Chapter 4: Lemonwood
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"So you are telling me that you have lost your way after you went fishing with your father and you have been lost for four days..."

"Yeah... as I told you my father is a famous fisherman...I loved fishing and This is my first time going to fish with him...I just slept on the boat and when I waked up I found myself lying at the foot of the mountain... Thank you sir for helping me..."

It's been 2 days now since I stepped on Robert boat, it's an old boat but it's better then keeping walking without a destination 

At These two days, Robert was treating me nicely, he gave me food and water, he even give me clothes , Of course I don't need any of them after being a God candidate, I can stop eating or drinking for years and I will not fell hungry, but there is no problem in pretending

I am aware that he is just acting, trying to make me trust him, but my senses are too sharp to be fooled by a naïve person like him 

"So what did you eat while being lost in this place... There is nor animals nor plants here...even the water is poisoned so how did you manage to survive... ??"

Robert, you son of the b****

When, I first get into this boat, Robert didn't even ask me about my origins...he just asked about my condition, but now he suddenly start asking many knowledge about this world is so narrow so my answers were not very believable

"Hey Robert stop interrogation the kid, he is just 10   years old, don't treat him like an adult..."

"HHHHHHH, You are right Alejandro, I start being too careful after The Young Wolf death, I feel like something big is going to happen...Sorry kid, This is something children can understand"

Children... ignorance is indeed a Bless 

By the way, The guy who just save me from Robert interrogation is Alejandro, Robert told me that he is foreign from another continent, Just by looking at his actions, I can say that he has a weak personality... I hate these type of people, they can't even solve their own problems...but at the same type they are the easiest type to just need to use their weakness against them or you can present yourself as a symbol of perfection for them, and when you succeeded they will be you loyal hunting dog...I mean subordinates

[ Your personality is unbalanced]

[ Evil Side 51% / Righteous Side 49%]

Two windows appeared suddenly from nowhere...I wasn't interested in the context, I am free to do whatever I want...But I was curious about something else

"Hey sir Robert, Can you see these two windows in front of me..."

The two looked at me with a wired expressions 

"Are you ok, Kid, Didn't you fell on your head recently...I can give you some medicines for headache..."

This motherf****, he is interested in my health of course, he want me to be healthy so he can sell me with a good price in the slave market and this is why he didn't tie me with chains or torture me...just pray not to find you after reaching the land 

Anyway, I just confirmed my theory: no one can see those windows unless me of course, or this can be applied on only humans at the moment, I can't class humans and other beings with the same classifications from now on, I know this more than anyone


 4 Days later...

nothing strange happened during these days, it's the same routine that repeated itself again and again: First getting interrogated by Robert then Alejandro stopped him...I also used my time to analyse my status

[Name: Laplace { John, Kleis, Genghis,....]

[Age: 0 {mentally:100,000,000}]

[Race: God ]

[Rank: God candidate]

[Health Points: 100]

[Mana Power: 00 (-0,5)]

[Stamina Points: 4 (-1)]

[Strength Points: 3 (-1)]

[Intelligence points: 100 (-1)]

[Agility Points: 7 (-1)]

[Attributes: Longevity (Ex F), Cursed (D), Genius (F), ****(???)]

[Skills: Plant Growth Acceleration (F) ,Voice of all beings (Ex F), Boltzmann Brain (???), GODS authority (Ex E)]

[Remaining candidates: 48]

[The candidate Mjkl Got killed by one of the world residents]

[The candidate zebous Got killed by one of the world residents]

I was curious about how did two gods got killed by residents from this world after just a week since the start of the Tournament...This is why I chose to make a low profile before understanding the world strecture or I had killed these two and take the ship 

Do not be deceived by the small numbers displayed by the system, my status shows that I have a 4 in strength but am confident that I can kill both of those two adults easily... If I have to rank Robert strength based on the system the I will give him 1.5 or 2 at most...This is show me the big difference between The humans and Gods also show me the strength of Gods, If me, a God candidate, have the power to kill to adults human easily than how much powerful are true gods ?? did they have the strength to destroy planets and worlds ??

I know that's too early for me to think about this, but this give me a chill to think about how strong will I became in the future...Yes, I am confident about my ability to became powerful I just need time to realise my dreams... this is not just overconfidence but I am confident in my abilities... underestimating myself will also slow my pace 

"Hey kid, stop your day-draming, we have arrived to our distension..."

Robert interpreted my thoughts with his loud voice...I swear to God you will be my first victim you son of b**** .....Well, I am a God now I don't need to swear... I think Getting on with this will take more time...

Slowly, The silhouette of the city started to appear little by little and the screams of merchants started to get louder and louder

"welcome Kid to Lemonwood, your Last destination..."

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