Lilianne’s Memories (2)
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Lilianne's Memories

I poked at her changing a bit, she didn’t give any response to it, just waiting for me to answer her question.

Seeing she didn't respond I internally sighed and told her the basic methods, like what the pros and cons are.

After the long explanation I stared at her, I wanted to see if she still had the interest in it or if she became bored, instead she looked down at her hands, hesitating about something.

When she told me she already had a follower I was shocked, how could she already have a follower? Just mere seconds before when she awakened she had nothing, no one. She didn’t leave the room, so how is it possible?

And not even in the correct way, she did it without her hands. That shouldn’t work, the hands are the part that give and take. They’re also there to have a distance, so that it’s just a piece and not who knows how much.

Did she just push her whole soul into the other person? I didn’t know, it hasn’t been done before and probably wouldn’t be done after.

She talked about a line between them, it made me wonder. Did it lead to the other person? Would they feel it pulling if they walk away from each other?

Thomas asked her how, and she had this look as if she was a deer in headlights.

I started listing a few of her changes, and possible reasons, to see if she would react to it. I did it in a joke manner to make sure it didn’t feel too odd, or else she would’ve panicked instead of responding to something.

Thomas made a response that gave me a great way of joking about it even more, Sam just looked down, calculating things in her head. She never hid anything from us before, and now she clearly has something to hide.

I made one last poke at her by calling her Blue instead of Sam, she wasn’t Sam anymore. She didn’t seem to notice however, too busy thinking about what to do.

In the end she decided on acting as if she didn’t know. Did she think I was stupid? I give her a mocking smile.

She kept her answer even then, so I decided to figure it out myself. If she had nothing to hide she wouldn’t mind me checking her memories.

As expected, she responded confused. Thomas shook his head, knowing exactly how she fell into my trap.

It was so easy, I started grinning. She might have had a change, but she was still just a kid.

I pushed her once more, and she responded annoyed. Things just went silent while she was thinking of how to respond to it.

I acted as if I was impatient, to get her to hurry. It would be easier if she cracked under the stress and gave in.

Thomas did a poke showing that we knew what she was doing, I responded as if I didn’t believe it. The act seemed to work, since she opened her mouth. I just didn’t expect what came out of it.

She asked me to give her something first, before she would give in. The who we were, who we are and why we were here. Did she have an identity crisis?

She even surprised Thomas, you could hear a pin drop as we stared at her.

Thomas started laughing, he attacked me about her not listening to me.

I’ll get her to listen to me, just you wait…

I used my poker face and bluffs came out of my mouth. All her responses were as if she saw right through my bluffs, pointing out the flaws in it.

It was frustrating, why couldn’t she just do as I said. I didn’t need a Thomas two point oh.

She absolutely wasn’t Sam anymore, and it scared me. Who the hell was this stranger in front of me and where is Sam? What made her change so much?

I realised my lip started bleeding, I didn’t need this frustration.

She introduced herself as Blue, with this big smile on her face. She stood confident against me, unlike Sam who wouldn’t have looked me into my eyes.

There was nothing else I could try on her, she wouldn’t give in. Thomas became happy just because I didn’t have Sam anymore.

If Sam could change, why wouldn’t Nick change, I warned Thomas that he could lose Nick just like that.

He just acted as if he was the stronger one, I would have to put him back in his place later.

I made a deal with Blue and tried to intimidate her, so she wouldn’t back down on her part. That seemed to work for now.

After yet another explanation I would finally get my answer. She pointed out that she could control what I saw, and I bluffed my way out of that. She didn’t realise I used all my power on her awakening and thus wouldn’t have anything to control her anyway.

Everything flooded in, I saw myself die, saw Blue awakening independently, saw her meet new people, everything. Did that make this fake?

What other things could it be? Did she have a dream world? But seeing she actually had a follower, that would make this the dream world. But, she wouldn’t know any of this so she couldn’t dream about it…

What if she made this world, using a bit of our souls? That would explain how we knew things she couldn’t know. It left the part about things we didn’t know, we would have to check that later.

