Chapter 24 – Missions
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Uh what. I have sinned? What did I do?

You slaughtered a town.

I didn't? Just the few that were there.

You killed everything that was alive in that town.

The surroundings change and I see the town from a bird eyes position. There's corpses everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

Did I do that? I don't remember doing that.

The Sin System decided on a mission based punishment.

What? Missions?

The Sin System has the following rules: 

  • Don't tell anyone about the Sin System.
  • Don't lie.
  • Follow the missions.
  • If the Sin System doesn't like your actions, redo them.
  • Don't kill anyone unless the Sin System tells you to.
  • The rules can and will be changed if the Sin System thinks it's necessary.

Break any of these rules and punishment will be given.

That takes away my free will? Am I now a slave to the system?

Loading in people connected to you.

Do they mean April and the rest? Will they be punished because of me now?

No, no outsider will be punished.

I guess that's a good thing.

Loading first mission.

I wonder what will happen. Oh, the world changes.

Current missions:

  • Graduate.
  • Don't talk or communicate in any other way.

Wait, no talking at all?


But why?

Because the system says so.

This is entertainment for you, huh?

The Sin System will only contact you to inform you of the starting missions.

World fully loaded.

The world that was changing around me finally finished. I think I'm lying down, staring at a white roof. I can't move my head or anything. Off to a great start.

There's really nothing to do but stare at the white roof. I'll head into my soul space instead.

It's still the same castle as before. I liked making it, and I was proud when we finished it. I've never gotten the chance to show April the room I made for her, I couldn't ask her somehow. I wonder if she saw it or not.

I walk to the common room, April made this place with bookshelves on one corner, something she calls a tv in the second corner and a couch with a table in the third corner. She gave the fourth corner to me if I ever wanted to add something.

Are the books real? Let's find out. I head to the bookshelves and pick up a random book.

'Snow White' It has a title, now, can I read it? I open the book and see there's indeed text on the pages.

Are these all the books April has read before?

Time passes quickly, who knew reading could be so fun. I should thank my ex parents for forcing me to learn how to read.

Maybe not, I rather kill them.

I'll head out the soul space for now, maybe I can move something now.

I open my eyes and see someone's face. What a scary thing to wake up to.

The face notices that I'm awake. A hand appears and touches my face. Why is everyone so touchy? I can't move away, so let's just stare until the face dies. I fight the urge to throw up, how else can I stare.

It doesn't get the hint. Instead another hand appears to pick me up. I have this feeling that tells me I'm a baby. That makes it the fourth time for my soul, or maybe more that I don't know of.

Then it holds me up in front of them. You know, this is the perfect time to stop fighting the urge to throw up. And that's exactly what I do.

Ha, the face doesn't look happy anymore, and luckily for me, puts me down.

My soul space is way better than this place. I can't fulfill the missions in there sadly.

It’s boring, I have nothing to do and no one to talk to. This system thing is trying to make me go crazy. I wonder at what point the missions are considered done, and what after?

I haven’t seen any familiar faces around, even though the system said that it loaded in people connected to me, right?

I’m all alone here, it feels horrible. I can’t protect myself, I can’t do anything actually. It’s terrifying, anything could come to hurt me and all I can do is watch.

I’d go to my soul space, but it’s still empty. I feel like there’s a monster in every corner, waiting to come out. I’m happy it’s always day though, if it’s dark I.. I don’t even want to know.

Apparently I’m old enough for something called school now. Not communicating to anyone, I’m going to be lonely. I wonder what falls under communicating, like do I have to avoid gazing at someone?

I step outside with my ‘parents’ and sigh. If they just disappear then everything would be great.

Ah, the world is changing again. Those ‘parents’ did disappear with that.

The whole place is empty, just dark and empty, like a soul space. A big circle appears, just flying in the air. There’s words written between lines and an arrow at the top pointing towards one of the words.

It starts spinning, I wonder what for.

Punishment chosen. Falling for 1 hour.


The empty space changes into a sky, and I fall through what used to be a floor. The sudden change of speed makes my stomach drop, it feels awful. Wind comes from everywhere, and there’s nothing but blue around. There’s nothing to grab onto or to stop myself. I start spinning, making things even worse. It’s nauseating, I’m getting a headache from all this.

How long is one hour even? Am I near the end yet?

It took a while to finish, and now I’m back at the point before I leave the house. What part of the rules did I break? Who made this system so it doesn’t tell what they punish me for?

I’m absolutely going crazy, what am I supposed to do here? These missions are unreasonable.

Can I go out or not, that’s the question. I don’t want another punishment while not knowing what for.

I don't get a chance to find out as my 'parents' pull me out. When will they stop touching me?

They lead me towards some weird thing, it has wheels like a carriage and that's where the similarities end.

Oh, it can open, guess it has another thing in common. 'Dad', the bastard that he is, lifts me up and into whatever it is. Through the years I've managed to hold back on throwing up every time. Lucky for them, since they find every possible excuse to hold me.

'Dad' ties me down to this weird seat, then closes the door.

A door in front of me opens as 'mom' steps in, and a bit later 'dad' does the same on the other side.

Some shuffling and whatever later, this whole thing starts growling and shaking. Is it a monster? Is this thing actually alive?

I start looking at my 'parents' to see any sign that things went wrong. They, however, didn't seem to care.

Since apparently nothing is wrong, let me take this time to describe my 'parents'.

'Dad' has black hair, like mine, in a weird knot on his head. Another thing that's the same is our eye colour, although his seems to be a lot lighter.

He has a stubble as beard. At first I thought he was growing it into a full beard, but after four years it hasn't grown a single time. Poor guy can't grow a beard.

'Mom' doesn't look like me at all with her dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Her hair is slightly wavy as well, is this really my 'mom'?

This thing comes to a stop, no more growling. I saw 'dad' untie himself by clicking a weird red thing, probably a button. I quickly mimic him to avoid being touched again.

Luckily the red button does exactly what I want it to do and I'm free. 'Dad' opens my door and I hop out, avoiding him.

He lets out a confused murmur. "What..?"

So, where do we go now? Around me are things like the thing that brought us here. Different colors and shapes for some, but very much alike anyway.

Surprisingly behind all that are really tall buildings, like with Julie's dream.

How does it stand like that? Shouldn't it fall?

"Come, honey." Ugh, no. I'm not responding to that, no communication limits my options.

I stand there and look around for a bit longer, then turn around to follow my 'parents'. They seem to have expected that, probably because I've always done it this way.

We get to these big open doors, and apparently that's an invite in since they just walk through.

There's little kids everywhere, or well, I guess they're my age now.

'Dad' walks off to who knows where, 'mom' stands still, happily looking around.

So eh, what now?

It's 4am. I'm writing. Also, I'm watching wholesome posts and those make me cry lol. So this is the one that helped me write a bit more :P

Anyways, see a mistake? Make a wholesome post about it.