Chapter 1 – Reaching Out
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Four kids walk in a dark alley. Two girls, two boys. All six years old. Advancing without a plan, they all have no clue what to do.

One of the girls is leading them forward, rushing towards who knows where.

“Come on, we can’t stay here. We started this and we have to go through with it!”

A boy with dark blood red eyes abruptly stops walking, looking mildly annoyed.

“Lilianne, are you listening to yourself? You decided this, running away in the middle of the night.”

Seeing the boy halt, the others come to a stop as well.

Lilianne goes to face the boy, she stands in front of him. You can see he’s slightly taller.

“Thomas, you either come with us or stay here.”

Thomas has short ink black hair covering half of his left eye. Even at such a young age, he has clear masculine features. His posture in combination with his face makes him look aggressive, losing all the innocence you would’ve thought he would have with a single glance.

He wears a simple white shirt tucked into brown pants, a really basic outfit you could find anywhere for a cheap price. At least that’s what you would think if you didn’t know your clothes, but the fabric of the shirt has to be some rich fancy fabric that only people with a lot of money buy to show off. Hidden away in a simple outfit for reasons unknown.

 Thomas doesn’t back down and looks Lilianne in her big, lavender eyes.

She has a face that you wouldn’t call ladylike. With short hair everyone would think she’s a boy. She has waist length, ink black hair in a twin tail. The twin tail makes her look childish but her face gives off a cold and serious aura letting you know that you shouldn’t mess with her.

She wears a simple white but elegant dress. Unlike Thomas’s clothes, this gives off a rich vibe right away. There isn’t a single speck of dirt on the dress, which is surprising for children.

He starts talking a bit louder than usual, probably to show aggression.

“Look at them!” He points at the two other children. “Which part of you decided it would be smart to bring them with us?”

Following Thomas’s finger with her eyes, Lilianne looks at the two children.

The girl has big azure eyes. Her face looks exactly the same as Lilianne, but unlike Lilianne everything about her says she’s scared and definitely not cold and serious. Her hair is as long as that of Lilianne, only it’s loose. She wears the same outfit as Lilianne, her outfit has a few spots which look like she tripped and fell recently.

What finished the scared look is the fact that she’s standing behind the other boy holding his shirt.

The other boy has golden eyes, the colour you would see in necklaces and bracelets. His face and clothes are exactly the same as Thomas. Only his right eye is half covered by hair instead of the left one, mirroring Thomas.

Instead of scared, the boy looks confused as if he doesn’t understand what's happening. Although he has the face of Thomas he makes it look naive and not aggressive.

Lilianne sighs before looking back at Thomas. She calmly starts talking.

“There’s no way we’re leaving them behind. We’re siblings, and even though they’re obviously different it just means we need to protect them. They didn’t choose to be different and we could’ve been just like them.”

Suddenly loud footsteps approach, breaking the silence between them.

The corners of Thomas’s mouth are raised slightly, giving him a weird smiling look.

“I guess we have visitors. It’s your choice now, are you going to take them with you or not?”

Not waiting for an answer Thomas runs away into another dark alley.

Looking at Thomas running away and then at the two other children, Lilianne bites her lip and grabs their hands to run after Thomas.

"We know you're here, don't try to hide." A man's voice echoes across the alley like a creepy monster.

Thomas slows his steps to get next to Lilianne.

"He said “we”. There’s only one pair of footsteps following behind us. If I were you, I'd be worried about the whereabouts of the other part of the “we”.”

Lilianne coldly responds. “I know and you aren’t helping.”

Thomas reacts to that with a smirk.

“I gave you enough advice already, you just aren’t taking it”

The footsteps come closer and closer. The whole situation doesn’t help the other girl, who now has slight tears in her eyes.

“Come on Sam, just a bit more okay?” Lilianne says slightly out of breath.

Thomas looks disgusted at Lilianne, not agreeing with anything she does.

“Just so you know, if anything happens to us, I’ll blame you. Oh and Samantha of course, she’s the one holding us back.”

“I think I can handle that. Aren’t you skipping Nick with your blame game now? Or is he not to blame?” Lilianne sarcastically remarks.

Before Thomas can respond, he bumps into someone.

“Found you,” a voice says, coming from the front of him.

Thomas steps back quickly as he looks up angrily towards the owner of the voice - an adult dressed in black, partially hidden by the night. Though masked, the creepy laugh from the masked man sent shivers crawling up Thomas’ spine.

It wasn’t like you could see his face, but Thomas felt the creepy laugh behind the mask.

There is a full moon right in the middle of the sky providing an eerie atmosphere. It is all the light they have. 

Trying to turn around they are met with the adult following them who quickly grabs the arm of Sam and drags her away from the rest.

Scaring Sam with his abrupt moves, she goes limp and allows herself to be taken away. 

