Chapter 7: Last Date
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"My Father...Please help me in getting my Revenge and I swear that I will sacrifice for you...I just need you to burn those who enslaved me and turn them to ashes..."

Alejandro seems to take the bite easily So I don't need to take more action, He is so stupid to think that I will sacrifice my precious time to help some low lives like you...but I must win his trust for now...

"Don't be afraid Son, Everyone who maltreat you will feel the pain you felt twice...This is my first present to you as you father..."

Alejandro seems to start feeling more and more happy after hearing my words, maybe he is stupid or he have a lack of tenderness so he is trying to fill the void left by his Complex

After hearing the full story of Alejandro's life, I am now 100% sure that I am in Game Of Thrones World, This may seem strange because Game of thrones was just a factional world

also, Reverse What I expected, I am now located in a coastal city named Lemonwood in the south of westeros to be exactly it's located in Dorne. The slave market take slaves from here and buy them in Essos Everything is controlled by the bane of collapsed Guild in the dark, but It's not time to think about this, I must keep concentrate on The God Candidate tournament for now

[Remaining candidates: 47]

[The candidate Mjkl Got killed by one of the world residents]

[The candidate zebous Got killed by one of the world residents]

[The candidate Xofir Got killed by one of world residents]


Logically, Every candidate have the same states as the other candidates, so If someone in this world have ability to kill the other candidates then he has the ability to kill me...

The concept of magic exist in Game of thrones world, but the magic here isn't as strong as magic in other worlds...From the show, You can only use some weak magic like using fire in communication or to predict the future or using it in make the swords unleash fire as The red Witch did to the army before the last fight...

There is also The night King, The Final Boss in the show, and he is probably the only create that could win against a God candidate in a 1v1 fight and he is he also has the most dangerous magic in the world... necromancy

If the night king was able to turn the candidates into White walkers doesn't that mean that he is invincible !!...with a dragon and an army of undead, he was able to make all Westeros feel afraid from him...and now if he has strengthen his army with some God candidates, the destruction of the continent is inevitable...

There is also some other creatures like the Children of the forest and The Third Eyed raven who has kept their abilities secret till now...

Back to the carriage, Lambert has already stop the carriage next to an old Bar and Robert opened the door of the carriage and ordered me and Alejandro to get into the bar,

the place was empty, no customers were sitting here,  there wasn't any smell of Wine here, it's weird to find a Bar without the smell of wine...The only smell that exist here is the smell of Blood...

"Don't be afraid Little Kid, Your uncle Lambert will save you if any ghosts tries to attack you...hehehehehe..."

my blood start boiling every time I hear Those two pedophiles voice...But it's just few minutes before the end of my trip with them...just few minutes and this bar will be turned into a blood bath

"You also Alejandro, you will go with us downstairs...I have something important to tell you ..."

Then Robert opened a secret door and entered the dark room... Lambert was standing behind us so the only option is to keep along, Also Alejandro, looks like he has surpassed his fear even after hearing Robert's voice, he keeps a calm attitude. Also, he has told me that he has some skills in using swords. That's what surprised me the most...looks like I have a good talent in choosing Prodigies

"Welcome back Robert, looks like you did not disappoint me this time...also, It sounds like the Goods are pretty nice this time...I guess I will reward you..."

"I just do what I have to do sir Lenny..."

So this is Lenny Hudson on of the Royal Knights in the era of the mad king, a middle aged man with white hair that covers his gloomy face and his sharp look that can make a brave knight feel true fear

he was standing in a table surround by other people... they are probably his old partners from the army, They run away from King's landing after the death on the mad king...

also in the dark I can feel the existence of some other people... they're well prepared for something now

"it's hard to keep acting like a fool, If you want to take actions it's the best time now..."

Robert was surprised to hear me talking, he was interested because it's the first time since our meeting where I start a conversation. He wasn't interested in my words because it sounds more crazy

The same goes with Lamber, it's his first time seeing me start talking by myself... Lenny on the other hand looked at me with his sharp Look...also the quit whispers coming from the others

"it seems like you have a big mouth compared to you age... should I give you a lesson on behalf of your parents..."

next to his speech, two armoured men appeared from shadows with two neck collar in their hands

"you should keep calm now little only have to accept you fate and tolerate us...hehehehe"


A huge silhouette jumped over Lamber and the whole room got silent...

it was me Who punch the muscular man and sent him flying... killing a Knight isn't something hard for me... I was confident that even 10 men will not able to take me down thanks to my Godly powers

Every one was shocked from what the see...a 7 years old kid was able to make a Knight surrender by one punch...this isn't something that can be explained with logic

"Take off you swords, we must capture this kid alive...we will become rich after selling him..."

Lenny felt the danger coming from me, he understands that no one here can take me down in a fair fight but his greedy personality couldn't let him leave such a treasure get lost easily

Now I am standing in the middle of a twelve men band trying to capture me ...