The first thing she did was thanking us, of course she would. The second thing was asking if she could help me. Since I was dead it’s impossible, it had been longer than 24 hours. She didn’t have the strength to revive me anyway.

She still wanted to know how to revive people, so I just left the part that if you did the opposite you could kill someone and break their soul. She wouldn’t need that, and if she ever did she’d figure it out herself.

She thanked me again, and then fell asleep. I wouldn’t expect anything else of six year olds.

Thomas didn’t want to leave it at that, and wanted to go outside to a place we’d never been before right away.

Secretly, I felt the same way, I didn’t tell him though and just acted as if we did it because of him.

Our parents were out that evening, to some kind of party. They wouldn’t be back until the next day, so we went right away and brought Blue with us. Later we left her inside a hut we found so we could go around the forest a bit, and we still saw the world even though we’d never been here before.

This trip confused us even more. We kept wandering around to see if we could find anything that would tell us what’s wrong.

In the end we came back to the hut, even worse than how we started. Blue looked at me with wide eyes, I shouldn’t have left her here in this unknown place. She might not be Sam, but she still has the exact fear. It was too late for regret though, so I skipped it.

We started questioning her, if anything stood out to her. She started tapping her chin, and it reminded me of the ice I saw in her. Thomas pointed it out to her, because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and leave it.

I told her to start talking. She knew nothing this time, and she wasn’t lying. The headache and time passing is because this still hurts her mentally.

Thomas mentioned the line she had talked about before, it was a good point. If the person would be here then maybe we could’ve figured things out more.

After some back and forth Blue walked away, just like that. She looked really out of it, so I asked her where she was going. She didn’t give me a useful response and walked past me.

I gazed at Thomas and he nodded, so off we went, following Blue to who knows where.

She walked through the town, not stopping for even a single second.

When she finally arrived at her destination I asked her what she found. She pointed at this house, we couldn’t just enter a house.

I did feel something near that house, and Thomas must have felt it too. It came from one of the windows, and Thomas, being the idiot he is, threw a rock at it.

It gave us the info we needed, even if Blue didn’t realise it. Whoever was behind that window woke up, and we sensed the soul in there. It felt odd, Blue is definitely connected to this person, but it seems one sided, as if it didn’t happen for that person.

The rock woke up the whole place, and I took Blue and Thomas away.

We went back to our house, I brought them through all the streets I was so familiar with and we returned quickly. Thomas went back to his own room, and I made sure Blue went to sleep. After she fell asleep I went to Thomas, and we discussed what had happened.

We didn’t get a lot further, and our parents returned shortly after. I went ahead and spied on their conversation again.

I realised we made a big mistake by going out. Of course they would’ve had sources who would tell them we went on a long trip. Father decided that would be the best time to get rid of us, saying we sneaked out and then had an ‘accident’. We had to get out of there, before he did that.

They came to us in the evening, saying it was against the rules to go outside and all. I tried one last plead and realised it wasn’t going anywhere, so I took Blue’s hand and ran away.

Something about Blue changed, and she wasn’t Blue, but Sam again somehow. I didn’t know how it happened, and we didn’t have the time to find out.

When we reached a certain point I came to the realisation that I saw this before. I was going to die here.

I went on with the route, we didn’t have a lot of choice in there. And as expected, the two adults were surrounding us again.

They took Sam, who just went limp for them. She stared at me, there was so much fear in her eyes, it was unbelievable.

If I died here, the two adults would be distracted long enough and all the would get a chance at surviving. That’s a small sacrifice to make. I had Blue anyway, I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a replacement. If I merged my soul with her, then maybe the balance wouldn’t be broken. She’d have to carry two sides of the balance, which made her neutral instead of good. Maybe that’s for the best anyway. I would have to seal the memories and let her unlock it in time, otherwise it would be too much for her.

I give one final growl, letting out all my frustrations, and clench my fists. Let’s do this. I run towards Sam and with one final smile I give her my soul. “Seal… Memories…”

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