Chapter eleven
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Yui having made it back to the Lord's mansion despite her major migraine started to freak out.

*Shit, shit, dammit, I should of been more careful!"


Yui picked up a vase on a pedestal and threw it across the room. 

"No, no, it's not my fault…. Who would have thought that there would be fucking players in this world!"

Her plans had been perfect. 

Build a spy network, build reputation among the royal factions, spread her name. knock off the other heroes off, by making them fall in love getting them interested in something else, or if that didn't work kill them. After yuuki defeats the demon lord frame him for colluding with the it. Find the main hero in hiding, act like she's on his side, and poison him when he needs help. With the demon lord dead, the other heroes out of the way, and the traitor executed she could get the support of the kingdom's people. The last step was to usurp the throne with princess Kimitenenia's help by using riots and rebellion.

But then something no one could ever expect. 

While She was in a battle against Demon General Gorganight she felt a thread from a spell called [Life Connection] cut off from her mental world. 

Apparently a corrupt count she had connections with had failed to come back after a tax run. I sent the king a letter for permission to investigate. When we got there in the middle of the plaza there were hundreds of dismembered and gored bodies. It was impossible to identify what was what and who was who. It was just one giant paste of bloody meat.

However, it was plain to see what happened to the count. His body had been separated perfectly categorized pieces. Everything had been set into each category: Bones intestines, brains, skin, muscle, and fat… lots of fat. His skin was hung from the carriage by his butler's ribs.

The most scary thing though was half the town blown away by a supermassive spell. It had it been apparently so hot that lava formed and turned to obsidian after cooling down.

She had thought another pawn had to come into her hand, or at least it should have been a pawn in her hand. That pawn had a will of its own evidently, and been playing a different game altogether.

"If that's the case, how many are there… ten, twenty. If it's like an anime or a book I should assume the worst and think at the most five players and three hundred NPCs"

She thought of a few examples and something hit her.

That was odd too.

During a trip in the market she saw a creature with a hooded cloak drop a basket of bread. she got curious to see what the face looked like underneath and started helping pick up the bread. It's hands seem to be scaly. when she accidentally touched it's hand the scales twitched and transformed into human skin. 

The creature was immediately startled and ran off. For some reason after the creature somehow reminded her of herself for some reason.

"I'll tell the princess we need to revise our plans, perhaps she'll make some of those cookies I like so much...ufufufu"

*Knock knock*

"Come in!"

A maid came in wearing a traditional outfit.

The maid had a different feel to her in the last couple times I've seen her.

"Excuse me miss, but your requested at the adventurers office"

"What? Why?"

"I really don't know... They just said it was important"

"Hmm...ah! I can't go right now… it's late and I'm about to sleep"

The maid dipped her head.

"Shouldn't you go? Who knows they might need you?"

"If they needed me they would send for one of the other heroes wouldn't they?"

"Apparently it's just for you though…"

The maids face darkened, I couldn't see her face. But I knew it was full of emotion.

"Just send mr. Big hero after I'm sure he'll do it in my stead"


"I see… mother said that might be the case"

"So you guys decided to follow me all the way here huh?"

"No just me and my children"

"You don't look like her…"

"Of course not you swine, how could I compare to her"

The maid looked up her face was completely calm however, her attitude within her voice was not. You can tell she was irritated.

"Mother gave me her gift when I came to work today, in turn, she told me to give the gift to the other staff, then she gave me the honorable job of handing you into her. However it seems you are disobedient"

There are four hundred and thirty one staff in this mansion, if she says that all the staff have the gift… It seems I'm outnumbered and there are a lot of innocent people in this city. My reputation would plummet if I failed to save save even one. Plus the gore factor.

"I suppose that it's too late to even react…"

"That would be the case…if you would please just submit... perhaps the gift could be given to you. Now come now please! mother is waiting for you"

"Urk...ah! Wait… couldn't this be an opportunity?"

I thought about all the advantages this could have. 

"Alright take me to the vampire girl"


I feel powerful presence is among the shadows following us as we went to the guild building. They were everywhere, hanging from roofs, in the cross sections, and hiding from the moonlight.

"They are my Mothers subordinates. They're like gods, more powerful than you can even imagine."

(Oh I'm sure I can imagine)

As we walked I thought we were going to go to the guild House but instead of we took a turn for the warehouse instead. 

"Inside please"

The maid opened the door and a dark room entered my vision. I proceeded to enter, the door closed and a barrier went up behind me. probably to keep me from exiting. 

It was pitch Black.



A soft blue flame lit up in the center. Then it gradually expanded.

"They are going to burn me alive!?"

The barrier wasn't to keep me from escaping… it was to keep the fire from spreading

The fire began to quickly spread.

I knew that if I just waited there to die it would be the most painful way to die. However the barrier didn't keep me from teleporting, but I needed to look like I died here. They were monster corpses in here so I transformed one into my form and put my Mana signature onto it. I then exhausted just enough Mana on to it to allow me to escape only.

The fire began to burn my skin I then chanted the spell, this spell would cause me to be ripped apart by the atom then put back together. I've never tried it before but it kills me then it's all over. I didn't question it I didn't have the time to. Before I knew it the scene change before my eyes. Before me;was the princess's bedroom the princess was sleeping on her bed.

"Nnn what time is it… ah...ah...Yui..."

"We need to talk"

AN: I have no editor so this has many mistakes and I'm pretty sure in middle school and high school I got a D in English