One Life
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"Who long have I been in this place..."

I was asking myself this question since the day I became detained in this space, I can't feel anything all my senses are blocked, I can't feel nor hungry nor thirsty after stop eating since the day I came here 

I found myself here after dying at the age of 60, I died early after... I can't remember how did I die.The last thing I remember is going to bed to sleep after my 60th birthday party then I woke up here 

To be clear, I don't care either, knowing how I died, that will not revive me. Also, I am not even sure If I am dead, maybe I am just dreaming, or my friends try to fool me so They put me in a coffin But then lost the key So they just let me there 

I have more theories also, maybe I am sick and my illness blocked my senses and I am just a corpse lying in a hospital bed

I am sure that these are just trivial theories, but don't blame me, living alone for such a long time made me think like a 4 years old boy. It looks simple but spending all your time seeing nothing, really nothing, just white, everything is white 

I was a mythologist in my life, so I have a big knowledge about superpowers and the legends of superior beings like Gods and Demons. I was interested in Magic but there is no material evidence about his existence so the only one way to fill the emptiness in my heart is to watch all types of fantasy series where the magic exist.

I was spending my free time watching animes and cartoons also reading mangas and comic. I didn't feel wrong when me, a 60 years old man, got addicted to comics and mangas, I am just special

I am different from others, I don't care about others opinions, I am not looking up to myself but this is the truth. I am a cold person with a cold heart and this is why I was always chosed what I desired and didn't listen to my parents advices to became a doctor or an engineer and chose to be mythologist despite my grades 

I was always saying" It's just one life so do whatever you want" and I wasn't aware of how big I was mistaken by saying "Just one life"...

******The chapter is short because it's just an introduction but chapters will get longer by time*****