible!"

"We're all going to die!" 

"An avalanche is coming!"

While I was resting my subordinates came desperate to my house.

"Calm down, idiots! I can't understand if you keep talking at the same time!

I hit the three of them and make them explain what is happening slowly.

"We were hunting when we saw an avalanche coming from the forest!"

"Yes, several pieces of wood were floating towards us.

What nonsense these idiots are talking, have they finally gone crazy for good?

"Do you bother me to say such nonsense?! It had better be true, otherwise it will only be you who will die.

"But what?!" I shout as I look towards the boundary between the forest and the swamp.

In our direction was a storm coming from the forest.

""We warned you!!!"" My subordinates say to me.

"There's no time for that! Quick, evacuate all the women and children, anyone who can help take all the supplies possible and..."

As I was talking about what we should do, one of the lizardmans with me nudges me and starts talking

"Huh, boss, I think you should look ahead"

When I speak what he said the storm was coming towards us much faster than before.

Why? Is this thing alive?

"So this is how we are going to die... What a disappointing ending!

I clench my fists, it's so frustrating, I can't do anything about it.

"Boss, it's a pleasure to spend my last moments with you" One of my subordinates says that and bow.

"And- me too!"

"If I had known I would die here I would have talked to my children before-"

"I couldn't ask for better soldiers than you guys"

The windstorm was already too close for us to escape, with the gale hitting our bodies.

"If we're going to die, let it be in a dignified pose!"

I cross my arms and stand erect in front of the storm and my subordinates do the same.

I close my eyes to the approaching end.


"What is happening?"

I feel the wind in front of me but it no longer seems to be moving.

"Huh... how long are you guys going to be there?" A female voice can be heard.

Strange, this voice is strangely familiar.

"Have we died already?"  Says one of my subordinates.

"No, but if you keep ignoring me you will!" The female voice says sounding angry.

I open my eyes to see where this "voice" is coming from.


I point to that crazy fairy I met a few days ago.


Charlotte - POV 

What is this, some kind of joke?

In front of me there are four Lizardmans standing like statues.

Honestly, all four are practically identical humanoid crocodiles, the only difference is that the one in the middle is wearing some sort of red cloak and with a crown on his head looking like a king cosplay while the others wear iron armor.

"What was your name again?"

"It's Soma! How can you forget my name! You insolent fairy, one day you'll still see!" The cloaked crocodile says pointing at me.

I stop flying and look at Soma.

"F-finally you understand my superiority? That last time was just a slight mistake. If you still want you can be my right arm, I will treat you properly."

While he was spouting his ravings I gave a boost and appeared in front of him.

"These scales are very nice, somehow they are soft" I say as I touch his body.

"When did you get so close?! I mean... I'm glad you noticed, I was raised in the purest lineage of the Lizardmans tribe! What are you- Gaah!"

Ignoring him I place my hand on his belly and give a small thrust causing Soma to fly and crash into a tree.


The other Lizardmans walked over to their boss and helped him up.

"Damn. Damn. One day I'll get stronger and make you bow at my feet!"

"Come whenever you want, I'm looking forward to it" I smile at Soma but he just looks at me with an angry face.

"Thank you for helping me, come on guys"


Soma and his friends try to run away but I catch up with them and stop them by standing in front of them.

"Who says you can leave now? I still have a lot to talk to you about" I say giving them a smile once again.

For some reason when I smile, Soma and the other Lizardmans start looking at me with fear, as if they had seen a haunting.

I wonder if I did something wrong.

Soma - POV

Seriously, where did this monstrosity come from?

Charlotte Sanafort, that's what she said her name was when we met.

Even while she is walking beside us she keeps creating a road to the village of the Lizardmans and to the village of those useless snakes that live next door.

The Lamias were established with the Lizardmans in this swamp long before I was born, apart from the treaty issue that if one race attacks another all the others in the forest will retaliate.

Because of this, the swamp was divided into two territories, one for us Lizardmans and the other side for the Lamias on the other side.

"We've arrived..."

"I thought I was going to die today"

"Finally! Thank you the first road is done, what was it again, Doma?"

"It's Soma!"

"Well, I'm off, the lamias are around here too, aren't they?"

"Yes, it's that way, go and never come back here!"

I shout as I point to the other side of the swamp

"Haha, you're fun, don't worry, you'll still see a lot of me around here, see you later!"

When she says that my whole body shakes, but it's not like I'm scared!

Hey guys, thanks for reading!

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