He takes a knife out of his pocket and pushes it against her neck, soft enough to not injure her and hard enough to get a line of blood. 

“Don't you dare move!” one of them shouts at the other three. “We have your sister here and should you resist she wouldn't survive this”

“What do you need from us?” Coldy glancing at the situation, Lilianne looks emotionless. With her lavender eyes and black long twintails, the contrast made her a bit scary. 

“What do we need from you? As if that wasn't obvious, the four demon children, well known quadruplets with four different eye colours.”

The adult that is speaking looked at all the children one by one starting with Lilianne. 

Her eyes are cold and empty. As if what is happening doesn’t matter to her. 

A hint of fear appears in her eyes, but it quickly disappears making the adult question if he really saw it.

Hiding behind her, Nick looks as confused as always. He doesn’t look afraid at all though, making the adult question his humanity.

On the side Thomas stands quietly. It looks like he’s trying to kill someone with his gaze, only he wasn’t looking at the adults but at Sam.

Sam, who is being held with a knife, has fear in her big eyes. Complete terror which makes her unable to move. She’s staring at Lilianne hoping to get help.

Lilianne growls and runs towards her sister.

This time the adults are startled by the movement, the one holding Sam throws her to the side so he can use his knife against Lilianne. 

Sam lands head first into a wall, blurring her vision and sound. The last thing she sees is the adults laughing while cutting off Lilianne’s fingers. Screams fill the air before everything turns dark. 

Waking up with a headache, Sam tries to move her head. Looking around the alley there aren't any signs of the adults, or her brothers. 

The only thing left is the body of her sister. All her body parts were cut off. Piece by piece, her fingers gone from her hands, her hands cut off from her wrists and so on. 

Not even her face was spared. Her eyes were pulled out, her tongue laying next to her head, her nose missing together with her ears. A gruesome situation. 

Sam gets nauseous and looks away. Throwing up pretty quickly after that.

Trying to stand up she leans against the wall. She slowly walks towards her sister before kneeling down next to her face and touching her hair. 

Picking the hair ties out of her sister's hair, she puts them into her own hair, giving her the twin tails her sister used to have. 

She then stands up and turns her back to her sister. Then she starts running as far as she could to escape the smell of the blood and the horrifying scene behind her. 

Which, if you noticed her being thrown against a wall, isn't far.

A few alleys down, her shoe catches wrong on the pavement and she trips and falls. 

Crawling on her hands and knees to the nearest wall, she rests her back against it. She pulls her knees up to her chest and rests her face as she begins weeping.

After an unknown amount of time passes footsteps approach her. She didn't notice them being too busy crying. 

Feeling something on her knee she looks up and stares into the face of a chocolate brown eyed girl that looks to be around her age. 

“Hey what is your name?” The brown eyed girl curiously looks at Sam.

“I don't have a name” Sam kept staring at the brown eyes as if something was pulling her in. Distracting her from her sadness. 

“Why not?” The brown eyed girl clearly looks happy now. It is unknown what made her happy but with a big smile on her face, there is no denying it. 

“Because I don't like it.” After staring for a while, Sam decides to look at the girl herself instead of just her eyes. 

She has light butterscotch brown hair at shoulder length. There is a little braid going from the top of her head to behind her left ear. ‘It looks really cute’ decides Sam. 

She wears a light brown shirt, it's noticeably cheap with holes here and there. As for the bottom she has a black skirt, in which, unlike the shirt, there aren't any holes in it and it looks new.

‘She should belong to the poorer group that couldn't always get new clothes’

The brown eyed girl sees Sam looking at her and her smile changes from a happy one into a gentle one.

“Then can I give you a name?”

Sam tilts her head in confusion. A moment of silence slips by before she responds. 

“I guess”

“Then I'll name you Blue, because you have pretty blue eyes!” Clearly excited, the brown eyed girl makes a fist and holds it above her head as a little victory pose. 

“Wait aren't you scared of my eyes? All the adults are scared of me and they don't want me anywhere near them.”

“Scared? Why would anyone be scared of pretty eyes?”

The brown eyed girl went silent while thinking before continuing. 

“Clearly adults are stupid for thinking that. How about you come with me and we go make our own home away from the stupid adults! We can even gather more friends and take them away from the adults!”

Hearing that surprises Sam, now named Blue.

“Are you sure we can do that?”

“100% sure, if it's you then nothing can go wrong.”

“We can try, I guess. What is your name?”

The brown eyed girl jumps in the air and stretches her hand towards Blue after.

“My name is April, I'll follow you anywhere so let's go!”

Blue hesitates before grabbing April's hand. April then helps Blue stand up and they walk off together.

Thanks for reading my first fic. I plan on doing daily releases, so you'll get more soon.

If you see any mistakes please comment them so I can fix it. I try to edit it by myself and with the help of some proof readers, but mistakes can always slip through.